GoPro Inc and VR Headsets

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Date:  2021-03-26

The company GoPro, Inc. usually marketed as GoPro, or stylishly referred to as GoPro, is the American company specialized in production of technology items such as eponymous action cameras, and further developing its mobile apps as well as video-editing software. The company was founded in 2002 by Nick Woodman. The company was initially founded as Woodman Labs, Inc, and later descended to the connected sport genre, where it developed its kind of action cameras, and then video editing software. Also, the company created a quadcopter drone- Karma, which was released in October 2016.

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In the part decades, we got used to watching the television in one dimension depending on your sitting position. The boring technique did not make watching movies and playing games much exciting. However, the entry of GoPro into the technology world has brought a significant impact by producing cameras that produce quality images to the apps that will assist in the editing and the viewing of the images or videos. The GoPRO has built the VR headsets that will allow people to view images in a 3600 scene. Therefore people could now watch pictures from different angles. In a 3600 video, the complete 3600 scenes surrounding the camera is covered and filmed, this will allow the viewer to watch on whichever direction they desire as the video is playing, different form normal videos that only allows the viewer to view images in one single direction that it was filmed in. This is achieved by the use of the 3600 cameras as well as the interactive 3600 video player.

VR headsets, similar to the PlayStation VR and Oculus Rif, are in most cases known as the HMDs, are head mounted displays. The VR is a vast experience whereby the head movements are controlled in a tree dimension world, making the device suitable for the games and movies due to its exciting preview. GoPro VR is developing a mind-blowing device that is more advance for the customers to make it much revolutionizing to games and entertainment.

Reason For manufacturing the VR headsets

Since the discovery of the VR headset, the public became excited over it and they began shopping for the product. Currently, we have few electronic companies that they have ventured into the production of the VR headsets, some of the companies include HTC, Samsung, and Sony. It is the ideal venture for the GoPro Inc to start manufacturing the product too, also because the sales of the device seen in the other companies are increasing. Nowadays, people want to see a different thing in a market that will improve the way they become entertained, and abandon the boring old methods. The appetite for playing games among teens and youth is also increasing, and by starting manufacturing, the product will attract them to buy and have a glimpse of its entertaining view.

Factors to Consider before starting producing VR headsets

Before starting producing VR headsets, GoPro will need to do some analysis and look into some factors. These factors are significant since it will help the company to know whether the product that they are about to produce are feasible to the market. Furthermore, assessing these factors will help in determining the future of the company in creating the product. Some of those factors to be looked into before manufacturing of this product are as follows:


In any business, there have to be competitors, those people who produce products that identical to yours, handling the competitors will be something essential for GoPro especially when it comes to sales of the products being manufactured. The only way to beat the competitors in the production and selling of the VR headset is by meeting the expectation of the customers and seek their attention in the market. Also, learning from the trial and errors made by the competitors in manufacturing the product, and improve them. Furthermore, it is important to look for effective online marketing strategy that will ensure that the online customers will direct their attention from the competitors to GoPro.

Customer Preferences

It is important to know who your customer requires. An effective way to do this is by visiting online market and see the customers review on the VR headset, know what extra features do the customer wants regarding this product and make the way that will make you satisfy their expectation by including those features that they desire and much more. This will eventually be leading to the satisfied customers bringing back their friends to purchase the same product. The customers ought to be delivered with the product that they can commit to and appreciate it. It is essential to create something that will attract the attention of the clients and change their decision and consider your product as the best one on the market.


When, where, why, how, and who are we producing this product.

(Add any other relevant topic)

When to start the production of the product

The manufacturing of the product can begin at the end of this month, November 2016. By the end of this month, we would have already gathered all the necessary information regarding the successful production, sales and marketing strategies for the Visual Reality Headset. Furthermore, the reason for making it an appropriate moment for manufacturing the product is because there is a festive month ahead. This will give an opportunity for boosting our sales in this product since people will be purchasing them as Christmas present.

Where to start manufacturing the product.

Selecting an appropriate center for manufacturing the product is quite essential since it will influence the rate of production in one way or another. I suggest that the product should manufacture from our production site on San Mateo, California, U.S. Reason for selecting this place is because this is a new product and hence it needs total supervision to ensure that everything is run smoothly.

