Humanities Essay Example: Modernistic Art is Either Political or Aesthetically Legitimate

Date:  2021-04-12 10:04:55
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Art is a historically proven source of pleasure. However, it can be used to promote other agenda other than fun. Different artistic works can be used to support political ideologies using the paintings and visual graphics or drawings. As it is said, a picture can speak a thousand words. Thereby, artistic work can be utilized for other gains other than mere aesthetic pleasure. This paper will elaborate why modern art is politically and aesthetically legitimate. It will examine how artistic contribution can be used for the aesthetic pleasure and political agenda. Using the different examples, it will elaborate on the role of modern art on political and aesthetic patterns that influence the occurrences in life.

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An artist can paint a story with the intention of passing different messages to his audience. Some of the paintings are painted to show different emotions and reflections that the painter had in mind while painting a given piece of art. This makes it politically correct for people to paint with the intention of creating a reaction from an audience. For instance, many paintings that symbolize love are highlighted with bright colors and the heart as a symbol of love. This shows that an artist can paint a portrait of love through the articulation of different colors. Once a person comes into contact with such pieces, they illuminate the emotions of love and memories of love in their life. In some cases, people buy their loved one's pieces of art drawn with the intention of expressing love. This elaborates that the art is legitimate as they give life different reasons to live for.

Additionally, artistic work can be used to illuminate history. Maybe political history and the evolution of the political history. Modern art helps people capture history to showcase to the next generation what their political history looked like. Therefore, giving the artistic sphere a legitimate reason to exist. This is a role of art in preserving history. It is through such exquisite pieces that people get to understand the price of freedom. That way the spirit of patriotism is aroused in people's heart. For example, pieces of heart that show the freedom fighters of a country at war or a period they won victory. Such paintings automatically will call people to celebrate their nation and enable them to appreciate its political views.

Different paintings articulate different aesthetic pleasure that various artists value. The value of art is attached to the image that is painted and what it took to paint a canvas. Some of the best artistic pieces such as wildlife show why people should appreciate nature. It intrigues in different individuals why life matters and its historical advances. In some cases, artistic pieces are used to show the animals that are extinct. For example, dinosaurs, are animals that most of us got to hear but never seen; but through paintings, people can keep account of such animal. Other animals that are found in different regions are made known to the world through art. Art is a form of communication, and thus it showcases, the beauty of nature.

In addition, artistic pieces are used for beauty in different areas. Some of these pieces that show politically inspired decorations such as the carvings that show the various symbols of power. For example, America is known for the use of different sculptures found in different cities. This gives identity in different cities. Hence, art is a unifying factor that is shown in the different drawing and sculpture that represent various political statures. For instance, different flags have different pictures that give the identity of the flag. These drawings are symbols of that are political and are used to praise patriotism in various nations. It gives people identity and shows people where they originate from. The flag is a powerful political instrument that can be used for different political engagements. Thus, art brings together the people from the same nation and gives them an identity. It promotes a culture that understand causes citizens why they are in a particular country and what that country stands for.

Generally, the political and aesthetic related benefits that art contributes to our society gives it the legitimacy of been published. Although some of the artists can use art to cause prevalence of evil ideologies in the society, the most powerful paintings have impacted the society positively. Also, art can be used to cultivate the different positive effects in the community as shown by our discussion above. The community can embrace different ideas both political and aesthetic through the various roles that art play in the society as shown above. This makes art legitimate both politically and aesthetically.

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