HIS STUFF: Discount Christian Souvenirs, Apparel & Printing Co. - Research Paper

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Date:  2023-04-07


HIS STUFF is a discount Christian Souvenir, Apparel and Printing Company located in Tampa, FL and has an estimated grand opening of Fall 2020. The legacy behind this business was developed during my short time as the New Membership Director at my church. This position required me to build a relationship with new members who join the church, introduce them to the different type of ministries we provide, find out their skill set and needs, and set them up for new members bible class for their families. Once I met the new members, I immediately gifted them with either a Christian souvenir, bookmark, t-shirt, hat or any other accessories/apparel that advertised our church. I follow up with guest by mailing an additional item and post card that invited them back to our weekly service.

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Every month I would restock inventory of these items and place printing orders to make sure we were prepared weekly. Monthly orders exceeded $1200 and while figuring out a way to eliminate cost, the idea of keeping everything in house was my focus. I thought, if we had our own printing company and found a wholesaler for products, we could print our own items, as well as market to other religious organizations in the community wholesale. We are a faith driven company and I am not trying to get rich; but we strive to spread the word of GOD by any means necessary. I am trying to provide for my family comfortably, as well as help with the startup costs for local churches who may not have the funds to pay full price for products. By doing so, I believe that GOD will supply all our needs.Our staff consists of myself, my mother and best friend. Combined we have a total of 3 business, 1 communication and hospitality degrees. I bring to the table 18 years of sales experience; my best friend has 13 years of sales and marketing experience and my mother is a Director of Ministry with over 35 years of experience in how the church operates day to day. Combined, there is enough drive and experience to successfully maintain the company and expand our products as needed.

Motivated by our faith and not by financial gain, we produce high quality printing at exceptional prices, to all religious organizations. We are initially motivated to advertise directly to different church organizations and groups associated with spreading the word of GOD.

Our mission is to provide practical Christian growth resources to help pastors, churches, and individuals reach their potential for Christ; to promote spiritual growth in individuals and churches, as well as equip churches to do the work of the ministry and offer opportunity to others.

We have faith statements that fully explain our position. We believe in one God, Creator and Sustainer of the Universe, who eternally exist in three persons: Father, Son and Holy Spirit. We believe that all have sinned and are guilty before God; and as a result, all, both individually and corporately, suffer the consequences of the Fall and are under condemnation.

We believe that because of HIS love, God sent HIS Son Jesus Christ, who inaugurated HIS kingdom, provided an atonement for sin, conquered the principalities and powers, is reconciling the world to Himself, and will consummate HIS kingdom in righteousness, power, and glory. Because of this, we decided to name the company HIS stuff. We are only borrowing time, we were sent with a purpose, so we can not gain for ourselves, but for the glory of HIM.

The Vision

Swot - Is a framework for identifying and analyzing the internal and external factors that can have an impact on the viability of a project, product, place or person.

Strengths- Not only do we sell souvenirs, but we are the printing and designing company, which means we do not have to outsource to any third party; we can handle it all in house. We are open to the public but fall in that small category of those that specifically market to religious organizations. We are also an extremely competitive company. We market our product with reasonable prices quality material because we are also nonprofit, for profit. We are working for the building of Gods Kingdom, while trying to survive, not get rich.

Weakness - Because we have such a small, specific, market, we could be limiting potential sales. Eventually, once we are successfully established, we will begin to market to other organizations as well. That is how we will continue to grow the company. We will not start out this way, but as time passes, we will include other markets.

Opportunities- Use of marketing or promotional techniques to boost the business and new uses of products and services. As mentioned above, we will add other markets yearly, so that we keep interest in the organization as well as increase the customer base. We will also add more popular products to our collection such as latest trends, fads or styles. Increase souvenir selection.

