Happy Trails Childcare Company Corporate Governance Paper Example

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Date:  2022-10-06

1. Ashley Patterson-CEO

Ashley Patterson is the Chief executive officer of Happy Trails Childcare Company. Ashley holds a masters degree in child psychology and a bachelors' degree in early childhood education from the University of California. She has previously served in senior positions in a number of learning institutions across Los Angeles. She began her journey as a preschool teacher two decades ago before driving progressive and child developmental campaigns. In addition to that, Ashley is licensed by the National Administration Credential (NAC) and certified by the Child Development Associate (CDA) body. Ashley is also an established author and advocate for equal rights and children awareness. Most of her works have driven fundamental changes in the areas of child development and child awareness. She is also the chairperson of Woke women, an organization that sensitizes the society to be recognizant of women achievements. Ashley is a distinguished scholar and a leader to whom many women across the country look up. Her passion and dedication to bettering the lives of women and children cannot be overemphasized.

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2. Laura Owens, CFO

Laura Owens is the Chief Financial officer (CFO) of this company. She works with and also reports to the CEO. Laura holds a bachelor of Business Administration degree (BBA) from the University of Texas. Currently, she is registered for a master business administration (MBA) at the same university, specializing in management information systems. Laura has previously worked in the private sector in senior managerial positions for eight years collecting a load of experience in the areas of microeconomics, accounting and information systems. She has earlier worked with children in schools where she was a math tutor. Laura has also worked before in this company as chief information officer (CIO). She is responsible for designing, developing and improving systems in the company while also minimizing the operating costs of running Happy Trails. Laura is an educator, and member of a council tasked with improving the competence of women working in the male-dominated sectors in business organizations. In addition, Laura is a life coach and a motivational speaker with a massive online presence.

3. Veronica Raleigh-CTO

Veronica Raleigh is the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of Happy Trails Childcare. She has served this company for three years. Veronica holds a bachelor degree in Information Technology from the University of Los Angeles, and a degree in Law (J.D) from the same institution. She has been involved as an attorney for years and has handled numerous cases especially ones involving child custody or legal affairs associated with children. Serving as the president and the lawyer of the company, Veronica is an indispensable member of the management board. There are a lot of legal issues that involve children and their caregivers, guardians, parents or any other parties; therefore a legal person is mandatory. Her duties as the Chief Technology Officer include but not limited to executive management, business development, customer relationships and monitoring the effectiveness of childcare strategies. Veronica checks all the legal requirements and recommends the best path to follow. She is also involved in tax-related issues that affect Happy Trails childcare and all the relevant tax bodies. She oversees the security of the systems, installations, software and hardware of the whole company.

4. Renee Reece-COO

Renee Reece is the current Chief Operating Officer (COO) at this company. Renee holds a Sales and marketing degree from the University of Cambridge. She is currently pursuing an MBA at the University of Wisconsin. Renee is also an educator and trainer in sales and marketing areas. Previously, she worked as a regional sales manager of an international corporation. Renee has also built a web-based sales and marketing software that has been utilized to drive sales in other childcare businesses around the United States. She has also written a guidebook in sales and marketing. At Happy Trails Childcare, she oversees everything related to sales and marketing. She is also involved in the customer care and relations by monitoring associations of the company with parents, caretakers or guardians of children. Renee is also a consultant in the childcare business area and maintains an excellent reputation through provisions of solutions to challenges facing the childcare industry.

5. Amanda Scott-Assistant director

Amanda Scott holds the position of assistant director at Happy Trails Childcare. Amanda holds a degree in sociology from the national university of California. She is currently studying for masters in educational administration and management from the same institution. Amanda has previously worked as the director of education and educational policies in an educational institution in California. At Happy Trails Childcare, she is actively involved in the development of the curriculum, program compliance, management, advocacy and research. She is an active member of the community educational outreach program which fights to ensure that every child gets an education no matter the circumstances.

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