HR Mission Statement of PumOil Limited Paper Example

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Date:  2022-10-05

Part 1: HR Mission Statement

First, all the sample mission statements are effective because they are clear. Also, they are all long-term and provide a clear direction and purpose of the HR departments. Nevertheless, the third sample fails to sum up the mission in just a few sentences, which makes it ineffective in being short and concise. Preferably, the HR department would have summarized the quality sentences in just three to four sentences.

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Second, while the second and third statements include the three primary parts of a mission statement, the first statement fails to include the core values that shape the behavior of the employees. Mainly, the three main elements of a mission statement are the vision, core values, and a statement of the goals and objectives. In particular, the first statement only includes the vision statement and a statement of goals and objectives. It remains vague in the component of core values since it only states comprehensive programming.

Additionally, sample two and three clarify the intentions of the department while being meaningful to the employees. In particular, they include statements that focus majorly on the employees. However, sample one focuses mainly on what the department seeks to deliver to customers in general. This makes it a weak and ineffective human resources mission statement.

In summary, the strongest and most effective mission statement is sample two. Notably, the sample is simple, short and clear. It also encompasses the three main parts of a mission statement, that is the company's vision, the core values, and a statement of goals and objectives. Finally, it clarifies the intentions of both the company and the HR department while being meaningful to the employees.

Part 2: Fictional Company

PumOil Limited is an international consumer goods company focused on manufacturing cooking oil and flour from pumpkins. The company has subsidiaries and distributorship across 27 countries in America, Europe, Asia, and Africa.

Human Resource Department Mission Statement: Through strategic collaboration, the Human Resources Department at PumOil Limited attracts, recruits, trains, and retains a qualified and diverse workforce. It also fosters a healthy, safe and stable work environment for all employees to maximize personal and organizational success and position PumOil Limited as an employer of choice. The Department will achieve this by promoting integrity, fostering communication, celebrating teamwork, embracing change and innovation, and leading by example in producing quality results.

Mainly, the HR Department at PumOil Limited exists to provide competent, consistent, and committed employees to support the company in meeting its goals and objectives. The goal of PumOil Limited is to provide its customers with quality cooking oil and flour at an affordable cost. The HR takes a leadership role in providing service in support of the company's vision by ensuring that the employees perform at optimum levels towards the success of PumOil Limited.

The HR Department seeks to convey an image of stability and equal opportunity for personal and career growth to current and potential employees. It also intends to portray PumOil Limited as the employer and consumer goods manufacturer of choice. This will be evident in the services the department provides to employees, customers, and the company (Babnik, Breznik, Dermol, & Trunk Sirca, 2014). These services include attracting, recruiting, training, and retaining a qualified and diverse workforce. The workforce will contribute to manufacturing quality products that meet the needs of the customers.

The underlying values that guide this include promoting integrity in all operations by conducting business in a fair, respectful, and honest manner, fostering communication to achieve transparency and employee inclusiveness, and celebrating teamwork by encouraging diversity in ideas, experiences, and participation (Babnik et al., 2014). Additionally, the department is open to creativity and innovation to support improvements, and it leads by example by advocating the equitable treatment of employees and customers in policies, practices, and behaviors.

Part 3: Succession Planning Procedure

Deshwal (2015) defines a succession plan as a set of instructions for when a key employee leaves the organization. Such a plan considered crucial questions such as who will take over, how long it will take, and what procedures need to be followed (Deshwal, 2015). Mainly, it takes a lot of effort and time to answer these questions. Thus, the business owner and the HR Department should start planning several years prior to the transition.

Step 1: Identifying the Key Position

The Quality Assurance Manager is responsible for the quality, safety, and aesthetics of PumOil's products. The employee ensures that the cooking oil and flour meet standards set by the company and regulatory authorities, particularly, good manufacturing practices (GMP) and Safe Quality Food (SQF).

Step 2: Job Profile for the Position

While recruiting for this position, it is essential to consider the knowledge, skills, and abilities crucial to this job. First, the individual must have knowledge of quality and food safety systems across all PumOIl-owned and co-manufacturing facilities. Similarly, the potential candidate must possess good numerical skills characterized by an understanding of statistics. Additionally, he or she must have excellent technical, planning and organization, interpersonal, problem solving, and team working skills. However, most importantly, the person must be self-motivated with proven leadership skills to head the Quality Assurance Department successfully. This and skills must be combined with the ability to identify productivity programs and operations that contribute to PumOil's profitability.

