Impacts of Advanced Technology in Studying Modern Society

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Andrew Lakoff and Stephen Collier, address the impacts of technology in the study of modern society. In the modern times, the application of technical, scientific and administrative systems is common among anthropologists to establish the truth about a given occurrence in anthropological studies. The advancing social, cultural, and political aspects of the society call for the use of advanced techniques that is able to reflect the true characteristics of the society in studying the society (Lakoff & Collier, 2004). In the recent times, anthropologists have analyzed the increasing threats to the environment and innovation in life sciences and as a result, they have come up with technological approaches on how to achieve decision-making processes towards the study of various social and political aspects of the environment. In the above article, the major point that the authors elaborate is the application of technology in the study of modern society. The authors majorly discuss the reproductive technology in relation to ethical actions in the ethical traditions. The writers of the above article also focus on the regime of living which is a configuration of technical, normative and political aspects that are often brought into alignment in uncertain or problematic conditions. One given regime often give one possible means and in most cases, one among several possible means are for organizing, reasoning and living ethically in relation to a certain understanding of the good. The regimes of living have specific regularity or systematicity.

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The article is organized systematically with examples from different works. Different references have been incorporated into the article to support the main topic. For instance, MacIntyre's accounts of key features of classical ethics are used to support the shared view of human nature. Additionally, Charles Taylor's work is used to explain the ethical configuration of human being and the nature in their environment (Lakoff & Collier, 2004). Just like other species, human beings are specific in nature and as a result, they have specific goals and aims in that they often move by that nature towards a specific destination. The article is also organized into subtopics with each section containing information about a specific topic. In addition, there is an abstract that summarizes the information in the entire article; following the article is the keyword section that list common words in the entire article. The authors incorporated the introduction to give an overview of the major topic as well as the theoretical parts that summarizes the main points in the article. The philosophical approaches of ethics usually concentrate on examining and analyzing the inadequacies of modern ethics through making references to the losses experienced in the past where ethics was consistent based on the shared visions and common traditions (Lakoff & Collier, 2004). In the recent times, different anthropologists have returned to the question of capitalist time.

In the article entitled "Ethics and the Anthropology of Modern Reason," The authors use various works from different authors to explain the main points that are presented in the article. There is an incorporation of up to eleven sources of aids in the understanding of anthropological concepts. Consequently, the authors apply both the primary and secondary sources as evidence on the claims being presented in the paper. There are also use of logic, legislation and parliamentary acts to succinctly elaborate the anthropological approaches in the study of human nature. Different theories are also evident in the paper to support the claims raised by the authors. The theoretical principles mentioned above, present the technical challenges on how to make humanity or the society to register its own opinions and to strengthen pursuits for the need of applying technological approaches in the study of modern society. The theories also set into motion; the social processes capable of yielding information that is attributable to the society. The above article is successful in its own terms; it contains information that is relevant to the topics that are under the study. Most of the information correlates with the topic that is being addressed.

In the article, "Studies in the Anthropology of Reasons," the author focuses on the study of norms and the social environment. The author argues that the society is not a universal thing, an object that is waiting to be described. The society is found everywhere; it is often studied by anthropologists and sociologists since it is found everywhere. According to the article, the authors state that it took thousands of years for people to identify and recognize the relevance of the society. The society as an object is available for planned change and empirical analysis; this idea emerged in the 19th century. The society as described from the 19th century has an integral part of vast political, cultural and economic changes. The main topic of this article, therefore, revolves around the society and social sciences. The studies of the societies were changing since the 19th century. The rise of modernity has come with different technological approaches meant to exhaust information. In addition to the study of different aspects of the society, the author defines the anthropology of techno-science, from the definition; there is the incorporation of an anthropology of reasons that seeks to enhance the tradition of historical inquiry and social relationship associated with Michel Foucault and Max Weber theories (Rabinow, 1992). Sociology or the social study of science is now a wide discipline that is applied in various societies by various scholars to study the nature of humanity. The science and technology applied in the modern anthropological studies tightly link human, social time to external non-human concepts.

