Interstate/Intrastate Commerce Essay

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In interstate, commercial activities are carried out within the federal border and the federal regulations; between one state and another. Whereas in terms of intrastate, trading is done within the confines of a state, with law of the state governing the commercial activities.

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Mass transportation vs Private Highway Transportation Projects.

Mass transportation is a modus operandi on large scale platform whereby it is profound in a public metropolis; comprises of public buses, taxis, subways ... etc. However, Private Highway Transportation Projects are extrapolates that seek to develop transportation networks that have not been developed previously.

"Right to work" state vs collective bargaining.

"Right to work" is a apprehension of the fact that all human being are to entitled to perform a productive undertaking, with an equivocal right to a wage or salary. On the other hand, collective bargaining is a negotiation for conditions or terms of employment; number of hours to work, salary amount, etc.

The Republic of Texas, (was it successful ? Why or Why not) .

It was a failed state, for the following reasons:

Monetary issues - those Re might have been profoundly for the debt due to those. Transformation and the certainty that that cash they required formerly utilized might have been Mexican cash they truly needed no money, not much printed particular cash.

Local Americans in east Texas were involving important space that Anglo pioneers needed on utilize; local Americans did vital Furthermore West Texas were dangerous Also frequently all the raided settlements and murdered pioneers in light those pioneers were "taking" those local Americans territory.

Mexico issue -Mexico needed to be been crushed and Santa Clause anna needed come back to Mexico guaranteeing not to battle over Texas again, Mexico never generally "admitted" that Texas might have been free Also posed a genuine possibility risk due to her span and force. The best thing that held Mexico from instantly striking texas once more might have been that kinship between Texas and the united states.

Annexation: ought further bolstering Texas turned into a and only those united states alternately stay a free nation. Texas required help starting with the what's to come for U. Encountered with urban decay because of deindustrialization, engineering imagined government lodging. To pay off its debt, however, encountered with urban decay because of deindustrialization, engineering concocted, government lodge. Wasn't beyond any doubt over permitting an additional slave state in the union.

Differences between Today's Democrats (liberals) and the Republicans (Conservatives) on Health care, education and transportation.

Today Liberals are for the ObamaCare that plays a crucial role in the delivering health services, unlike the conservatives who want the policy thrown out the window claiming its failure. The same can be spread across the board regarding education and transportation.

Direct lobbying versus Indirect lobbying (Know the difference).

Direct lobbying involve the influence of a key figure in order to clout a legislative body, in terms of policy formulation or decision making through direct communication. Indirect lobbying, on the other, take a detour because it largely entails the coercion of an electorate rather than the representative.

Texas Ethics Commission.

It was established in 1991, with a mandate of providing direction in judgement of unethical act, and was established through an amendment of the constitution of Texas.

Poverty and wealth statistics in Texas (how many Texas live below the poverty line)

Texas has a population of more than twenty four million. It is considered that the "neighborhood project" has led to the increased number of populous living in poverty (below twenty thousand dollars) the places with highest number poor citizens are Hidalgo and El Paso counties. Most wealthy or middle class folks reside within metropolitan like Houstin.

Criminal Law (Reasonable doubt).

Reasonable Doubt is an uncertainty in view of reason and sound judgment after cautious and fair thought of all the proof of the situation. Verification past a sensible uncertainty, along these lines, is confirmation of such a persuading character, to the point that you would depend and follow up on it decisively in the most critical of your own issues

Civil law (Preponderance of Evidence)

Essentially, methods something is less averse accurate over not. It will be a great deal more loose over the "beyond An sensible doubt" standard connected done criminal instances. So as should win your case, those judge or jury must Figure your confirmation additional credible over those defendant's. in other words it is the "burden of proof"

Interest groups (Private business Professionals versus Public Interest)

These are associations of individuals who have a particular interest in the state of Texas. The Private business professional interest in the states stands on a business and investment point of view. Whereas Public interest is held close by the point representation by the house of representative. Main agenda is guard the interest of general public.

What are the most powerful interest groups in Texas?

Texans for Lawsuit Reforms is the powerful group in the state.

White flight.

It is defined the large-scale exodus in large masses of people from all walks of life, particularly a large number from Europe, following the end of the WW2. There were still other from Africa, following the end of colonization of various independent nations.


This is the process or renovating houses in order to meet certain standards of the middle class citizens.

How did the Empresario System create by the Spanish lead to the Texas Revolution and today's political structure in Texas.

It brought about the notion of having settler confined to a parcel of land. An empressio had the right to watch over the land and make sure that they took charge of new settler. This system fostered the practice of slavery.

