Hong Kong Is a Culture Desert Survey

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Date:  2022-05-17

Q1 "Hong Kong is a culture desert", do you agree this statement?

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Q2 Do you know there is a "Shutter Art" project in Hong Kong?

Q3 Do you like these paintings?

Q4 Can you relate the paintings to the business nature of these shops?

Q5 Do you think Shutter Art can arouse more public attention towards Art in Hong Kong?

Q6 Will you visit more Shutter Art locations?

Q7 Will you support more Shutter Art creation in the future?

Q8 in the past year, how often have you visited an Art Gallery or a Museum or participated in anything related to Art

Q9 Please give any additional comments on Shutter Art.

Q10 Please indicate your age range

An average of 40 people participated in the survey, according to the survey half the people did not agree that Hong Kong is a culture desert due to scarcity of art centers in the city. However, when asked if they loved the shutter art painting all the interviewees responded positively, this indicates that the art is desirable to watch as people who didn't even know it existed appreciated it once they saw it. The interviewees where also able to look at the art and realize that there was a theme in the paintings as they all responded yes when asked if there was a relationship between the paintings and the history of shops they where painted on. Another significant finding was that all the people who were interviewed said that they were looking forward to visiting more shutter art locations, this shows the art has a positive effect on people once they see it for the first time. This is evident as half of the people who were interviewed had never seen the art before but instantly gained interest in it. The video teaser about the shutter art will be featured in website that will be specially dedicated to shutter art. The website will contain information about shutter art, it origin and where its located. Pictures taken during the project will be posted in the website with a brief history of the artist and the arts meaning. The video will also be posted in YouTube, this will give the shutter art worldwide exposure.

Given that there is a limited number of shutters that can be painted on, there is a possibility that the art will eventually evolve into a different type of art that is not only done on shutters. Among the other places the art could move to includes walls and roofs or floors. The art could also evolve into art that is used in the museums and art exhibits like a culture of art in Philadelphia called Mural arts ("Mural. The History and The Meaning", 2018), Mural arts Philadelphia is an organization that gives people an opportunity to express themselves through mural art (the art of drawing or making art on permanent surfaces such as walls floors). The organization also or helps the community by organizing art public art projects that bring artists from different communities together, this encourages learning and development of talents among the people who are interested in pursuing art as a career. Mural art has also established an outdoor art gallery where mural art is displayed, the art gallery attracts about 12000 art enthusiasts per year and has helped Philadelphia establish itself as the "city of murals" By providing a good and legal place for the youth to make art the organization saves the youth from indulging in illegal activities. Lastly it is also appealing how Mural art presents the art on a website, images are posted along with an article that explains the entire project lead to the development of the artwork and the people who were involved in the project; this includes artists involved and people or organizations that donated the money to finance the project.

Such an evolution would provide availability of an avenue where shutter art artists can express their creativity matters because in normal cases when youth go out to make art on walls without permission, might be offensive to the owner of the property considered as a crime. A shutter art museum would provide a legal environment that also generates money for the artists involved.


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