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In the contemporary world of technological changes and development, there is a need for Jane Street Community Garden to consistently adopt a strategy that will enable the community to be flexible to the existing rapid changes across the globe. Specifically, one of the key areas upon which the community can enhance its essential services include effective management of the intellectual capital assets especially in software development entities. The aim of this proposed changes entail assisting the organizations benefit from the effective management of the driving as well as restraining forces that operates as the pillars of the intellectual capital. To attain such objectives strategic management conceptual framework in relation to intellectual capital assets tools remains paramount in assisting community management concerning driving changes to organizations via effective intellectual capital management (ICM). ICM has over time proven to be paramount when it comes to promoting processes of organizational change in given community like Jane Street Community Garden.

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An Appropriate Theoretical Perspective

Intellectual capital over time has proven paramount for promoting the process of organizational change and has been recognized as being highly critical resources that ought to be developed by organizations in that way, gaining sustainable competitive advantages. Based on experiences acquired over time, research findings have concentrated on IC management as well as strategic intelligence within a given context of the software industry.

Hence an effective strategy needed in this setup entails emphasizing the role of Lewin's force field analysis, thereby attempting to calibrate the capability of change in the regarding the companies' case of software development in Jane Street community garden.

Many leaders in the community, along with managers of the various organizations, tend not to be fully aware of their intellectual capital and fail to know whether they have the right people, resources, or processes paramount in making a change to improve livelihood. They fail to understand the know-how, potential of the management, or creativity at their disposal hence becoming devoid of such essential information resulting in downsizing, rightsizing, and reengineering in the vacuum.

Intellectual capital stands define as the total sum of the intangible resources that includes experience, intellectual property, information and knowledge captured, formalized as well as leverage in creating assets of higher values.

The projected decision-support framework for bringing change at Jane Street Community Garden, thereby enhancing the software's strategic intellectual capacity management, uses theoretical perspectives of Force Field tool analysis.

Lewis's force field analysis suits for this undertaking from theoretical perspectives as it entail applications of two forces managed effectively to the real change realizable at Jane Street Community garden.

The two forces include the driving force that remains positive for the change and the restraining force that stand as obstacles to the change required.

Driving forces for the positive changes at Jane Street Community Garden include human capital, structural capital, as well as relational capital. The human capital entails the existence and fast integration of the software developers in the community. It also requires the capability of the developers to translate the needs of the population into software architectures. The reality remains that various opportunities for the developers to undertake team building activities along with the programs for the project management training remains a critical driving force for the change. Individuals at Jane Street community stand ready and willing to learn and perform their obligation to see the community growing to the next level. There is also an increased number of certified technical architects in the community.

In terms of the structural capital, the existence of knowledge portability from projects previously undertaken in Jane Street Community Garden remains paramount. The community has a knowledge repository that has been embedded into its memory along with the integrated flows of the communication that enhances cohesion as well as expediting collaborative tasks. The culture of Jane street community garden remains responsive to the changing needs of the community, and people are willing to adopt new changes that enhance their livelihood. Also, the community has a good reputation and an overall impressive image.

Some of the restraining forces that stand as obstacles include the risk of cultural dissonance that may be a deterring factor when it comes to cohesion as well as collaborative tasks. The isolated situation reveals the gap between complaints of the community and on-time solution delivery—challenges of designing a system of interacting with clients. Harmonizing unique capabilities remains challenging, and the likely lack of trust between community leaders working in a given project stands to be some of the restraining forces.

Describing the Strategy

The various stakeholders involved in this set up include the community leaders, project managers, the government, sponsors and all well-wishers. The first practical action entail definition of the relevant Intellectual capital pillars along with their interrelations. Regarding this, it is first paramount to have researchers identified in a given focus group as well as analyzing required items thereby designing questionnaire for self-assessment to be addressed further by the community leaders. The items involves ought to take into consideration both driving forces and restraining forces. The scale for analyzing driving along with restraining forces reflecting the project include:

  • 0.5- high impact on change
  • 0.3-medium impact on change
  • 0.1-low Impact on change
  • 0-no impact on change

The content in the above framework stand translated in a questionnaire that requires validation before being submitted by the community leaders that attended the focus-group.

