How Spark NZ Limited Can Strategically Adapt to Dynamic Telecommunication Industry - Essay Sample

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Date:  2023-08-23


Spark NZ limited is a company that primarily deals with telecommunication, and it is based in New Zealand. Each business organization in any given industry has to develop strategic alternatives to operate with minimal challenges. The SWOT analysis provides a necessary ground for strategic management to be carried out smoothly. There is a lot of evolution in technology that, in turn, affects the telecommunication industry making the SWOT analysis to be dynamic. As a result, there come has to establish a strong portfolio for its brand so as to ensure that there is customer satisfaction, which will lead to an increase in sales.

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Additionally, it is necessary to be keen on the procedure of selection and recruitment of the workforce. Only the best recruits will be able to deliver the much-needed services to bring customer satisfaction, and Spark NZ keeps this as one of its strengths to overcome the competitive nature of the market. Moreover, the firm boasts of its strategic techniques of entering the market, making it less challenging to introduce new products. As a result, the company should use this strength to develop new products and exploring new markets since they have the character of entering the market quickly.

Furthermore, the company has some weaknesses in the industry as it has gaps in the production of goods. Due to this, there is a lot of customers lost in the holes of output, and this will decrease the sales of the company. Additionally, the use of Low-level technology has been a significant challenge for Spark NZ, leading to inadequate production of goods and services in the company. Despite this, the weaknesses also may become opportunities if the managers use strategies to improve the operations of the firm.

Description of 2 Alternatives

There are some alternatives that may be applied to improve the effectiveness and the production of Spark NZ. The managers should prioritize the needs of the company, and doing so will increase the productivity of the organization. Firstly, they should ensure there is a continuous production of goods to ensure there are no production gaps. As a result, there will be an increase in sales hence increasing the profit of the company.

Additionally, there should a way to use the strengths to make the company more profitable. For example, the advantage of entering new markets should be used to create more markets globally. Secondly, the firm should establish reliable suppliers who will make the raw materials available regularly. As a result, the treat of raw material becoming expensive will be reduced with a large percentage hence increasing the profitability and reducing production gaps.


The strategies will be so economical and will not incur extra expenditure to the company as it will utilize the strengths while also improving on the weakness. The procedure for enhancing company sales and profitability. Both of the strategies are somehow related, but they differ in the cost of execution and sustainability, making approach 1 more reliable. Hence a good comparison of the policy is required to avoid making any mistakes in the implementation of the techniques.


The techniques employed will be necessary to make the functioning of Spark NZ more effective. Additionally, it will increase the profitability of the company hence making the firm grow. Moreover, reducing the production gaps will create customer satisfaction that will lead to customer loyalty to the firm.

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