Impacts of Globalization and Technology on the Performance of Dunkin Donutsre

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Dunkin Donuts is the leading United States preferred a reliable stop for baked and coffee products that was founded in 1950. It is regarded as the leading coffee, donut and muffin and has been ranked first concerning customer loyalty in the coffee category for 12 consecutive years by Brand Keys (Annual report: Dunkin Donut, 2017)

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The restaurant industry goes through numerous challenges with increasing competition and innovation from already established companies. A company has to blend the continuous technological innovations to boost their sales to influence their revenues positively. In the first quarter of the financial year 2017, the company recorded a flat deal considering the strategies the management had put in place to create a competitive edge effectively in the restaurant industry. The administration expected an increase in revenue as per every Dunkin Donuts outlet in the United States, and it takes the large division in the company.

Dunkin Donuts modernised its menu with an aim to simplify the operations of the restaurant to allow reduction of employee turnover in the company. Reduced employee turnover is often associated with quality customer service through qualified and skilled employees. The invention of the free menu platform and digital initiatives regarding ordering and payments for goods have significantly redefined the restaurant industry, and more service providers aim to make customer services quicker and more reliable using technology. Dunkin Donuts has an established on-the-go mobile ordering platform and further developed a partnership with Waze . A navigation app enables a customer to make a prior order at Dunkin's donut or any Dunkin's store along with their route and prevent customer traffic in the restaurant. The company created a Perks program that has over six Million Members that account for approximately 10% of the sales made in the United States Annual report: Dunkin Donut. (2017). The innovations in technology also have a Doordash that is in partnership with Perks program that involves delivery and catering of the company products. Establishing a genuine and reliable member base alongside technology advantages enables the company to create a competitive edge with its competitors, hence creating a driving force behind the growth of the company in the long term. It is imperative to keep up with competition from other restaurants. Changing customer's preferences has resulted in changes regarding the innovation of its products to create a unique brand from their competitors. This includes the introduction of products such as Dunkin's Punch and Frozen coffee and removal of artificial ingredients from the donuts.

Industrial Organization and Resource-Based Models

Five categories in the industrial organisation model push for competition that include the external environment, the industry, strategy and skills. These areas are utilised to implement the plan of the company and enable the Dunkin Donuts to earn above-average returns. The model involves an assessment of other companies in the industry such as Krispy Kreme, Costa Coffee and costa coffee. Evaluation of company profile and filings to establish companies that earn high average returns. Above average strategy is selected for analysis, and the vital assets and expertise are developed and carefully analysed for the operation of the policy. The last phase is to implement the strategy to and try to find above-average returns as compared to the chosen company.

The resource-based model focuses on the specific successful company that lies in a similar industry as it concentrates on the uniqueness of the resources of the company such as starbacks and McDonald's restaurant. The company resources are identified concerning the strengths and weaknesses of the competitor compared to the company. Capabilities of the competitor are determined to strategise on creating a competitive edge. The competitive advantage is established centred on the prospective abilities and resources that a company may possess. An industry that can permit the company to exploit its capability and resources and an appropriate strategy entirely is selected that best make use of the resources and skills of the company.

Vision and Mission of Dunkin Donuts Overall Performance

Vision "Deliver high-quality food and beverages quickly, affordable and conveniently in a welcoming environment." The vision statement tends to express the tone of the organisational stakeholders that the company will deliver the required support to continue serving in the market. It assures its customers that Dunkin's Donuts will help its customers in a socially accountable manner. With its effort to help the community diligently, the company donated $20 Million to charity courses (Annual report: Dunkin Donut, 2017). The results of serving the community are positive for both the company and the community and different franchises and improve the company image.

Mission "Make and serve the freshest, most delicious coffee and doughnuts quickly and courteously in modern, well-merchandised stores." The mission states the connection between the customers, stakeholders and the product market. The mission gives a reminder to the employees of the company that the customer is at the centre of the entire brand. According to Iskenderian, (2015), Dunkin's Donuts stacked to its mission for 67 years. Nonetheless, the brand has adapted to the innovations in technology to modernise its purpose and to create a competitive market. The company has updated its menu that ensures meeting the quick service industry standards. The mission of the company is to innovative, satisfaction to its clients and build a powerful brand, which is responsible for improving the general performance evaluated by the expecting needs of its clients and the general global society. Dunkin Donut is motivated to improve its performance by including innovative experience for their clients to build brand image.

Stakeholder Impact to the Success of Dunkin Donuts

There are various categories of stakeholders that include capital market, product market and organisational stakeholders. The external stakeholders include the suppliers, the government, clients and creditors. The company is motivated to engage the rage of stakeholders to attain both short-term and long-term goals. Dunkin's Donuts is the focus on accomplishing its activities in ethical and moral values through consistent communication to warrant transparency in its operations (Hitt,, 2013). The company participates in corporate social responsibility activities and publishes its reports biannually that demonstrate its commitment to be transparent in the community, customers and the environment. Dunkin Donuts works jointly with its franchise partners to develop and extend in its obligation. The external environment including the marketplace and the rising demands by consumers have led entities to address the requirements of the society.

Dunkin Donuts is looking forward to improving and growing its processes by embracing sustainable practices and sourcing strategies. The company is obliged to ensure that each of the ingredients it uses is healthy and safe for consumption for its customers considering the related effects of high-calorie intake. The internal stakeholders of the company should ensure that a flexible working environment and conditions are provided to ensure active engagement of employees. Employee performance dramatically affects the image of the brand. Therefore, it is crucial for the internal team to develop its working conditions to ensure employees are motivated. It is essential that the internal team establish a healthy relationship with the company through the building of a healthy working environment, employee training and education and planning relationship.


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