Hardships Faced by the Pilgrims Essay Example

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Date:  2022-11-20

Bradford's history reveals several difficulties that the Pilgrims endured during their voyage and onset of the first winter at Plymouth. Rendering their movement across the Atlantic in their small ship called Mayflower impossible due to the terrible storms which they experienced as well as many rounds of sicknesses. However, other problems which they encountered were much risky as they try to find accommodation in the new world. Generally, the history of Bradford detailed many of these problems that the Pilgrims went through especially during the first winter and their voyage at Plymouth.

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First, the history reveals that the pilgrims suffered from several diseases and starvations. Although they were assumed to be the luckiest people in the human race, because of the provision of shelter and food by Mayflower during winter, they were still faced with different diseases which originated from their sea travel (Uhl et al. 201). Similarly, the pilgrims met brutal winter. The first winter was ferocious and fierce forcing them to use the little items they had to build crude shelters because staying in the boat was becoming unethical. They havens were never safe because of the constant fear of attacks from the Indians. Similarly, in the shelters, food was very scared exposing them to malnutrition diseases which claimed approximately half of the colony.

Secondly, the Pilgrims faced technological hardship which is associated with the time. They were delayed by the technical errors of time (Bradford, 234). Their arrival in the new world was not successful for several months because the ship which was supposed to accompany their leader to the new world failed to reach within the stipulated time. As a result, they ended up landing in Massachusetts instead of the south of Plymouth which was their intended destination. The confusion halted most of their programmes making them more vulnerable hot further challenges.

Moreover, they faced political legitimacy challenges as well as setting up a government. Many people were not sure of the legality of their charter although they managed to reach the wrong destination after all the sea problems. This meant that the colony leaders experienced several resistances in an attempt to find their legality in the wrong place. Generally, this was the main reason why Mayflower Compact was written to help reshape their availability for consideration in the new wrong place. According to Bradford (2018), the pilgrims experienced challenges of lousy timing (Bradford 142). Although they arrived in Massachusetts in early November, they still failed to find a suitable place for them until December. This means that they did not have enough to settle before the onset of the bad weather.

The worst Hardship which the Pilgrim faced

The hardest problem that the pilgrim faced and could be the biggest menace in my family is starvation and disease. Bradford confirmed that out of the 100 pilgrims who started the journey only 50 managed to survive out of the hardship. This means that half of the number died in the course of starvation and diseases infections. Lack of enough food makes the body very vulnerable to all types of disease.

Similarly, the susceptibility of the diseases into an individual body makes him or her incapable of handling economic issues. My family could not have endured extended stays without food which the Pilgrims faced. For instance, the pilgrim took approximately three months without food. The season was also Winter which is usually very unbearable especially with an empty stomach.

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