The article "Studies in the Anthropology of Reasons" is organized into different sections whereby the author tries to support various themes by the use of various evidence and theoretical works from different scholars. The flow of the article is systematic, there is an introduction whereby the authors define various concepts illustrated in the article. From the article, the author also incorporates the technological aspect of sociology. The flow of the article is evident, with the definition of various terms at the beginning; readers are able to acquit themselves with various concepts that are essential in the major sub-headings of the paper. In most cases, pictures often aid the understanding of the information given piece of writing. In the above-mentioned article, the author incorporates pictures to facilitate the understanding of sociological concepts and various anthropological approaches. To enable readers to acquire elaborate information from the article, the author incorporates the historical aspects of the information from various sources.

The Human Genome Initiative is sponsored in the United States by the health departments. In its very nature, technologies and the Human Genome Initiative makes it possible and provides an excellent platform for the studies, in what has now become known as "new ethnography." (Rabinow, 1992) An individual requires both the international and local research knowledge and in addition, there is a need for interconnection of both the scientific and social techno to be able to carry out anthropological studies.

The Author applies various sources to prove the claims. The sources are drawn from various anthropological works to ensure the establishment of ideal information. In addition to sources, the author applies several theories and quantitative information to enhance the understanding of various evidence and claims in the article. The concept of Bio-sociality is widely used by the author to enhance the understanding of new genetics (Rabinow, 1992). The application of this concept is infinitely a greater force that enables the reshaping of the society and the entire life as compared to the revolution in physics. The concept of Bio-sociality is rightfully incorporated throughout this article at the micro-level to explain various medical practices as well as other discourses. According to the author, the new genetics entails its own distinctive dangers and challenges. The article is written in accordance with its own terms, there is an incorporation of concepts that relate to main topical study. The use of sources or evidence is a common concept in various academic writings. The sources, as well as theories, give a deeper understanding of the historical background of a given study. In Bio-sociality, Human Genome Initiative is one of the techno-science procedures in two senses. Just like the modern science, the scheme is deeply fabricated with technological advances in various literal ways.

Similarities between the Two Articles

Ethics and the Anthropology of Modern

Reason by Andrew Lakoff and Stephen Collier Studies in the Anthropology of Reasons by Paul Rabinow

There is the use of historical evidence as well as different sources to support the claims on various anthropological concepts. The authors use various sources to support the concepts applied in the explanation of social and technological approaches.

There is evidence of Bioethics and the concepts of medicine and reproduction processes to aids the understanding of humanity. Paul Rabinow applies the idea of Bio-sociality to explain the concepts of genetics in the existence of humanity.

There is the use of theories to enhance the readers understanding of complex concepts or approaches. Paul Rabinow applies also applies various historical theories to enhance the understanding of genetical various that leads to the differences societal existence.

Differences between the Two Articles

Ethics and the Anthropology of Modern

Reason by Andrew Lakoff and Stephen Collier Studies in the Anthropology of Reasons by Paul Rabinow

The structure of the article is unique; it consists of the abstract, the introduction, body, conclusion, and references. The article starts with the introduction; there is the body that contains various sub-headings and thereafter conclusion that summarizes concepts in the body paragraphs. In addition, there is a reference list of all the sources used in the article.

The authors attempt to use the concept of Bioethics to clearly bring out the concept of anthropology. The author applies the concept of Bio-sociality and genetics to explain the variation in the society.

Although the theories are incorporated in the article, the author tends to use more sources from different materials to support the claims made in the article. There is more use of theories to facilitate the understanding of genetics and variation in the human existence.

Authors focus more on the ethics and the anthropology of Modern times.

The author is engaged in the study of General Studies in the Anthropology of Reasons.

The two articles could incorporate the concept of archaeology which is usually the major component of archaeological studies. Archaeology refers to the study of human activities in relation to the environment and the historical perspective. It involves the analysis and recovery of material cultures in relation to the human existence. Archaeology involves analysis of artifacts, biofacts, architectures and cultural landscape. Additionally, archaeology is regarded as the social science and a branch of the humanities. In most instances, archaeology is considered as a sub-branch of anthropology, the writers of the two articles could, therefore, have considered the incorporation of archaeological concepts to enhance the understanding of the social life. The history of humanity is bes...

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