Challenges of Security Department Speech Paper Example

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Date:  2022-11-20

Good morning and welcome everyone,

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Excellences, Board of directors, distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen. First I would like to thank you for giving me a chance to talk about a very critical issue, security. What is security? As we all know, security is the backbone to every country's economy success. And it's no doubt Security issues requires vigilance and commitment. It also asks for a team that is committed and can communicate openly hence to curb a security issue in time. Unlike the old times, technology has evolved and new and better ways are coming up. Every security firm/ department needs to use this to their advantage.


Like any other department security is faced with several challenges. These may include internet hacking, terrorism attack, robbery, physical assaults among other threats. Some of these challenges are hard to tell when they strike. My team and I have worked tirelessly to remain vigilant and to equip ourselves with the latest high tech system that detects a minor abnormalities. We have also been able to beat all the odds since we maintain a good team work where we have built trust amongst us. This helps in that, any issue that we have to deal with can only be external and not internal. In case of any security weaknesses we solve them as soon as we see it arising and give the necessary procedures to follow.

Loss prevention

As a security director, my job is to ensure that the company assets are protected and profitability increases as well. This is through implementing safety programs for both the employees and the customers. Some of the common losses that occur in a company include; theft, fraud, administrative, paper work errors among others. Every company determines the effectiveness of the security director through this responsibility. It is therefore important as a corporate security director to vet all your staff carefully to ensure there are no loop holes in the chain of command (Purpura, 2007). To prevent some of these occurrences that may make a company lose its reputation is treating the staff with outmost respect and ensuring their needs are well catered for.


One of the key role for a security director is investigation. As a director I have to monitor the information privacy in the company as well as security issues that may be a threat to us. As a part of the investigations, I plan and conduct security awareness programs within the organization. Additionally, I play a key role in the development and formulation of information privacy policies. As a security director, I have been able to investigate cases that involve and do not involve the police department.

Administration and Managerial functions

A strong manager equals to a strong team. My experience as a manager has not only taught me to give a word and advises, it has also taught me to listen to everyone's opinion. Through that, my staff are very confident of what they do, and since they are the one on the ground, they understand better what needs to be done and where. My job entails developing and implementing strategies, policies and procedures. In addition, I hire very qualified and skilled staff who understand their roles hence making the work smooth.

Critical skills

As a director, one needs to be a good decision maker. For a company to thrive in these times, the security needs to be on top notch and in case of a security problem, the decision made by the security director determine the company any it employees fate. One also needs to be an excellent communicator and composed such that, in case of a fire breakage he/she can communicate well with the fire department and they will get full details to enable them to be there in the shortest time possible. Additionally, having some background in law, I have been able to be vigilant and scrutinizing every possible doubt I get. Similarly, it has helped me to make logic decisions.

Lastly, I believe every day is an opportunity to learn new things. Owing to the fact that we deal with a large clientele, I have been able to go through several trainings in several discipline such as IT, shipping among others. This does not help me to make an expert in this area since we already have people on the ground, but it helps me to understand and talk their language and technologies and this places me at a better position when dealing with them.

External and internal departments

The security department on itself cannot work to achieve its goal. We therefore require help both externally and internally. One of the things that has been our strength, is a strong working relationship with other departments such as ICT. In today's world, technology plays a very important role in every sector. Thieves and terrorist have technologically upgraded their means of attack. That means, we have to be equally aware of the todays technology. ICT department is one if the core department that offers services in our field. They ensure that our company data is not hacked and there is no slight leakage. They also ensure that our security systems are highly and hence can detect the slightest sign of threat (Hayden, 2010).

Examples of the other key players that as a director I have managed to create a strong relationship with is the fire department as well as the police department. This is because there might be occurrences that are beyond my department ability and therefore I will involve the fire department in case of a fire or the police department especially in cases involving terrorism.

Further, in a company, every department is interconnected. We need one other to make the company a success. Since security runs through, we have very cooperative managers and when an action needs to be taken they are always hands on. The purpose of such relationships is that other departments can easily approach you and talk openly in case of any suspicions.


In conclusion, I would like to advise all of you whether in the corporate world or not. Security begins with you. As much as I am in the security department I wouldn't have made success this far was it not for everyone's input in the company. When they see something suspicious they have always reported to us and we make the necessary investigations to clear their doubts. Also, every staff needs to be accorded the respect they due, this helps them from turning against the company and posing a threat. Lastly, as a corporate security director, for you to lead the team you need to expand your knowledge, not to become an expert but to understand better those you are dealing with. Once again thank you so much for the chance and I believe by sharing we will transform our security departments. I invite all of you to participate in a question/ answer discussion session.


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