How will we start producing the product?

After learning how the major companies have successfully built VR headsets, the first steps are to seek someone who is much experienced in the running of the manufacturing of the product. This can be done in several ways, firstly is to talk to one of the executive employees from one or two of the companies that produce VR headsets, for instance, those from Samsung, Sony or HTC. Come up with an e enticing pay package for them and show them that you need them to work for GroPro and assist them in the production of the device. This way they will work for the interest of the organization by setting up strategies that will ensure that we have the best team of workers who are professionally trained to technically deal with the manufacturing of the product such that it will suit the clients preference.

Secondly, is looking unique in the market: We as GroPro we will need to list down the new things that we want to be featured in the new product such that the market will favor us and look unique from our competitors.

Some of the features that we need to include in our new product are such as

who are we producing this product (Target Market)

The product being manufactured easily adaptable to the modern life; the VR headset can be used when playing video games and watching games. The VR headset can be mostly being purchased by game lovers who would like to watch live matches, also those who play electronic games and the movie lovers who would like to have a 3D view.



One we have recruited workers from other competitors who have specialized in manufacturing the VR headsets, now it will be the time to train our existing manufacturing workers on how to utilize their skills in order to produce a quality VR devices.

They need to ensure that the new product is compatible with the Android phones. The VR headsets need to have the place to plug a cable connected to the Android phones and iPhone. This will enable the customers to be able to view their photos and images in a wide perspective.

Secondly, our VR device should be produced with the VCR port, where the user can connect their VCR cable for their DVDs or smart Tus. This compatibility will make the device more adaptable and easy to use.

Thirdly the product should manufacture such that it can be upgraded in case we develop new updates that will enhance the quality of the product to the client. This feature will be unique since the client will be sure that the device that he is buying will continue serving him for some years before being considered too outdated.

The current VR device has the following feature

Full Resolution of 960 x 1080 for every eye

Display Size: 5.7

Display Type: AMOLED

Head Tracking: Available

Video Input: DVI/HDMI

Weight: 440 grams (without cable)

Field of View: 1000 Field of View (nominal)

Proposed features

Intel i5-4590 equivalent or greater

NVIDIA GTX 970 / AMD 290 equivalent or greater

Compatible HDMI 1.3 video output


Windows 8 SP1 or later

2x USB 3.0 ports

Things one can do with VR devices

One can virtually go shopping,

play a game and feel like its real

One can drive in the street if they are still in the driving school and learn a few tips about safe driving.

Watching videos and movies in a 3D pictures

Seeing photos and images in a high resolution and in 3D


After manufacturing the product. The company needs to have a strategy on how they can sell the product to their customers. SWOT analysis will be a proper tool in establishing our marketing strategy.


Our strength here is that we have only a few competitors, it is time for us to out-do our competitors and dominate the market. Companies such as, Panasonic, TCL among others are yet to venture in the manufacturing of the VR headsets, Furthermore, another strength is that our products have the unique feature, unlike those of our competitors, therefore it will be much easier to lure the customers to start purchasing our products.


It is common for a company to have some weakness when operating in the current dynamic market. Our weakness here is that we have ventured into manufacturing of the product a little bit late after some major companies have already settled and firmly operating. It will take an extra effort to seek the clients attention into the purchasing of our new product. It will be a lit bit challenge because the majority have developed trust and satisfaction to out competitors products according to how they review the competitors products.


It any opportunity springs we need to embrace it and make good of it. Since the festive season is approaching and some schools and colleges will also be closing down. We can take this opportunity to sell our products; this is because parents might buy them as a present to their daughters and sons after performing well in the exams. Additionally, the general public might purchase t to keep them entertained at home during the holiday, while others will buy as a gift to their loved ones. If we effectively make good use of this opportunity during the coming month, we will have a high sale than anticipated.


This is the killer thing in the marketing, the risk in the marketing of these products is that some people have come up with counterfeit products. The fear of it all is that the counterfeits are branded with the fakes of the existing companies that manufacture this VR headset device. This will be a threat especially when they will produce the fake ones branded with our logo and start selling to the customer since this will ruin out image and people will view our products as they are of low st

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