Questionnaires submission is the second practical step. The researcher need to convenience sample composed of organizations that have adopted software. Hence after analyzing carefully the inputs, the scores in relation to the questionnaires needs to validation thereby included into the database of the excel to be exploited further.

Action three requires synthesizing of the average scores linked to driving and restraining forces concerning each of the Intellectual capital pillar. In this step it is imperative to note that the outputs from the database of the excel perceived as inputs when it comes to Force Field Tool from the pathMaker software, indicate the average scores connected to the items embedded in every IC pillar that corresponds to driving and restraining forces. It is imperative to note the sum of the average scores, regarding the specific case of the human, structural as well as relational capital evaluates the driving strength and restraining forces in Force Filed Tool.

The next step entail translating average scores into strength arrow using Force Field Tool. The arrows that outlines the strength of both forces of driving and restraining graphically represents average scores that have been inserted into the Force Field Tool concerning all the central issue epitomized by the structural, human as well as relational capital. After entering all the forces thereby setting their strength arrow, the Force Field puts together all forces to facilitate the comparative total driving forces against the forces of restraining.

The last step entail discovering the meanings of associations among the IC components via multidimensional scaling (MDS). Thus, for the reason of gaining deeper insights from the information stored in database of the research, there ought to be an attempt of discovering data coherence using the components H-human capital, R-relational capital, and s-structural capital of intellectual capital by way of discovering some latent variable recognized with H, R as well as S. Therefore using the factor analysis and correlations it is necessary that meanings of the associations appears to implicit in their responses. The most suitable method of studying issues discussed entail multidimensional scaling (MDS) that facilitates in the provision of a topology (map) concerning the reaction of the respondent. It is worth noting that the study of the visual mapping regarding pairwise dissimilarities concerning Euclidean space in a particular context stand paramount in rephrasing questionnaire’s sentences, judging about some factors correlation, setting up training of the community leaders and managers concerning self-assessment instrument future application.

Present Expected Outcomes

The approach of the methodological regarding the conceptual framework about strategic management of intellectual capital assets in the establishment of software companies interconnection with Force field analysis remains a preliminary attempt of the ambitious endeavour of fostering possibility of discovering approaches of meta-integration via Action-design as well as Action-learning. The existing preliminary report comprises of advancing framework to evaluate the manager’s opinion concerning the impact of both drivings as well as restraining forces on the intellectual capital pillar. Concerning the reliability of internal consistency relying on the instrument to evaluate its acceptation as well as usefulness, there is need for the Jane Street Community to employing self-assessment tool as the means of anticipating as well as assuming particular perception of the respondents (community leaders). The overall undertaking remains consistent with not only the recognition versus strategic analytical decision-making along with organizational propensity in facing change. It is imperative to note that the scoring driving or restraining forces presents useful insights that prioritize as well as calibrating specific skills as mandatory for the development of the capacity of adopting or inducing knowledge intensiveness.

In future, the changes anticipated needs to be looked upon in ensuring that the proposed changes implemented and any changes expected is well looked upon. The experts must collaborate with the community leaders in providing that the community realizes its full potential.

The bottom line is that Jane Street Community Garden needs to consistently adopt a strategy that will enable all its projects to be flexible to the prevailing rapid changes across the globe. More importantly, the key areas upon which the community can enhance its essential services entail effective management of the intellectual capital assets, especially in software development entities. The proposed changes must be paramount in assisting the organizations in benefiting from the effective contemporary management, thereby incorporating the highlighted driving besides dealing with restraining forces operating the pillars of the intellectual capital. All stakeholders of Jane street community intend to see the community growing towards realizing its mission within the stipulated time.


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