How Enlightenment Influences Industrial Revolution - Essay Sample

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The enlightenment era was commonly referred to at the age of reason. In the late 17th century the kinds of John Lockie and Isaac Newton were challenging the societal norms. Isaac coined a law of gravity whose pegging was not for any spiritual being. Lockie on his part insisted on the power of the people to set the government and do away with oppression. There were beginning to be doubts as to which God will let humans suffer in eternity while exhausting a tyrant king. With these ideas, Europe would take a new route towards transformation. The Enlightenment concepts included revolution, social contract, natural rights, and reason.

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Apart from the agrarian revolution about ten thousand years ago, industrial revolution in eighteenth century, Europe is marked to have had a remarkable influence on the human race. The change would see a turnaround in consumption, family, human labor, society structures as well as fundamentals of thoughts and the soul. Is revolution went beyond the bounds of technology and included industrial revolution. During the twelfth and thirteenth century, there were enormous technological explorations that impacted on labor and production. We do not dispute the input of technology, but we expand the thinking to attribute the revolution to social changes as Europe advanced from Agriculture and rural setup into an urban capitalist economy.

British Enlightenment

There is no quorum as to when exactly the British Enlightenment started or ended. Most historians attribute it to the struggle for political power in 17th Century had a great effect in its enlightenment. The power struggle recorded in 1649 saw the death of King Charles 1 by execution and as a result the rise of Oliver Cromwell who established the Commonwealth. This reign that is common termed as experiment lasted for a decade, afterward, they reverted to the monarch leadership under King Charles the second.

Problems caused by the industrial revolution

There was a lot of pollution from both the factories and the workers living in slums. During this error, there was urbanization that led to congestion of the industrial cities. Child labor became an issue when the work demands skyrocketed especially in mines because of their size, and the population was unable to satisfy the demand. Karl Marx is considered the father of capitalism, his ideas triggering industrial revolution and soon afterward the problems. The jobs became limited, prized natural resources were getting depleted, and in other words, the workforce became unnecessary. The immigrants to the city will bring diseases due to poor sanitation in the factories and soon people were dying of those diseases. Cottage industries started facing high produced costs, and limited production and this meant Industries acquired raw materials at higher costs making production expensive.

Solution to problems caused by the industrial revolution

The solution to child labor was the establishment of organized labor unions which advice their members in matters of benefits wages and working conditions. The solution to overcrowding cities was political activism where workers gained the right to elect leaders who promised to improve their lives. Pollution was then resolved through social welfare where employees were offered disability payment and unemployment benefits to help them cope with the economic times.


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