Humans: Social Creatures by Nature

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Date:  2023-02-06

Humans are naturally social animals. Our entire lives are dependent on other human beings. The social nature of man is evident when they are still babies by finding comfort in their parents care. At a younger age, a child will master the voice of their mother, and when in discomfort, they will cry for affection. The parents instinctively care for their young ones and other people in their home. There is a bond that ties people living together, also if they are strangers. People help each other even if there is a tension of strangeness between them. It happens because of the feeling to relate and establish a relationship to soothe the urge to socialize. The connections between human beings are vital for personal and societal benefits (Biswas-Diener, 2019). For instance, when a person assists a stranger with a place to spend a night in, they will always thank the host for their kindness. This is why Aristotle's statement that "Man is a Social Animal" remains relevant even for generations to come.

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Humans possess the ability to match the emotions of other humans either immediately or unconsciously. They are the only animals that can understand the thoughts and feelings of their fellow beings and react appropriately. The moods of a person affect all the people around them. For example, when an individual has lost a close relative through an accident, all the people around them reciprocate by comforting them. A human being naturally prefers to be in the company of other people. In society, it is strange to find a person staying alone under normal circumstances. No matter how evil the person might be, they will always have a close friend who keeps there secret to belong with them. The concept behind companionship is to find solutions to problems like the natural disasters that affect our lives. When humans feel threatened by a situation, they always team up to eliminate it (Biswas-Diener, 2019). Social connection is a necessity for our survival in the ever-changing and at times, cruel world.

Human beings are social animals who depend on each other for survivability, existence, and companionship. Every person belongs to a social group setting. The small unit is the family which builds up to form identities and cultures of different nations of the world. The society is structured in such a way that every individual plays a specific role which influences the whole society. We are social animals; hence, we cannot live on our own and also cannot fulfill our individual needs without the help of other human beings. It is thus natural for humans to contact each other for the fulfillment of their needs. This proves the relevance of Aristotle's statement that "Man is a Social Animal."


Biswas-Diener, R. & Diener, E. (2019). Together: The Science of Social Psychology. Noba textbook series: Psychology. Champaign, IL: DEF Publishers. DOI:

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