Harry Potter Series Character Analysis Essay

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Harry Potter

Harry Potter is the hero of the entire series of novels under Harry porter, and he portrays both ordinary and extraordinary traits throughout the books. He has grown up with his uncle aunt and his cousin the Dursleys. As an orphan, he is treated badly by the uncle's family, and this helps shape his survival instincts throughout the books. His uncle does not treat him like a child he is but spoil their son Dudley (Vezzali). Harry portrays a number of admirable traits such as being clever, loving, noble, and brave among many other traits. We get to analyze most of these traits in the paper as well as some of his weaknesses such as impulsive, and a little lazy when it came to him doing his homework.

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One of the most common character that is realizable is how famous Harry is. It is correct to refer Harry as a superstar. Harry potters life turned into a superstar life immediately when he was small. We see McGonagall telling Dumbledore of the famous life Harry Potter is to have among the other witches and wizards.

"He will be famous - a legend - I wouldn't be surprised if today were known as Harry Potter Day in the future - there will be books written about Harry Potter. Every child in our world will know his name!" (Vezzali)

For the first ten years of his life, no one realizes him, and his life can be considered as being modest, but things take a sudden turn after he joins Leaky Cauldron. His scar on the face makes him more recognizable by everyone. His family story makes it much easier for everyone to associate with him since they found him unique. The fact that he had survived a curse that had killed both his parents made him a hero.

Harry porter can be seen as a fast learner. Flying was an art that needed time to master and as seen many took time to master the skill unlike harry potter. The minute he held the broomstick and took off he realized this was coming naturally for him. He did not struggle unlike the other students in Hogwarts. He comfortably adapted to the different skills of using the broomstick.

"In a rush of fierce joy he realized he had found something he could do without being taught - this was easy this was wonderful" (Hsu et al.)

This made Harry Potter stand out among other learners; he also had a talent for the game of Quidditch. He had never seen the game before or played it, but the minute he was picked for it, everything came naturally to him. He was more of a quick learner and thanks to his father's prowess this was inherited by Harry Potter.

Harry Potter is seen to be very brave and loyal. We have seen him be loyal to his friend throughout the series and at no single point has he disappointed his friends. We have seen him stand up for some of those who have been there for him such as Hagrid and Ron. Growing up with his uncle helps him grow into a brave person with the capability to endure almost everything that he faces (Hsu et al.). This makes him a favorite person among his friends. At his small age he faces serious evils from different characters throughout the series but at no point does he give up. He also manages to stand up against enemies such as Quirrel and helps protect the Sorcerer's stone. Some of these brave acts would not have found any other character to handle the situations.

Above all that Harry porter is portrayed to be, we find out he is a young boy who is trying to grow up in a perilous world, but he remains a young person, we find him missing his parents, he desires the parents he never had or a family that he had never had also.

Ronald Weasley

He was mostly referred to as Ron and was Harry Potter's best friend. They met at Hogwarts, and they bonded immediately. Ron is a cheerful character, also brave and loyal. They are loyal to each other throughout the harry potter series, and they have been there for each other all the time. We find Ron has had a rough time being overshadowed by his family and friend which affects his esteem (Rowling and Harry). He has grown up in a family of wizards on both sides; this includes his mother and father. He has to try and live up to his older brother's reputation which seems to be impossible. Things do not get more comfortable for him as he grows since his friend currently happens to be the most famous student in Hogwarts Harry Potter. As all these piles up this leads to his weakness addressed earlier as low self-esteem.

Ron is smart, and this has been seen with him since the beginning of the book, he even plays the great game of Wizarding chess which has been seen as a game of the smart among all the rest. He portrays courage as well severally (Rowling and Harry). For instance when his family is attacked by Malfoy. He stands up for his family and defends it with all might. He also defends his friendship with Harry severally making him one of the loyal characters in the book.

