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I selected team members from the human resources, information technology, and operations departments. I opted for these three because they are critical players towards any restructuring activities in the organization.

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The HR department is responsible for the workforce in a company. The former CEO of the organization did not involve the input of other members, and I think that it is a vital undertaking for any firm that seeks to be competitive. The HR sector oversees the employee relations while promoting fairness and effective communication within the company. The ability to recruit, manage and motivate employees will be an excellent addition to the new model.

The operations department controls virtually all aspects of a business. I chose this sector because the firm is in dire need of an overhaul in both the business model and growth strategy. This department plans, coordinates, organizes and controls the resources needed in the firm's production process. It is a management function that manages people, technology, and information hence the input of the members would be vital in the transformation process (Sohmen, 2015).

I also chose the input from the IT department because one of the main shortcomings of the previous management was a dire lack of innovation. The new business model must prioritize innovation as a way of earning competitive advantage and growth. The IT department will bring vital information to the table on how to automate processes and so on. IT is an essential department is most organizations today since they design new ways and ideas for improving the business.

Characteristics of Effective Team Members

An efficient team works smoothly towards the achievement of the pre-set organizational objectives (Sohmen, 2015). Productive members of the team must have certain traits to achieve success in their activities.

Team members must have the ability to perform according to specifications. They should have the knowledge, ideas, and techniques to carry out the necessary tasks. Teams made of members with great abilities will perform better than those with low ability.

An individual's personality is also a vital feature. These are the personal behaviors, like competence, hard work, dependability, and discipline, that determine how well one is going to work with others (West, 2012). For example, extroverts will make better team players than introverts since they naturally like to interact with others.

A clear purpose is another characteristic to observe. Every team member must understand the new purpose and objectives of the organization. The mission and vision must be clear to everyone increase the efficiency in achieving the objectives.

Competent team members must also display emotional intelligence. This ability to identify and understand the thoughts and feelings of others are essential traits towards the achievement of harmonious group operations (West, 2012).

How to Communicate and Ensure That the Team Understands Its Objectives?

One of the functions of management is to ensure every team player understands their roles and responsibilities in achieving the overall goals. Businesses can formulate great strategies, but if the employees are not well informed, the execution will be weak and there will be wastage of resources.

I will create a team charter to guide the activities of the team and ensure people are pulling in the same direction at all times. The charter will define the team's purpose, how it is expected to operate, and the expected objectives. It acts as a roadmap to guide all those involved in the team, especially in tough times. Everyone will get an idea of how their contribution will lead up to the firm's achievement of the big picture. The team charter will

Types of Strategies You Will Use to Delegate Responsibility

One of the failures of many organizations is the inability, or incompatibility, of transferring duties to the team. Poor delegation leads to inefficiencies in operations since some workers are not suited for their positions (West, 2012). I will delegate according to the knowledge, skills, and competencies of the workforce. This process takes the best person for each post, and hence the overall productivity of the firm will improve. Giving people duties depending on their areas of strength will also improve the confidence and experience since people are doing what they like (West, 2012). I will empower the team with the necessary resources, and give them a clear outline of executing the business strategy.

Strategies for Conflict Resolution

Workplace conflicts are an inevitable eventuality that negatively affects the working environment. There must be a plan for every firm to deal with these situations that threaten to derail the performance of the employees.

I will use the collaborating strategy since it is a win/win situation for all involved (Longe, 2015). It allows people with different skills to come together, and this is beneficial for the organizations since there were low levels of cooperation previously. It will help to bring the workforce close together, and thus more efficient than before. The proper delegation will ensure that employees are willing and able to satisfy each other's demands such that everyone benefits fully. This strategy is in line with the firm's need for increased interaction among the staff of various departments.

How to Measure the Success of the Team?

The success of any team is in attaining the set objectives. The firm wants to develop a new business model and growth strategy since the current CEO has an aggressive plan to grow the company.

The success will be measured by the level of attendance and contribution towards the agenda. It will signify that the previously strained relations are over, and employees are willing to collaborate. The efficiency of completing tasks will mean that the delegation was conducted successfully. The rate of employees who take the initiative will also signify the level of commitment ("5 Effective Metrics", 2018). The final metric is the quality of the final model and strategies adopted. They must be an improvement of the preceding ones, and offer tangible benefits to the business.


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