Values of Propositions

The project employs more productivity with just less effort. In the printing of t-shirts, the basement is that there is a ready-created market, which is the church fraternity. T-shirts suit target audience needs through transformational Christian messages that they want to spread. In reaching out to other churches, the fewer advertisements are made through the church members- the services given are essential in the growth of church missions and outreach. The project involves less accounting and bookkeeping- this is a strategy that ensures no profits returns and financial audits are made (Miller,2010). Therefore, it is not a taxable unit as it is assumed to be a local church practice. The customers that enjoy the service of this project also benefit low price programs due to evaded taxes; therefore, economic needs are observed.

Faith as a virtue leads to the project doing genuine works, and that are predicaments compared to other nonchurch based similar business projects-having belief in GOD as a just God, every section of the project involves in fair deals and honest practices. The audience, therefore, has privileges of quality work and better platforms of spreading the word of God (Miller, 2010). Messages conveyed on the printing services are exclusively Christian, and thus the foundations of the audience in Christ are maintained; the gospel is taught through the printed banners and t-shirts. Furthermore, the project assists pastors in better delivery of gospel having realistic representations of the subject matter. The project teaches all about love, sharing, and kindness- through its fair dealing to the audience, lessons of honesty and business impartiality are achieved.

Business Models

Direct business models in fetching of orders, sales, and advertisers are crucial in the project plan. The nonprofitable project, low selling process, attracts more churches and Christians in general to seek our services. The t-shirt, bibles, and souvenirs are sold out at the initial cost of print and transportation to ensure the motivation of churches' exposure to the target team (Marsanell & Richart, 2011). In facing competition from profitable similar projects, we give the lasted stock every month to move with t-shirt trends and fashion and the demanded bible versions.

Managerial choices at Hiss Staff is the best in terms of procurement facilities- the project depends on moral guidance and church support; the pricing skills is the best for the project to fit in the competitive market reasonably (Marsanell & Richart, 2011). The selection of commodities sold by the project evaluates and gains the best from the trend. T-shirts are liked by many if the target group and the sales policies are conducive, the use of church members as ambassadors is the best policy for the project. Besides, the project generates a virtuous cycle of the content sold, bales and Christian books creates a first public image of fair deals by the project.

The differentiation of the product approach is a strategy that our project initiates for a better market. The sales of the T-shirt is very differentiated from the bible sale. This is through the media of sales. T-shirts sometimes given as advertisement offers to the church members. Services provided by the project to other Christian organizations are subjected to the aim of the churches too. Value is created through negotiable prices and unity in Christianity (Marsanell & Richart, 2011). The strategy has evolving plans of a broad approach to a broader market, especially on evangelism ministries and prayer centres. These models try to attain the best in the creation of a society that fears GOD and the holy trinity.

Feasibility Analysis

For the printing project, my financial analysis bases on the sources of capital and suitability funding. Being a church-based organization and Christian guide project, the capital within the first few months will be attained from church donations, Christian free will, and offerings (Smedly et.al, 2017). After the pickup of the project, I believe that God will necessitate cash flow within the project through sales. Schedule facility is to maximum possibility as the church project will be running throughout the whole year, thence success will be a peak for every project input. The use of social media will be of considerable significance to the success of the project; using emails and other platforms will necessitate interaction with the target group and enable modifications om the product features and plans.

The estimation is that the probability of the market projection will be in high demand. Faith by Christians will motivate Their interests in the project as part of growing their faith-The The demand and supply for the project service will be on the higher side as there exists no other such church-based project (Smedly et.al, 2017). Operation methods and structure of the project are well oriented as most workers in the project are volunteers and a few paid experts besides the church project owning required types of machinery and other secondary resources. Therefore, I can comfortably evaluate the project as a success (Smedly et.al, 2017). The organizational buildup of the project has a management team with different fields experience, and accordingly, risks and challenges will be dealt with upon arise. Confidently I move forward toward achieving the project plan through Christ, who encourages me and prayers by all stakeholders.


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Miller, N. J., & Besser, T. L. (2010). The importance of community values in small business strategy formation: Evidence from rural Iowa. Journal of Small Business Management, 38(1), 68

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