Idealism of the Sixties Essay

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Date:  2022-03-03

The generation of students in the 1960s revolted due to various issues, and they were able to accomplish some of their mission in the strikes their organized. The reasons for the revolts were many and ranged from cultural, social to political issues.

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For example, there was a spectacular manifestation of such revolts portrayed in France on May 1968. Student accompanied by many workers struck, and the protests just in a few days it was big enough to overthrow the government. The government ended up addressing the reasons for the strike since it could not control the students and the workers. The students were the reason for the kicking of the strike (Comerio 1984). They had assumed to revolt due to American imperialism in the country, consumerism, and capitalism and traditional institutions and orders and values. However, the problems and reasons which made student strike in France during this time of 1960s may have declined, but some the issues also affect the current generation of students.

The generation of the 1960s was the one which initiated the system of students striking and revolting majorly not due to the reasons o school fees or academic issues but other issues affecting the community. However, the generation of nowadays majorly strikes due to the education associated issues and problems, although in some cases they strike due to other reasons like political, cultural and social problems in a particular country.

Dylan's work had a lot of influence during the 1960s generation and also has some impacts on the current generation of students. The work is much linked to the 1960s since his most significant work was produced between 1960 and 1965 and it became a problem to bear for the entire culture and society of the time, certainly too young people. The work was thought of as a revolution. It resulted in a lot of many useful things going through the culture of the 1960s. It was meant and had a lot of significant influence in the eradication of communism mostly in the eastern parts of Europe. There were so many things happening due to the impact caused by Dylan's works.

Capitalism idealism has to be implemented in almost every part of the world; however, there some parts where communism is still being practiced in the world. These bring the idea that we are not yet done with the idea that there is always the presence of the problems which were suffered during the 1960s. However, some of the issues do not exist any more others do. For example, colonialism was totally eradicated in the world. Colonialism could cause some students to revolt due to exploitation by the colonial governments; for instance, in South Africa, students could lead in strikes against their colonial government (Rudd 2009). Colonialism has ended in the current times, but there is still the existence of neo-colonialism, which also sees some students lead in strikes. The France students had struck due to the imperialism of America, which in the current times is most similar to neo-colonialism proving that we are still dealing with the past problems to some instances.

The 1960s student's revolts have brought a lot of changes in the current society. In the 1960s, the freedom to speak was to some degrees limited; however, nowadays, there are even peaceful demonstrations where people are allowed to protest without any violent or any barriers from the law enforcers. We cannot ignore the fact that the revolts have resulted in some positive changes in the society both in cultural and political grounds.


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