Good and Bad Sides about Being a Single Mother

Date:  2021-03-22 18:46:48
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Many people would agree that nowadays the words single mother sounds quite common. They usually cause no extra emotional associations. Women who are raising children alone say in regard to their situation that they are not alone, because they have their kids. It is right, because mothers should find the positive sides of their problems and not to show other that they some difficulties. Therefore, we must determine bad sides and good sides in the position of single mothers today.

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The negative side of the situation is a life without a father that has a bad effect on the child. Imagine the situation, when a woman says to the child that all men are very bad people, from whom nothing good can be expected. Then the son can grow as an infantile fellow, having only a vague idea of the masculine qualities. When a daughter grows up without a father, her impressions about men can be distorted.

Independent family life affects women negatively, but, it sometimes appears in different ways. The first way is when a woman directs her attention on the children and lives only for them. She is engaged in the child, she forgets about her own life and her communication is directed only herself and the child (Thompson, 2016). The second variant is when a woman begins to participate in all spheres of life too actively and, as a result, she achieves considerable success in business, social and artistic activities. Although, she can lose her femininity, becoming solid, rigid and cruel.

Financial difficulties is another problem for single mothers today. Single mothers take extra work to provide the necessary income. They do it in order for their children to receive everything they need (Thompson, 2016). If friends and parents help a single mother, then her situation becomes easier. In addition, the state provides social and material benefits, allocates spots in kindergartens. The question is though how often does the state fulfill its duty to help such families?

If we talk about the advantages, the most important thing for a woman is to give birth to a child. The child is a continuation of her and he is a little person, who will not leave her and will love her for no reason. All that she has achieved in life and has given to her child will be only her merit. There has been no disagreement with her husband or with his mother about how to raise the child. She does not need to try to find a compromise, because the mothers point of view is only right. So, the psychological aspect has some advantages, because the mother's life can be more calm and sensible (Mohler, 2004).

The idea that you live alone with your child also is an advantage. The woman finds the strength to achieve her goals. She wants to succeed in the family and at work. Such stimulus can reveal her potential in different spheres of life (Mohler, 2004). In addition, when the child grow up, the woman will have more time for her hobbies and for herself. The child often realizes that the mother has done everything possible to bring him or her up and he gives his understanding. A mother raising children alone has the right to get social and financial assistance (Pearl, 2015).

Social programs are provided for those who can not work or who earn very little. There are the most common social programs: The Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants and Children (WIC), Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), Child Care Assistance Program (CCAP), Children's Health Insurance Program (SHIP), Medicaid.

Thus, being a single mother has its pros and cons. First of all, a full family creates a healthy atmosphere in the family, men's support is support for the family. Although, when a woman is alone with the child, she always finds the strength to live and move on. It stimulates her, because she must raise a child and not forget about herself at the same time. She currently sets the rules and the boundaries by herself. In addition, the mother receives alimony from the father in a divorce or financial assistance from the state that plays an important role for her financial situation. That is why, we can see that there are more good than bad sides about being a single mother and that in the modern world such families receive help from the state.


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