How Has Technology Changed the Development of the Digital Economy in Cambodia

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Date:  2022-06-22


The objective of the dissertation is to explore "How has technology changed the development of the digital economy in Cambodia?" In other words, this study requires participants from many related fields such as banking industry, telecommunication, and mobile operator. These inquiries are mainly related to the digital economy in many fields such as, business-to-business and also between business-to-consumers. However, this research contains participants from each industry as mentioned above. Therefore, this research will mainly conduct quantitative research that has to ensure the participants have enough experience to fit the criteria of this research.

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Ethical issues:

Explain how participants are selected

This research is intended to ascertain the participants by selecting industry that fits the research topic such as:

  • Telecommunication: Telecommunication Regulator of Cambodia (TRC)
  • Banking industry: ABA Bank
  • Mobile network operator: SMART Axiata

The study participants will be selected from different departments of the companies. Each company will consist of 2 participants who will be randomly chosen from various departments. The participants will be given open-ended survey questionnaires to allow the participants to present their views without limitations regarding the questions asked, which enables the researcher to collect enough data regarding the topic.

Discuss steps undertaken to ensure free and informed consent

The participation in the study will be on a voluntary basis where each respondent will be given the details and pertinent information to make an informed consent to participate. This means the survey will not provide them before they make an informed decision to participate. The researcher will also obtain the permission of the companies through writing to conduct the study and interact with the participants. Research participants will have the right to either participate or refuse to participate in the study without penalty. This means that the participants will be able to exercise free power of choice without any element of deceit, force or fraud in the study.

Explain steps undertaken to protect anonymity and confidentiality during and to follow on from the research process

The researcher will ensure that the information collected remains confidential and only accessible to authorized stakeholders. The level of confidentiality and anonymity required in this study will involve the anonymity of the companies and individuals included in the research. Confidentiality means the identity of the respondents will be protected from public exposure. Instead of identifying the respondents by names, fictitious names and addresses will be used instead. Anonymity means the researcher will not know the participant's identity and it will be important during the survey. Thus, the participants will not sign their names to guarantee anonymity.

Demonstrate that you communicate to potential participants their participants' rights when taking part in your project.

To start the research process, it should be formally and officially informed to selected participants for permissions and the purpose of the research. An information sheet for questionnaires form will be provided after permission has been granted. The sheet will inform the participants of the study purpose, the identity of the researcher, the risks they would take when participating in the study, and their rights to withdraw from the research. Also, the research will respect all the participants, and it will be without any element of force.

Through the electronic submission of this form, you confirm that the proposed project conforms to the ethical guidelines set out in the 'College Guidelines on Responsibilities and Procedures for Ethical Review' available at commence with the research after your supervisor has provided formal approval of your project in the online feedback box in Moodle.

Project Title: How has technology changed the development of the digital economy in Cambodia?

The research project seeks to determine how the technology growth will boost the society and business activity in Cambodia through having a better digital economy. The digital change brings a new set of benefits for developing countries to take opportunities in business growth and economic development. The digital economy alone is already giving some challenges for some of developing countries which are not ready for the changes. In fact, Cambodia has been at the forefront in adopting the technological changes that can boost the country economy. The project is part of my MSc Business Innovation with International Technology Management at Birkbeck, University of London. The project has received ethical approval.

Part of my research involves interviewing people who are engaged in technology advancement and digital economy industries, with enough experiences to fit the area of the topic.

You are invited to complete a short questionnaire. You will be asked questions about at how the technology growth helps to boost society and business activity in Cambodia to become a digital economy. Completing it takes about 10 to 20 minutes. You can choose to skip any particular question and exit the questionnaire without any information being recorded until you press the submit button at the end.

The questionnaire is anonymous and does not ask for your name or that of your organization. I, my supervisor, and the markers of my project have access to your responses. All responses will be saved password protected on my personal computer and deleted after I received the final grade for my dissertation.

In the research report, I will present responses in the aggregated form using graphs and statistics.

If you have further questions about this research project, please do not hesitate to contact me.

By submitting the completed questionnaire, it will be understood that you are 18 or over and that you give consent for your response to be used in this research project.

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