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Date:  2021-06-23

Psychology is a diverse field that entails the study of the human mind and behavior. In my aspirations to study psychology, I have come to learn that it has subfields which reflect on the human behavior given that it constantly evolves with time. The changing dynamics in the field of study remain to be an exciting aspect of the field that would encourage me to venture into such a diverse subject. Additionally, the mental processes of the study of psychology are relevant and applicable within the various challenges of life. In my view, studying psychology will enhance a better understanding of different people and the way they associate and behave in various circumstances. As such, studying psychology helps people to have a deeper understanding of the various aspects of the society. In my understanding, such basic and complex views of the world would facilitate a statistical understanding and approach to life. As a young person, I have also had to deal with issues of depression. Thus, I developed a deeper liking for the study of abnormal psychology which I believe will help me to cope with personal issues in different stages of life.

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The various approaches to the cognitive process of the human behavior also have value to the field of psychology. My take is that when one studies psychology, they may be able to have a better understanding of such complex procedures of the mind. Importantly, the interest to study psychology is associated with the fact that it seems like studying the human being. I also feel compassionate about helping people at the societal level. For that matter, pursuing the study of psychology will enhance my skills especially in solving cases for the mentally challenged persons. I believe I would offer sound advice to these persons and help them to establish effective support groups that would benefit their well-being. This aspect is also covered in the community psychology which is mostly associated with counseling and therapeutic approaches. I believe that psychological studies are also practical within various fields of life. For example, psychologists offer extensive and meaningful counseling to families and marriages that have constant tribulations. It is interesting to learn that one would help the problems of other people through a careful and considerate talk. Therefore, it is actually possible to help advise grown-ups who have undergone psychological trauma.

I noted that the field of psychology exists in two different aspects that include the experimental psychology and the applied psychology. The experimental psychology entails conducting scientific experiments and research works for both the human species and animals. On the other hand, the applied psychology deals with the theories and principles that deals with substantive matters in the real world. For that matter, it is a diverse field that has important benefits to individual skills and experience. The other interesting aspect of the area of psychology is that it enhances one to understand the technical phases of education. These include the elements of teaching and learning at different levels of human developmental stages. In this view, I am convinced that the study and application of psychology will enhance my skills as an educator contributing to a successful career path. Conclusively, psychology is a beneficial cause given that it enhances a better understanding of the human life in relation to their surroundings.

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