Both Ron and Harry Potter have some similarities which make them fit as best friends in the series. They have been seen to be very loyal and are there for each other. The loyalty by the two characters is admirable in the books. Harry Potter is ready to defend his friend Ron while on the other hand, Ron is also ready to defend his friend Harry. Also another similarity id the fact that both characters are brave and smart. We have seen them in difficult situations, and they have managed to emerge on the other end of the situations intact due to their bravery and smartness (Rowling and Harry). Despite all these similarities, a few differences can be pointed out between the two characters. As seen from the story Ron has an issue with his self-esteem which is not an issue for harry potter while on the other hand, Harry Potter has no experience of having a family of his own which he could stand up and claim unlike Ron who had grown up in a family with both parents and brothers present.

Hermione Granger

This is another important character within the Harry Potter series. She is a bossy, loud lady who Harry and Ron encounter. They tend to keep distance from her because of her first impressions as a know it all type of a person (Jenkins). Hermione is an intelligent, brave, compassionate and resourceful person. She has so many traits which keep off most of the other students from associating with her. All that she does she does it to perfection, her homework, her responsibilities and she does follow all the rules with bending none. She also has a serious passion towards magic and practices a lot. Due to her perfectionist nature, others see her as a person who is busy try too hard while this is not the case. Hermione is so attentive in all what she does including classes. At the beginning of the series, she is always answering questions and learning new spells which later on come to be very resourceful. Due to her determination, she learns a lot that she later on applies and helps save many lives making her very resourceful. She helps Ron and Harry in different occasions such as the Devil's Snare and also helped harry potter figure out which potion to drink while in the room of fire (Jenkins). This makes her one of the most resourceful characters in the book. Gryffindor wins all because of her skill hence enabling us to analyze her as a smart person. We can all admire her hard work as well. For Hermione hard work is something she has adapted to and the trait helps here endure a lot of thing throughout the series. Loyalty has also been seen in Hermione; she defends Ron and Harry despite Ron making fun of her. This shows pure loyalty and friends.

She shows some similarity with Harry Potter in different occasion, she is as brave as Harry Potter, and this has been seen severally from her actions. Joining Harry Potter in his risky gives her the same courage as that of harry potter. She is also as intelligent as harry although some may consider her more intelligent than harry potter due to her performance in class work and other practices in relation to magic (Jenkins). We would classify them both as intelligent where Harry Potter is more of a fast learner while for Hermione was more of a hard-working character. There is a difference between the two though; Harry Potter was seen to be a lazy character when it came to handling his class work while on the other hand Hermione is seen as a hardworking person and gets her work done (Vezzali). Another observable difference between the two is the fact that Harry Potter had a hand in breaking the rule while for Hermione was always by the book and never broke any rule. She is also much wiser than harry potter. At some point we find her talking to Harry Potter and advising him on friendship. She tells him that friendship and courage is more important than knowledge and studying. She tries to show Harry Potter how education connects friendship and bravery. All these put together makes her the bravest and the wisest wizard among all the other wizards.

Albus Dumbledore

Dumbledore was the greatest wizard and the headmaster of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft. He manages to be friendly and at the same time distant from the others. He manages to keep the students close and on friendly basis but manages to have a distant situation with the student that makes them respect and fear him (Vezzali). His age makes him wise more than everyone else and brave. He had attained his position by concurring the dark wizard Grindelwald in the 1940s. He is seen as a kind and humble leaders due to his nature of interactions with the students. His speech has precise words which impact his audience at a high level of care and understanding. And he also manages to have some humor in his context. He also is such a caring personality. He gives Harry Potter the invisible cloak which belonged to his father. This shows his connection with Harry Potter's father. Before harry potter was called to join Hogwarts school Dumbledore had refused the idea since he was afraid of the dark evil that had killed his parents would come back to haunt him. He did his best to avoid this from coming to reality due to the love and care he had for Harry Potter.

Both Dumbledore and Harry Potter exhibit similar characteristics after an analysis of the two characters. They were both very loyal to their friends. They never at any point considered leaving behind their friends despite the situations that faced them. Both were very brave and wise at the same time although Dumbledore can be considered much wise due to his age (Vezzali). A difference between them was the fact that Dumbledore was very secretive but a thing we hardly saw with Harry Potter.

Harry Potter is such an interesting series of books with great show of bravery and friendship. All the books revolve around Harry Potter, but all the other characters play a huge role in achieving the end goal of harry potters journey. This is an analysis of some of the main characters within the series of novels.

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