Importance of Forests and Oceans Paper Example

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Date:  2022-07-07

Importance of Forests

Forests provide a habitat and food for animals and humans. Also, forests provide watershed protection to animals and minimize the effects of soil erosion on land. Lastly, forests help in mitigating climate change.

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Excessive ranching of livestock is a major contributor to deforestation. Additionally, this is because large-scale livestock farmers, clear large tracts of forests to have room for grazing. Logging, which is the excessive cutting of trees also contribute to deforestation. Lastly, the need to expand land for agriculture also makes people to excessively cut down trees and in the process cause deforestation.

Ways to Diminish Deforestation Actions

Planting trees is an effective strategy that can be used to minimize the effects of deforestation. In this case, people can plant thousands of trees in forest lands to replace the deforested trees. Also, people could also report illegal logging to the relevant local authorities. Going paperless is also a strategy that can reduce deforestation since the excessive cutting of trees will not be done to manufacture papers.

Importance of Oceans

Oceans play a crucial role in supporting life on earth. Additionally, this is because oceans hold 97% of all waters on earth, which provide over half of the oxygen present in the atmosphere (Thorpe, 2015). Also, oceans support the life and production of seafood and also act as a medium of transport.

Actions Causing Ocean Pollution

Pollution of industries can be caused by industries dumping toxic chemicals and raw materials to the ocean and also the mining of materials such as copper and gold by people. Lastly, oceans can also be polluted by oil spills from oil industries.

Ways to Diminish Ocean Pollution

Using reusable plastic packaging materials can be used to diminish ocean materials. Also, ocean pollution can be minimized through proper disposal of hazardous materials. Lastly, people can also support bans prohibiting ocean pollution as an effective strategy to minimize ocean contamination.


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