Healthcare Great Leaders - Management Essay Example

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Date:  2021-04-05

What make a "great leader"?

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A great leader has a clear vision, determination, great speaker, and he or she can stand alone (Cameron & Green, 2012). Furthermore, a great leader has a great presence, and he or she is tough when needed. A great leader also has some essential ingredients, which include a guiding vision, passion, and integrity.

Who do you think have been the players with the greatest impact on Healthcare?

The key players with the most significant impact on healthcare include payers. Most of the health services are usually paid by two entities, which include the government and employers. In the employment paid plans, the employees are required to contribute part of the cost as the employers choose the insurance carrier. The actual payment of both the employer and government takes place in the insurance companies which covers millions of lives. Payers have a huge impact as they finance the patients.

Providers are also having a great impact in healthcare. They can be divided into small groups and practitioners, and they include specialty and primary care physicians. They offer the patients with care services. They have a huge impact as they play a major role in treating the sick. The providers have a huge impact on healthcare as they help in providing the patients with various care services including insurance. Furthermore, the patients are important players with a huge impact in healthcare. In most cases, the patients are usually less complicated as compared to the providers and payers. The employer is the one who insures them, and at times, they pay for the coverage on themselves.

What has made them successful in creating change?

The key players with the greatest impact in healthcare have managed to create change because they have been able to make connections instead of building a vision. The reason is that vision is no longer regarded as the answer to help in creating change (Cameron & Green, 2012). Making connections with the different players in the healthcare system plays a significant role in creating change. The reason is that making connections help the players in the healthcare share ideas. Furthermore, through connections, the leaders of the players will create a sense of shared purpose in the boundaries. Through this, a commitment is built across a broad domain. Therefore, the firm connection between the different players in health care has made them successful in creating change. Additionally, change is an important issue in every organization, and when it is implemented among the players, then the healthcare industry will eventually become successful.

The author notes six strengths that make a leader successful in creating change by leading through connections: What are your thoughts on this approach?

The six significant advantages for connective leaders include authenticity and accountability, a politics of commonalities, thinking long-term and acting short-term, leadership through expectation, and a quest for meaning (Cameron & Green, 2012). The approach that the author uses is excellent. The reason is that the connective leaders should be transparent in everything they engage, as this will help them implement the changes they should make efficiently and make the world a better place for the players involved.

How does it apply to the current world of globalization and social media?

The approach applies to the contemporary world of globalization and social media where the organizations are changing. Currently, organizations are less hierarchical, and they are more of dispersed (Cameron & Green, 2012). Therefore, making connections among the leaders will create a sound environment as people currently expect more from their jobs than they used to. Additionally, connective leadership will play a significant role in helping the current leaders achieve their goals than focusing on vision.


Cameron, E., & Green, M. (2012). Making sense of change management: A complete guide to the models, tools, and techniques of organizational change. London: Kogan Page.

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