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Date:  2022-12-12

Incivility in the workplaces is commonly associated with the quality of workers' performance. Behaving well and treating people in the right way in the workplace is something we should always hold in high regard. Although we are human and it is okay to be angry and frustrated, we should always keep our emotions in check and avoid using emotional intelligence when hurt. According to Porath and Pearson, workplace incivility is, "the exchange of seemingly inconsequential and inconsiderate words and deeds that violate conventional norms of workplace conduct." Incivility in the working station is caused by the ambiguous intent to harm, such mistreat are regard as uncivil behavior (Pearson, Anderson & Wegner 2001). There are various forms of incivility in the workplace. They include losing tempers and shouting at colleagues, obnoxious behavior, damaging another person's reputation and many more. They are said to cause depression to the victim. Incivility in critical area cases significant casualties, the correct communication mode in this area is essential. Illinois Nursing and Advanced Practice Nursing Act provide guidelines on the style of conduct in all channel and manners of communication (Kathrein, 1982).

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In most cases, incivility in the health sector by nurses can happen if because of inability to perform a specific activity. Although the requirement of the American Nursing Association (ANA) calls for competence in the working environment, there are those BSN nurses that require assistance from Registered Nurses (RN) (Kathrein, 1982). Effective communication in the workplace, especially during emergencies, enables a team to give lifesaving treatment. Margaret Murphy, Kate Curtis, and Andrea McCloughen carried out a study to find out the effect of good communication in multidisciplinary group performance during an emergency to improve healthcare. Communication between the different team members was monitored during emergencies. The Illinois Nursing Association Act stipulates in the staffing and recruitment level that RN must take direct care in making significant decisions. Further, it provides that the RN's assumptions, judgment, and methodology of staffing reflects his/her responsibility in supervision. It is encouraging multidisciplinary training, collaboration and general mutual way of doing things resulted in a sustainable and robust outcome in group relations (Murphy, Curtis, & McCloughen, 2016).

Incivility in training of nurses is something affecting nursing students almost in all perspectives of their time in school (Palumbo, 2018). Students and educators alike are mostly less equipped to tackle academic incivility and them lacking in this character has been negatively implicating the future of nursing as a profession. Therefore, RN should not condemn the assistant nurse or BSN when asked questions; the sense of responsibility would avoid using abusive language and other forms of Incivility (Kathrein, 1982). The research investigated the issue of academic impoliteness and put into practice an e-learning unit to teach learners about incivility. Data was gathered via a pre-test, and post-test experiment and statistical synthesis carried out using McNemar's test. The findings revealed that learners became more self-efficient in the ability to notice and deal with academic incivility after undergoing the e-learning session (Palumbo, 2018). On that note, The Illinois Nurse Association act provides that professionalism and demands that competence in skills and tests should be the priority.

The Illinois Nursing Association act states vividly that professional RN should have the responsibility and Authority not only to supervise actions but delegate task to their assistants (Kathrein, 1982). Failures in communication at health care facilities are major contributors to patient deaths and remaining unhealthy. Each health care should have their conduct professional activities in making sure that their team are well supervised and monitored without any discrimination from incivility (Murphy, Curtis & McCloughen, 2016). Another consideration before health care is for health care operatives to run smoothly and for individuals in this field to carry their respective duties and provide safe and quality care, effectiveness in communication is essential to guarantee patient safety. Excellent communication and support helps avoid or bypass barriers and encourages the involvement of patients in a discussion which has resulted in better patient experience (Garrett, 2016).


In conclusion, developing an excellent workplace experience necessitates that everyone is responsible for their behavior towards their workmates. It will minimize injuries since the student would feel free to ask questions and report errors as prioritized People should stand up to incivility at the workplace and this way the perpetrators will understand that their actions are not acceptable. Value statements in healthcare facilities should be visible everywhere, and the expected behavior should be boldly apparent.


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