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Every day we have different experiences in life, and we tend to learn some lessons as a takeaway to help us make the best decisions. It is not a guarantee that everyone will find anything out of a situation that will make them cautious next time (of course we don't wish for any future time trouble). One thing I got to understand is that the world won't change if we don't change. It is up to us to change to make the world a better place; hence, we will avoid most of these unfortunate incidents occurring such as mass killings, terrorism, miserable deaths, and many others.

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Our attitudes towards life also matter. How we choose to take a breath is very important hence when we see it as easy then we'll find happiness, and we are ever complaining about everything and what we are going through then we will never find anything good in life. It's time we change our attitudes, brace up, and face the world with a smile no matter the situation.

The best gift we can ever give to ourselves is forgiveness. It's only through forgiveness that peace can reign. No one is perfect; thus, we all make mistakes, but we later learn from them. Mistakes are the only way we can learn. Every person deserves a second chance.

It doesn't hurt to be calm and humble at times. It is for the sake of peace and the purpose of our safety and happiness. Through all this,

we stop some specified disasters, as stated in the first paragraph.

Disaster Management Issues and Recovery Processes

Disaster management is the act of organizing and managing resources and responsibilities for dealing with all humanitarian aspects of emergencies, in particular, preparedness, response, and recovery to lessen the impact of the disaster(Alexander, 2016).

Natural disasters such as floods, hurricanes, forest fires, tornadoes, earthquakes, or volcanic eruptions are unpredictable, and they can cause critical financial and human losses. Due to this, there grants that have been created to sort disaster when they occur. Some of these grants or instead integrate response agencies into one that is, FEM (Erdjel &Natalizio, 2016). This merger has been a success hence launching emergencies with speed and cohesion. They include fire management assistance grant program, (FMAG) whose work is to help stop and put out fires in either public or private premises. Hazard Mitigation Grant Program (HMGP). The people given this grant are the ones affected by big disasters. When the disaster is declared by the president as a hazard it is handed out. Pre-disaster mitigation grant program (PDM) is meant to reduce damage and stop any further injuries when an accident occurs., public assistance program Grant (PA) has some similarities with the hazard mitigation program with only a few distinctions. (Beerens & Tehler ,2016). The PA is special and meant to help in the removal of materials after a disaster, offer protection, and help in re-building of structures displaced.

The establishment of the United Nations was the best idea. I'm 1971 to help in response to disaster response, management and recovery (Alexander, 2018). It coordinates all respite onset activities within the United Nations for the coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA). When a calamity hits a government, request for help OCHA sends an assessment team (UNDAC) to the affected country within two days to provide technical services. OCHA also has well-known structure of how it works.Th is is a way that enables UN bodies work with other organizations to deliver assistance to people that have been affected by a calamity.

The United States military also plays a critical role in disaster management; hence, it provides search and rescue and other support (Singh & Bhanduri, 2015). In conclusion, the process of managing a disaster is a role to be played by every individual.


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