Hanna Anderson Case Study

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Date:  2022-05-26

How has Hanna Anderson applied values-based leadership in terms of the organization's choices related to P-O-L-C?

Hanna Anderson has achieved value-based leadership in the organization through the following means. The first leadership element which strongly brought in the organization is the aspect of planning (Hartzell, 2015). The firm has managed to create a successful plan which has been significantly used to serve the customers demand. The company that she created tend to have started from a small family business. At this time the business was only selling Swedish clothing to the corporation which was having a new capital and; leadership. Also, she has managed to plan for various charities programs which have bend directed to both non-governmental organizations and school/. Also through her planning has ensured that it has satisfied both the demand of the customers and at the same time satisfying the needs of the investors in the firm.

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The second aspect is organizing; Hanna Anderson has developed from what was initially known as a small family business to the corporation. through a proper organization they firm has been able to grow of over 4000 employs and 37 retail stores which are distributed globally. It has significantly grown in size because of the excellent organization which is exhibited in the firm.

Leading: leadership in the firm can be said to be one of the factors that have significantly contributed to its success. Hanna Anderson has significantly shown over the time that it values its employs. One of the initiatives which have since been started in the origination to justify this fact is the provision of the supplementary child care. This is one of the services which is vent parodied to the pastime sales associate. Also, it has provides some additional employee benefit in the organization which include; considerable paid time off and flexible working hours

Finally, there is the concept of controlling: the aspect of controlling has abet seen on how the firm manages its different stores which are distributed worldwide. The firm has also when that it can create a website which has since proving n to be very instrumental to the online buyers. Through effective controlling was taken into different stages where some of which include s to the private sector. This was primarily done to enhance the growth of the company.

What unique challenges do family-owned and -operated businesses face?

In any family-owned business, there are some unique challenges that these kinds of the family go through. One of the challenges, as illustrated in the case of Hanna Anderson, is the thin line that exists between the work and personal life issues. This is normally brought by the emotional side of the situations. These are the kind of situations that are normally experienced between families. In most cases, the majority of the business owners would prefer children and their grandchildren to take part in the growth often family. However, in reality, this is not some of these descendants may not want to grow to participate in the affairs of their family business. Also when one is working with a family there are generally some problems which are normally brought up at the workplace.. this kind of blur contentious in most cases thus deny most of the members a place that they can solitude or that they can escape to. Also, working in family beanie can great tool when one of the embers become ill. This will means that most of the family members who apparently could also be involved in the business are forced to be involved in their business.


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