Holistic Therapy Essay

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Date:  2022-02-17

Psychotherapy is a strategy used in the treatment of mental health problems through following the psychology process and not necessarily relying on medical treatment procedure. I am interested in this topic due to the effect that the ailment has in the life of an individual. Most of the time, the people suffering from mental issues are often neglected, and society does not care so much about their situation.

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A healthy society ensures that most of the available resources are used for development purposes and not to seek treatment. Community needs, such as managing health disparities and inadequate health services, must be handled in the right way to ensure that a society has the required facilities. My community project works towards establishing a healthy society by ensuring that people are not suffering from diseases. Those people that are sick are supposed to receive the relevant medical attention or follow other procedures that will ensure that their bodies are operating optimally. Psychotherapy can be integrated into the community projects by following the procedures of relating, exploring, intervening, and explaining processes. By relating, it will be possible to respect a client's self-esteem and difficulties with an ailment. The exploration process includes paying attention to a patient's words and body language. Questions are asked to help eradicate any possible contradiction. Cognitive biases are eliminated by offering an explanation on the treatment process and letting the patients explain whether they agree or disagree with the conclusions made by the psychotherapist. By intervening, any interpretations made are presented to a patient.

Patients that are suffering from mental disorders tend to behave in the same way irrespective of their age, community, disability, or culture. There is a possibility that they can all receive the same treatment and depict similar outcomes. Therefore, when the psychotherapy procedure is integrated into a community project am undertaking, the variables of age or disability will not have a significant influence on the way that the process will be conducted. All the patients will be psychologically managed the same way.

Health behavior is critical to the growth of a society, but there exist barriers to its advancement. They include resistance to treatment processes, limited access to health services, and low literacy levels on matters of health. When handing the mental disorder issue, the patients are highly likely to resist the services offered to them. Their inability to co-operate with the healthcare service providers will lead to a problem becoming worse (Nagelhout, Hogeling, Spruijt, Postma, & de Vries, 2017). Another barrier is the limited access to treatment services. Some communities do not have adequate resources to seek treatment, and it is difficult to find them working towards improving their health behavior. Knowledge of matters of health is critical, and it is directly correlated to the health status of a community. A society that has adequate information and details on the issue of mental illness, it is likely to seek treatment services (Kelly, Martin, Kuhn, Cowan, Brayne, & Lafortune, 2016). However, if a community does not have the details, there is a possibility that it will not undertake the treatment process.

These barriers to improvement in the health behaviors results are managed by community resources that are introduced in society. The health promotion media has played a critical role in sensitizing the media on the importance of leading a healthy life. Additionally, it offers details on the issues that people should avoid. Support groups are useful in providing help to communities and assisting them to get medical attention. These resources are crucial to the patients' ability to lower risk behaviors and overcome the barriers that hinder their ability to access medical services.


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Nagelhout, G., Hogeling, L., Spruijt, R., Postma, N., & de Vries, H. (2017). Barriers and facilitators for health behavior change among adults from multi-problem households: A qualitative study. International journal of environmental research and public health, 14(10), 1229. doi: 10.3390/ijerph14101229

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