Importance of Our Past - Essay Sample

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Date:  2022-12-19


History is what turns us who we are today. Having born in a low-income family that consuming more than single meal sounded like a nightmare, losing your loved ones for instance; your parent, sister, brother, relative or a girl that you were madly in love with via heartbreak. Also, the continuous failure in your exams despite working harder, and those are just a few of things that make our past. It is from this basis of knowing where you come from that we are motivated to work harder to achieve better life lives than what our parents were able to provide for us. We also get to learn that failure is not the end of life but the beginning of new life and having a social group like family which you can associate with gives you a sense of belonging. Therefore, this essay aims at explaining why where we come from matters.

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The sense of belonging is something that is much valued by everyone. Every person has where he comes from through birth that gives him that sense of having a family. It is because we learn to talk from associating with people to whom we get to learn language especially the mother tongue. It is this same group that most of us inherit our personality and how we associate with each other (Elizabeth). For instance, if you are up brought in a Christian family, it means that they are the high probability that you will be principled man or women in the future.

Having failed continually in mid-term or end term exam does not mean you cannot get better in a future test. Therefore, it mostly acts as a motivation of working hard, in fact, we tend to revise more and prepare adequately for the other exam because we believe we never did our best and deserved the fail and with this kind of spirit nothing is impossible (Elizabeth). Thus, where we come from matters a lot because it tends to motivate us more in what we are doing and furthermore the end justifies everything.Our past failed relationship aids us to have healthy and robust relationships today. Having gone through an entire summer season fighting the pains of heartbreak from somebody whom you were madly in love with gives you the opportunity to identify where you went wrong. For instance, maybe you choose somebody whom you do not much at all and who possesses character traits that you never desired. The reason is that you followed the slogan that love is blind by your friends (Elizabeth). Therefore, learning this you get to know your mistakes and where you went wrong, and in the next relationship, you will be keen enough to avoid such baseless failures and ending up having a healthy and happy relationship.

Where we come from gives us the ability to keep moving regardless of how tough life tends to be, for example, unemployment and poverty is a big issue encountered by every nation. Hence, most of us have grown up in hardships, and we tend to toughen up, thus losing hope as a result of this kind of minor problems is a narrative. It is because while growing up this hard situation gave us the opportunity to develop strategies of survival (Elizabeth). Therefore, we have a solution to any challenging situation that arises in our lives.


It is vividly clear that where we come from truly matters a lot because we get to learn our language and acquire our personality, it keeps us moving regardless of how tough life is because we have adopted means of survival and it acts as a motivational factor since past failures motivate us to work harder today. Thus, history matters make that we are today and without it, we shall not do not have something to drive us as well as enable us to develop stronger, healthy and happy relationships.

Work Cited

Elizabeth, Jordan. "How Much Does Where You Come From Matter?" Thought Catalog 09 September 2014.

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