Interview Questions on the Influence of Video Games on Different Cultures

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Date:  2021-03-24

1. Because of the un-strict law to protect the copyright on video games in China, People in China can still download these video games from the websites, is that possible in America

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Yes in America, people can download video games from various sites such as. However, there are strict laws that govern downloading of these games. In the United States, laws stipulate the category of gamers who should have access to the different types and the group of games, for example, violent games, minor games, adult games among others. There are restrictions on the online sale or downloading certain games to minors. This has been made possible by the gaming industry developing a code of marketing concerning young people.

2. It is said that an American teenager will have less influence from violent video games than Chinese teenagers just because there is the strict rating system in America, especially on violent video games but not at all in China, do you think that is true based on your experience as one who plays these games?

Yes, that is true since, in America, there are policies related to gaming and violence. There are different approaches adopted to try and curtail the possible adverse effects of violent video games. The primary approach has been consumer education through the use of video game rating systems. This method has been adopted by most states, and local governments/authorities mandated with the responsibility of enacting video game legislations (Anderson, Bushman, 2001).. In America, we have The Entertainment Software Ratings Board (ESRB) for age-controlled appropriateness. The ESRB as a regulatory group assigns age-based labels and ratings to video games. The ratings are designed to provide information about video and computer game content so that consumers can make informed decisions when purchasing the game. ESRB ratings have two parts, rating symbols, and content description part. The rating symbol suggests age appropriateness for the match; it uses labels ranging from C for childhood, E for everyone, T for teen M for mature and AO for adults only. It is, therefore, illegal for anyone to sell video games without an age appropriate label from the ESRB, these restrictions reduce chances of an American teenager to get exposed to more violent Video games that are not suitable for his or her age (Sherry, 2001).

3. There's no rating system in Chinese video game market; theres only one standard which controls by the government for a long time. It will be forbidden to sell if the video games under the norm. Are you listened to the violent video games which produced by Chinese game design company?

Yes, I have heard of several violent video games that have been produced by Chinese companies. The first violent game is the Incorruptible Warrior which was released by a local government in central China. In this game, the player becomes the protagonist who is faced with the responsibility of killing corrupt people. The player as a protagonist meets government officials who are deemed as evil as well as their families and mistresses. Players gain their points by killing them and their entire families. The other violent game that has been produced by a Chinese company is The World of the Legend. The game has a lot of violence since it requires the player to fight and kill monsters or domestic animals and the main monster.

4. Based on the difference between China and America gaming market, do you think there will be a reduced negative influence from Chinese video games if China also adopts the rating system? If yes, is the adverse effect there just because some video games are violent or just because video games are violent in nature?

Yes there with the introduction of reduced negative influence from video games since with the introduction of rating systems on Chinese games, there will be a reduction in the production of violent video games. The enacting of these policies and laws relating to gaming and violence will ensure that the production companies adhere to the set restrictions when it comes to the production of video games for different categories of Chinese video game players.

The negative effects of video games are there because some video games are violent and not because all video games are of violent nature. There are strategic video games which may improve one's learning, health, and social skills as well as strengthen a range of cognitive abilities such as memory and perception, reasoning and problem solving. Violent video games lead to increased violence since exposure to these violent video games is associated with the higher levels of aggressive behavior, aggressive cognition, aggressive affect, and physiological arousal and with lower levels of pro-social behavior (Anderson, 2004).


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