Interview to Nurture the Potential of the Aging Interviewee Paper Example

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Date:  2022-10-05

Preparation for the interview

The purpose for this interview with the 77 years old Hispanic woman is to nurture the potential of the aging interviewee towards acknowledging the path that her life has taken and giving meaning to her life with the aim of achieving personality integration. Given the preference of the participant, the interview would be conducted at the home of the participant or even the room provided by the treatment facility. The interview will last for about one and one and a half hour, a maximum of two hours depending on how responsive the participant will be in regards to the interview process. The interview guide for this particular life review interview is structured into topics about the past and present experiences all the way from childhood to adulthood in regards to various life perspectives like the physical, mental health, interest and even financial life.

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The interview will also comprise a therapeutic session other than just a question and answer session, and this will entail active listening given the fact that it is an interview with an aged person, the use of open-ended questions to enhance the responsiveness of the interviewee, together with reflection on some of the interview topics. This is also the reason as to why the interview guide is not structured to be highly standardized so that the interviewee can get the opportunity to reflect on some of the life issues that she may consider very important. However, the participation of the interviewee regarding her responsiveness to the interview questions is all dependent on her free will, and she is not at any point obliged to answer the interview questions at a position she does not feel like answering. The answers to the interview session will not be recorded nor written down to build the confidence of the interviewee during the interview process except with her permission.

Conducting of the Interview

This section presents the interview topics and questions that would be used as a guide during the life review interview process given that this is an interview process that even a young person can take part of a natural healing process for the older person through an act of sharing across ages. This interview session comprises of six sections which include a brief biography of the interviewee, the second section focusing on the early childhood, the third section focusing on the teenage life or the adolescence period. The fourth section of the interview process comprises of family and home, the fifth is adulthood together with some general questions about the interviewee in the sixth section.



Gender: Race/ Ethnicity:

A distinguishing characteristic of the individual:


When and where were you born?

What was your childhood life like?

Did you ever lose someone close to you when you were growing up?

What kind of schooling did you undergo?

What were your parents/stepparents like? What were they like?

How would you regard yourself by your childhood life?

Did you have any siblings? If so, tell me what they were like.


What was it like when you were a teenager?

What are some of the things that you can remember about being a teenager?

Who were the most important people to you in your teenage? What do you have to say about them?

What were the pleasant things about your adolescence?

What was the most unpleasant thing about your adolescence?

Family and Home

What was your family like?

Who were you closest to in your family? Why?


Which are some of the most important events that you remember in your adulthood?

What was your life like in the youth of 20s and 30s?

Did you get married? At what age? If not, why not? If yes, would you say you had a happy or unhappy marriage?

Were you married more than once?

If you ever got married, did you ever have children? If yes, tell me about raising your children.

What was your relationship with your children over the years? Do you have a close relationship with your children now?

Now I would like to talk to you about your career. What were you doing in your 30s, 40s, and even in the 50s.

Which were some of the difficulties you encountered in adulthood?

Summary Questions

What is your general opinion on the kind of life you have lived since childhood?

What would you regard to be some of the satisfying factors in your life? Why?

Which are some of the greatest disappointments you had in your life?

Can you describe one of the most challenging things you came across in life?

Which were your happiest moments in life? What made it your happiest time?

If you had a chance to live your life all over again, what would you like to change about your life?

A brief discussion about your current life, what are some of the things you like about your old age?

What are some of the most frustrating things you know about your old age?

What is your fear of growing older?

How do you feel about participating in this review of your life?

Reflective Statements

This section entails the reflection statements which portray the analysis of the information gathered from the life review interview, and it is very significant to a deeper comprehension for the individual older adult, her personal development as well as that of the aging process. Generally, the interview can be regarded a success give how the interviewee was active in response to the life review questions and her perspective of life. The life review interview helped me realize some sense in the fact that my loved ones or even I require support to cope up with the drastic life changes like loss of jobs, loss of loved ones or even changes in health status. Additionally, the interview made me think I would change my young adulthood lifestyle to create a good reputation that I can live to be proud of in my old age. Parts of the interview that were significant are the sections about the young adult life as well as family and home because it relates directly to my current stage of life.

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