Interior Design: Crafting Comfortable & Appealing Homes

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Date:  2023-05-30

Interior designing is an integral part of the construction of a house and the comfort of the people living in the house. The interior architecture of a house involves doing the finishing of a house to make it more habitable by people who are going to stay in the building and call it home. I range from arranging the house to make sure that everything is in the right place and well organized to make sure the house is in good shape and appealing to the eyes. An interior architect comes up with design ideas that will help to meet the final requirements of the client (Mahboub, et al., 2004). The client describes what they want to the architect, and the architect comes up with the design creatively incorporating what the client wants. Such is the work of an interior architect. This paper will look at what will be the fate of interior designers after the pandemic is over.

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Coronavirus is a world pandemic that continues to cause damage every day. A respiratory virus causes death when not monitored early, and the patient was taken to intensive care. The virus is highly contagious and spreads very fast to people found close to each other, thanks to the resilience of the virus (Anderson, et al., 2020). To that effect, different governments banned gatherings and social places like places of entertainment and anywhere where there was a gathering of people like schools and churches. The government asked people to avoid contact with other people, and even some governments went ahead to declare total lockdown. The lockdown was a measure to reduce the skyrocketing numbers of infections that continue to rise daily as currently, they are at 2milion and more close to 100000 people who have died. The public was forced to remain in their houses and only to shop for essential services.

One sure thing is that the COVID-19 outbreak has affected a lot of sectors and businesses. The forcing of people to remain at home has made them realize the need to have a suitable dwelling place, which is comfortable for continuous and daily stay as the government enforces and lengthens the lockdown. People who had not made their houses habitable enough because they used to spend lesser time there are finding it very hard with this quarantine period. The quarantine period has forced them to remain in houses that are not so comfortable to spend time in even though they call those places home. Most people did not invest in an interior designer, and thus they continue to suffer. They probably did not see the need to make a place where they spend the night only as comfortable as they saw it pointless.

Interior designers, after the quarantine, would need to raise their creativity, as their customers will increase after the corona. Many people would want to seek their help and improve the look of the places they live (Portillo, 2002). Interior designers will need to incorporate the different designs in the market to come up with designs that will be favorable and satisfactory to their customers. Creativity would demand that they come up with ways people can kill boredom while in their houses and still be able to live in the homes while making things done. Some people are not finding it suitable, staying at the mandatory quarantine, and feel like it is of lower standards. Maybe in future interior architects would make a multipurpose utility room or a place that can be used for such purposes. They would provide extra spaces and make rooms for such purposes. Those spaces could also include where the family can have fun like some game without interacting with the outside world.

In conclusion, the coronavirus pandemic has changed many things, and the aftermath of the same will be as different too. Many of the sectors of the economy have been affected. Also worth noting is that some people have learned to appreciate the need for some things in their lives. For instance, those with uninhabitable rooms are finding it hard to stay at home because of the conditions therein. Thus when the epidemic is over, they would seek the services of creative interior designers who will help them remake their places to become more habitable. The interior designers need to be prepared for the extra work and the required creativity.


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