Incident in the Lounge Essay Sample

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Date:  2022-07-25


The Intercontinental hotel is a five-star establishment in Australia, Sydney. The hotel had a grand opening done in a nineteenth-century building in Sydney, Australia. The hotel. The paper is going to discuss the incident that happened to a training placement students working at the hotel. The hotel expects that the staff carries themselves with high professionalism when carrying out their duties. The accident in question happened while the student was carrying out the placement at the establishment. The incident involved the wrong decision carried out by the hospitality trainee at the establishment involving ordering an equivalent to the service that the client needed since the previous order was not on the menu. This was as a result of there being many clients in the lounge and thus since the ordered service was not on the menu and hence placing an equivalent meal did not augur well with the customer. The decision was made without consulting the manager who was angry when after discovering the error. It was only later after the client refused the meal that the student informed the manager who apologized largely to the client and offered to give him a meal of his choice without pay. The client was angry at the laxity of the student and to some extent that of the manager since the food he ordered was on the menu and the manager had not taken care to removed it off the menu or inform the customer of its absence. In this case, the student thought that the establishment was to perform, as it should since the client, in this case, would have been served better had communication taken place beforehand. The student further felt inadequate in that he was not able to provide service to the best of his ability.

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Dilemma and Issues

The problems that arose, in this case, included the lack of the food in the hotel even though the student in providing a similar meal to the client on the menu and the wrong decision made it. Another problem arose where the student was in a dilemma on whether to ask the manager about the missing meal or making a quick decision because both the staff and the manager were busy in other sections. Furthermore, employees are expected to abide by the codes set to ensure smooth service provision to the customers. In this case, the making of the wrong decision could affect the company negatively since a customer who is not satisfied may seek another establishment. The management, in this case, should consider informing customers in advance on the foods lacking but which are on the menu and further training the different workers and ensuring that they are informed on the available foods as quickly before they take orders from customers. The Australian workplace is mostly considered laid, and Australians are further considered hard workers. The manager did not ignore the various corrections and even went on to serve the employee and further deal with the issues on the menu particularly regarding the foods that were lacking at the time. The manager, in this case, focused on correcting the mistakes made by the student and the establishment as a whole and hence ensured that service provision was of high quality.


The incident in the lounge and in general in the whole establishment brought about various results associated with the customer, student, and manager. The customer, in this case, felt that he did not get value for his money and as such, the establishment undervalued him. Moreover, the brand of the establishment immediately diminished in the eyes of the client. Furthermore, the viewpoint of the customer on the service delivery was negative even though the manager intervened later and made things a little better. The manager reprimanded the student even though the trainee thought that the management had failed greatly. The student, in this case, faulted the management on not informing clients on food that would be served later during the day. The manager wanted though that the trainee should have informed him before taking any action like changing the food that the client had ordered. Now the student further contemplates on informing the manager before doing anything drastic that is not according to the service requested by the client. In this regard, the organization is quite flexible in its operations, and as a result, changes have been made which have enabled the various menu items to be updated as required. The issue at hand is quite able to help the student to change in greatly in the hospitality profession and improve on her tasks in her employ. As a result, the student will benefit greatly due to the challenges of making decisions and the knowledge gained which will be valuable to the student. The student, in this case, will make decisions that are acceptable to the supervisor and in line with the job description. In future, the student aims to be more careful in following the laid down rules, regulation, and further noting any discrepancies to the superiors before offering services to clients.

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