Step 3: Key Personnel Changes

The HR Department will select and train a suitable internal employee for the crucial knowledge, skills, and abilities required for the Quality Assurance Manager's position. In particular, the possible positions expected to fill the manager's position in the event of a succession are the Quality Assurance Officer and the Health, Security, Safety, and Quality (HSSEQ) Officer.

Thus, various training programs will be organized for the possible successor. Mainly, these programs will be conducted in-house through on-the-job training, job assignments, mentoring, job rotation, and coaching. Nevertheless, training conducted by external providers will be crucial in matters relating to Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) and Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI).

Step 4: Retaining Identified Successors

The HR Department will design individual developmental plans for each candidate, which will be incorporated in their performance management plans. The plans will identify the abilities and career interests for the candidates to become high-potential employees. Mainly, this will make the employees feel valued by the company, which will motivate them to stay with PumOil Limited.

Similarly, the candidates will be given room to grow by offering them opportunities to work closely with the current Quality Assurance Manager to learn and grow. This will also include letting the employees know there is room for advancement in the company, particularly, in their area of specialization.

Step 5: Succession Planning Strategy

The HR Department will follow a five-step succession process. These phases will include planning, company housekeeping, successor training, handover, and transition. In the planning phase, the key position and the required knowledge, skills, and abilities will be identified. Then the company will conduct housekeeping particularly regarding financing and developmental. Mainly, this is in consideration of any changes in the position's compensation package. The next stage will encompass successor training mainly through career development and mentorship programs. Finally, once the time comes for the current Quality Assurance Manager's exit, the HR Department will oversee handover and the transition process to ensure it is seamless and timely.

Part 4: Training Plan

The aim of this training plan is to educate and develop the employees' awareness of sexual harassment and an understanding of legal and organizational policies related to sexual harassment. Notably, this training will raise awareness, shed light on the main areas, and avail PumOil Ltd with the required tools and guidance to identify, prevent and remove sexual harassment from the workplace. Additionally, the training will arm employees and managers with the tools that will help them respond or report when sexual harassment occurs. Preventing sexual harassment in the workplace will save time and money, protects workers, and builds PumOil's morale.

Step 1: Planning

All the employees will undertake the training. However, this will occur in groups created by the HR Department. The groups will comprise a mixture of employees and managers from diverse departments to create cohesiveness within different functions and levels of authority. However, it is important to note that managers will get different training on receiving complaints, avoiding retaliation, and making official reports (HerscH, 2015). It is anticipated that the trainees will learn how to identify sexual harassment. Additionally, they will understand the ways in which to respond appropriately. Third, the employees will learn to behave in compliance with the law and PumOil's sexual harassment policy. Fourth, it is anticipated that the trainees will learn to recognize the significance of understanding others' views and perspectives. Thus, they will avoid 'unintentional' sexual harassment and appreciate the need to speak up.

Step 2: Design

The training will be broken up into multiple micro-learning sessions that will incorporate in-person lectures, online modules, videos, and harassment training exercises. The short sessions will only tear workers away from their work for minutes at a time, instead of hours. Notably, this will be an effective modality especially for employees on multiple shifts. Similarly, using videos will help reach employees in multiple locations. Additionally, this approach will ensure flexibility within the training program, allowing the company to administer diverse training techniques for different sexual harassment issues at different periods (HerscH, 2015). Mainly, the core elements of the training that will align with the learning objectives are the instructional strategies and assessments.

Step 3: Implementation

First, a simple two-minute video from the CEO will be used to set the right tone for the training. This will explain why the training will be happening in line with PumOil's core values. The HR Department will then take over to lead the training. An external trainer will conduct the training sessions. Notably, HerscH (2015) argues that sexual harassment is more than a legal problem. It is primarily a behavioral problem. Therefore, this training will focus majorly on behavioral change. Nevertheless, it will also strive to impart the employees with knowledge relating to legal and organizational policies on sexual harassment, and the information they require in preventing the vice. The actual training will be coupled with civility courses that will be designed to establish expectations of respect and civility in the workplace. This will account for the knowledge and behavioral change.

Step 4: Evaluation

Various outcomes will indicate if the training was successful. These outcomes include a reduction in sexual harassment cases, clear and open communication in the workplace, and increased respect and civility. Additionally, an assessment or survey will be used to measure if the employees learned from the tr...

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