Interview Regarding Arabs Culture Paper Example

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Date:  2022-06-19

The Respondent and Reason for the Choice

I picked Hamed Mohammed as a respondent for cultural diversity interview. Mohammed is an international student from Saudi Arabia. Mohammed is the best candidate for the meeting due to many differences that exist between his cultural beliefs and mine. The interviewee believes in a different region and is of opposite gender. Therefore, I concluded that I could draw many differences between his culture and the American culture. Additionally, the interviewee was fit for the interview as he was from a different cultural background. Consequently, I could access the difference between the Arab culture and the American culture. The discussion would help determine the reason for Arab intolerance and discrimination in the United States. Moreover, Mohammed was readily available and flexible; thus, it was easy to set the time for the interview. Notwithstanding, the interviewee is an honest and open individual consequently he would provide credible and reliable answers to the interview questions.

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The Difference between the Respondent and the Interviewer

I noted some difference between Mohammed and me. To begin with, the respondent was slightly older and was of the opposite gender. We also deferred regarding race as he was an Arab. Additionally, there was a disparity in religion. On that note, the respondent was an Arab which difference from my Christianity belief. It is also important to note that there was significant difference relating to perception about the purpose of life.

The Difference in Everyday Experiences

Equally, important the discussion revealed that there were many differences regarding the daily life experiences between the Arabs and the Americans. The interviewee argues that Arabs assign duties based on gender. On that note, men were not supposed to attend to house chores (Mohammed, 2018). The culture insists that the men are the heads on the family and all the women are subordinate. It is also essential to observe that individuals from the religion have utmost respect towards the elders. It is important to note that any adult in the society could punish a child for a mistake and the parents would not complain. The case is not similar in American were only parents could discipline their kids. The Arabs are family oriented than the Americans. The family ties in the western culture are essential but individualism is dominant. In the Arab culture individuals are willing to forego for their family's wellbeing (Mohammed, 2018). The Arabs value generosity and hospitality, they are always willing to help the needy in the society even strangers. The Americans appreciate generosity but are not still ready to have strangers in their homes (Kalliny & Gentry, 2007). It is also essential to note that the Arabs honor more than the Americans. They consider harming someone's honor an unforgivable act. Some of the things that the Americans tolerate are considered serious offences in the Arab world. Moreover, the Arabs frequently use gestures during communication. There is a difference in language, the respondent communicates in English informal activities, but at home, he uses his native language Arab.

Difference in Major Life Experiences

It is also important to note that the interview shows differences in major life experiences between the Americans and the Arabs. The most significant difference observed is the religious belief. The Arabs believe and practice Arab religion. On the other hand, a majority of Americans are Christians. The Arabs seek to maintain Islam as their national region but Americans have an individualistic approach towards faith. Therefore, the Americans are free to choose the religious path to follow and may opt to remain religiously inactive. The Christian and the Islam region differ, the Islam hold the belief that only one God exists, Allah (Mohammed, 2018). Contrastingly, the American Christians have faith in the Holy Trinity (Kalliny & Gentry, 2007). The interview also led to the establishment of the differences between the Americans and the Arabs regarding marriage. The respondent argues that the family is the central part of the communal category in the Arab countries. The Arabs insists that every individual should start a family. The Arab culture dictate that married individuals gain more respect and honor in the society and also receives blessings from the community. It is important to note that the marriage results to the legitimization of sexual intimacy. The marriage contribute to increased family resources as the family of the married coupled combine their possessions (Kalliny & Gentry, 2007). The marriage system in Arab differs from the one used in America. Marriage is not a communal activity it only involves the families and friends of the marrying partners. Additionally, same-sex marriage is legal in America but is highly condemned in Arab. Moreover, divorce which strictly condemned in Arab is a common practice in America.

It is also important to note that the Arabs and the Americans differ in the profession. The Arabs prefer working collectively while the Americans emphasize on individualism (Mohammed, 2018). The American concept insists on self-reliance and individual interdependence. The Arabs like working in a group to achieve better results. They are opting to work under established rules and regulations and have a harmonious relationship with colleagues. Contrastingly, Americans prefer working alone and opt for relaxed workplace rules and regulations (Kalliny & Gentry, 2007). It is also important to note that the two differ on the issue of terrorism. The Arabs consider terrorism as the act of America interfering with the affairs of the Arab nations. They argue that the American government concentrates on these areas with an intention to dominate the social, economic activities of the region. On the other hand, the Americans view terrorism as bombs attacks by the Islam to stimulate fear among the Americans.

How comfortable I was with the interviewee

I was comfortable dealing with Mohammed since he is a close friend. The respondent was calm and answered all the interview questions satisfactorily. Additionally, the interviewee was open to any problem. He was proud of his culture and had sufficient knowledge regarding the culture. Consequently, his responses indicated a deep understanding of the culture. The respondent was easy to interview as he was not emotionally even on issues that were against his culture such as terrorism. He was able to respond by giving a detailed explanation to prove that his religion, Islam, does not condone terrorism and killings of innocent people.

Similarities between the Interviewee and me

The interview revealed some similarities between the American and the Arab culture. The major similarities include the value of hard work. Both cultures insist on the need for hard work to achieve the goals and develop the society. Additionally, both cultures emphasis on the respect for the elderly in the society. The cultures also insist on the importance of education as a key to economic development. However, learning of the girl child in Arabs was low until recently. The cultures also insist on the importance of family ties. Moreover, both the Arabs and Americans abide by the rules and regulations of the society and the country at large.

The Most Surprising Similarity

The most surprising similarity is that the Arabs love peace and are against terrorism. The respondent explains that Islam does not tolerate crime and terrorism. The interviewee claims that the idea that Islamic nations facilitate terrorism is a misconception. Mohammed explains that the religion emphasis on peaceful co-existence and love. In contrast to the American's assumption the religion highly condemns the killing of innocent people. The respondent expounds that the terrorist only uses the religion as a shield to cover up for their hidden motives.

How the Activity contributed to my Diverse Awareness

The interview had a significant contribution to my cultural diversity. The activity facilities the understanding and appreciation of other cultures. On that note, I learned about the Arab culture. Some important and positive aspect of the Arab culture can be incorporated into the American culture. These activities include collaborative working and focus on the importance of family ties. The interview led to the appreciation that besides having different cultural beliefs, people are similar in many ways. Moreover, the discussion clears the assumption that all the Muslims are terrorist. Therefore, resulting in peaceful co-existence between the Muslims and the Americans. The activity helped me identify and appreciate the cultural difference between the Arabs and Americans. Thus, I able to tolerate and live peacefully with them.


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Mohammed, H. (June, 1 to 10, 2018). Interview Regarding Arabs Culture.

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