Political Parties versus Interest groups (Know the difference)

Political parties are organizations that are formed with a political agenda in mind. Interest groups are formed with the aim of gaining territorial influence as well as a sense of dominance within a certain locality.

Winner takes all system and the party system in the united states.

In the winner takes all system, the winner of a ballot is the overall winner in both electoral votes as well as the congress vote. The party system mean that those who contest have win and met the set threshold, from the party primaries to final ballot.

Proportional Representation and the multi-party system

Proportional Representation states that all parties will be given seats according to the number of vote cast in their favor. However, in the multi-party system a myriad of political parties will share the seats available as long there candidate has won.

Primary elections (Closed, Open & Caucus)

Need aid voting for which the hopefuls to An specific office at federal, state or nearby level would decide by enlisted voters clinched alongside a specific locale. This incorporates those presidential primary, which nominates hopefuls to those presidential race. After those preliminary elementary election, a general decision will be held to fill those office with a standout amongst the hopefuls picked in the grade race. The united states may be a standout amongst couple of nations to select hopefuls through prevalent vote Previously, an essential race system; the vast majority nations depend ahead party authority with vet candidates, Similarly as might have been formerly the instance in the u. Encountered with urban decay because of deindustrialization, engineering concocted, government lodged. State law, not federal, manages mossy cup oak viewpoints from claiming grade (as great Similarly as general) elections, Also neighborhood race authorities (county, city, Furthermore township) need aid predominantly answerable for administering them.

Texas Revenue sources (State: Sales Tax, Local: Property tax)

Sales Tax = $28,900,035,304

Property Tax = $13,694,312,814

Pork Barrel politics.

It is an allegory for those assignment about administration using for confined tasks secured singularly alternately principally will achieve cash to a representative's locale.

14th amendment (Equal protection clause, Due Process)

It was enacted in 1868, stipulating the rights of each individual to entitled to equal protection under the law regardless of area of jurisdiction.

How often does the Texas Legislature meet? How long are the terms for the Texas House and Senate?

The texas legislature operates under the biennial system, and the optimal number of session in a normal season is a hundred and forty days.

There no term limit, despite the fact that a term is four years long.

Plessy V. Ferguson. (1896).

It was a landmark ruling whereby the US Supreme court ruled by upholding the racial segregation for public utilities, as long as they were prevailed in an equal manner. Separate but equal.

Brown V. board of education (1954)

This case ruling was a landmark one, which over-tuned the previous Plessy V. Ferguson (1868). This ruling stated that the construct of racial segregation should not apply to learning institutions. The decision was a unanimous vote.

Citizen United V. FEC (2010)

This was a controversial case the that led the highest court in the land to put a cup on constitutional law of the US, corporate law and financing during political campaigns by private organizations. The Citizens United went to court challenge the Federal Electoral Commission, regarding a film they wanted to air against Hillary Clinton, who was interested in vying for the Presidency via a Democrat Ticket.

One party system during Jim Crow (1876 - 1965)

This was initiated during the height of racial segregation, so did the rule of aligning oneself with one party.

De Jure Discrimination (ex. James Byrd, jasper, Texas) Verses De facto discrimination (ex. Gentrification).

The sad story of the death James Byrd, that occurred in 1998 was perpetrated by three other men. He was beaten up, had his throat slit and chained to the back of a truck and dragged until he was decapitated. Of the killers one has already been executed through legal injection, another is on Texas death-row while the third is serving a life sentence. Black. President Obama signed into law anti-discrimination laws and dedicated them to the late James Byrd.

Articles of Confederation Verses US Constitution.

Formal name of the country

Articles: The United States of America

Constitution: (not indicated, but rather alluded to in the Introduction as "the Unified States of America")

Governing body

Articles: Unicameral, called Congress

Constitution: Bicameral, called Congress, partitioned into the Place of Agents and the Senate

Individuals from Congress

Articles: In the vicinity of two and seven individuals for every state

Constitution: Two Legislators for every state, Delegates allocated by populace of each state

Voting in Congress

Articles: One vote for each state

Constitution: One vote for each Illustrative or Representative

Arrangement of individuals

Articles: All designated by state governing bodies, in the way every council coordinated

Constitution: Agents chose by mainstream vote, Legislators delegated by state lawmaking bodies

Term of administrative office

Articles: One year

Constitution: Two years for Agents, six for Representatives

Term confine for authoritative office

Articles: Close to three out of like clockwork

Constitution: None

Congressional Pay

Articles: Paid by states

Constitution: Paid by the national government

At the point when Congress isn't in se...

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