iOmniscient: AI Technologies for Hosting Industries - Essay Sample

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Date:  2023-02-24


iOmniscient is a leading firm in providing artificial intelligence technologies in bringing solutions to hosting industries- from oil and gas firms and smart cities. They have established AI techniques that have built an archetype for data analysis from the packed environments that are multifaceted to deliver increased levels of correctness and minimal false alarm rates even in hard times. This high-tech firm offers several technological services that are more advanced in ensuring security to many hosting industries and smart cities. It has implemented its services in over 50 countries worldwide, featuring significant airports, railways, towns and even prisons and they are also aiming more like the British petroleum, shopping malls and even mosques that gets enormous crowds of people in Iran and Pakistan.

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Noja, another Australian medium-voltage switchgear producer, located in, has a world market of around 300 employees who sell its products to the local and foreign markets. Its main products area eco-friendly automatic re-closers with the capability of offering electricity generating companies dependable services. It has a domestic market share of 100%, which represents 5% of the current turn out. This firm has shown great success in Australia since its innovation (Arikuma & Mochizuki, 2016). The firm rests on a 10000m2 of land with 250 employees working internally and another 250 employees working outside the world like in Germany and Brazil.

Apple is another giant, worldwide, a technology company that processes computer software, electronics, and other services to its clients, (Apple, 2019). It has innovative marketing strategies like the production of its enhanced floppy drive design and cheap hard drive that make the recovery of data quicker and more dependable hence making it a leading seller of its products in the competitive world.

Sales Forecasting

Making correct sale forecasting helps the companies to come up with comprehensive business decisions and prediction of long-term and short-term performances. To start with, iOmniscience use premium service methods as a way of forecasting their sale in the market in the help of Microsoft and Google. NOJA uses customer-based references and government recognition one their progress as a way of predicting their sales.

Product Protocol

Secondly, the iOmniscient started after noting a gap in the industry. From the video, they pointed out that the technology used for security was very primitive. They thought of makings contributions in terms of improved technology. For them, it was challenging the start because the industry was not ready for that type of technology (Ryan, Barnes, Sridharan & Fookes, 2015). They started by educating the market, to let the people, target market, know what was possible and even what was not possible.

Product Design

iOmnescient found it so vital for them to venture in the artificial intelligence that is based on artificial technology after realizing that there was a gap in the security sector that was so primitive. They found their product design on this. Though it was not pretty easy for them, they still made it. They brought up something unique that involved a lot of teams. They had to work a little harder to beat the competition.

In terms of the market for NOJA, its primary customers are major electricity utilities in the world. It is also in the process of tendering their products in Africa today. Its products play a significant role to the consumer because it increases the reliability of consumer supply, by building smart grades which are the automation of the electricity grade (Pathan, 2018). There are a lot of challenges in the electricity industry; marketing of the product is one of them. Due to the competitive aspect of the product, NOJA had to market itself smarter to win the customers. The frameworks discussed are completely applicable and functional. Many people are embracing environmentally friendly products and seem to be enjoying the new technology.

Team Building

iOmniscient has put a lot of emphasis on making products that are more advanced in the current market. This places the firm at higher notch than other companies that are offering equal services with it because of its better technology. This has created solutions for many problems that its customers encountered, thus promoting its market. Its adoption of venture team format gas also played a significant role in making it a success.

NOJA has dramatically embraced modern-day technology to make its customers like what they produce. As technology evolves, people are trying to opt to try new technological ideas that cone p in the modern-day. Due to its customer suitability, it has been able to build compelling products that are more reliable to its clients.

Product Testing

iOmniscient did not go to the traditional methods of understanding the market. They used the beta method of product testing. They felt that there is something that could be useful for the market, so they created the product and took it to the market and educated the clients about the product end convincing the clients that it was useful for them.

NOJA, on the other hand, used alpha testing of its products. They visited their customers regularly, talk with them, identify their problems and identify the solutions to the issues (Smith, Mann& Urbas, 2018). By providing a solution to the problems of these people, they end up getting a market for their products.

High-Tech Marketing

High-tech firms usually have research and development abilities which are more significant to those of their possible competitors. iOmniscient firm has been using high standards of technology to outdo their competitors by doing things they could even not do. They are well-matched with the present technologies accessible in the market, gaining them high legality in the market.

NOJA has also embraced a high level of technology in their products. The reference customers have played a vital role in their marketing. They have developed compelling, unique selling propositions because of the difference in their products that are more reliable and sustainable. Nevertheless, their products are environmentally friendly.

Public Liability and Environmental/Societal Issues

The marketing campaigns of both iOmniscient and NOJA have not been affected by any product liability or environmental/ societal issues. For NOJA, their products are even environmental friendly. This makes it also an alternative for the products offering the same product and is not the environment.

iOmniscient is providing products and services with a high level of artificial technology. In the current society and the advancement of technology, many people are adopting new technologies. This puts them in a top-notch in the marketing of their products because of their high technology status.


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