Premarital Counselling: Three Years' Experience of a Unique Service

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Date:  2022-04-04


The introduction of the program and the implementation of the program to help the minors have an opportunity to counselling, a phenomenon that could help prevent or at least reduce future marital and family difficulty.

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The issue of the program in addressing a number of issues ranging from social, economic and personal responsibility incident in marriage, this would place the responsibility upon agencies to provide counselling services and oversee the implementation of the program.

Finally, the last session addressing Education issue, which explained why most dropouts did not resume their education due to early pregnancy that kills their career hopes, and mostly those teenagers encounter social problems and personal suffering.

A New Model for Premarital Counselling With the Church

Premarital counselling acts as a preventive tool thus require intense procedure demanding time and effort which the church does not provide thus is advantageous because the counsellor overlooks the whole process. In understanding premarital guiding makes it troublesome for a few ministers to give the force of directing which would be ideal.

The time and abilities expected to offer the best directing, in a few circumstances, may be best embraced by proficient advisors. The professional counsellor provides quality services in a way that the counsellor applies current dynamics in counselling and intensifies the process to help source out the problem and come up with a viable solution which a pastor may not provide.

Churches mostly like the Catholic Church use the group method in premarital counselling which may not be effective since it provides solutions in an overview of the premarital problems. The use of professional counsellor is beneficial since it looks keenly into one's problem which the church may have failed to look into assuming the solution was found. The professional counsellor may use different approaches to find out the problem and implement a personal perspective therapy to help find the solution.

Premarital directing might be more viable if the guiding spotlights on the necessities of specific couples. This would only be achieved successfully by use of professional counsellors since the pastor may generalize premarital issue on a lighter note of the common issues only like divorce and address a general solution which can never help prevent the premarital issues.

The church may fail to prepare couples on the detailed steps to follow before they get married to avoid them from experiencing marital issues like do not include certain concerns to be deliberated, the number of sessions necessary, or any strategies on how the counselling is to be completed. The absence of specificity procedure points out to premarital counselling that is unpredictable and ineffective.

Problematic Issues in Early Years of Marriage: Content for Premarital Education

  • Balancing job and family, learn to give equal time to both the job and family without allowing one to overcome the other.
  • The frequency of sexual relations, there should be a certain level of sexual intimacy developed to help keep the family health that is, make the need of sexual relation satisfied.
  • Financial issues, the source of income should be overlooked to help provide basic needs to the family.
  • Expectations about household tasks, one should not keep the other spouse overloaded with housework chores and thus should be there for each other.
  • Communication and conflict resolution, the way to channel information should be elaborate and the method of resolving family conflicts should be well known to help avoid family discord.

Comments on Marriage in Contemporary Culture: Five Models That May Help Families

Moral transformation model, focuses on Christian life, this model overlooks on the Christian life pointed towards the marriage life and the way Christians encounter marital issues. Under social exchange model, that looks into how the decisions that are made because they have been influenced by money or without taking into many considerations the outcome.

The second model is the marital pyramid model, the model covers a number of areas ranging from divorce and resolving of disputes within the marriage context. It puts more emphasis on the three levels involved and that is; specifics, general relationship aptitudes and individual esteems and responsibilities including the value of self as well as other people.

Moral decision-making model, it looks into both long-term and short-term concerns as a represented pattern in a sensitive person. The presumption depends on the outside pressure can have an effect by causing the time and individual edges reflected towards pointing youthfulness.

Marital research model, the model gazes into marital interaction and maximizing positive effect that is, working hard to convince the other companion of your enthusiastic and otherworldly responsiveness.

Relational theology model, the model focuses on Christian responsiveness. It illustrates the problem in the church thus considers the integration of faith vital to help understand and resolve those issues.

Marital Reconciliation: A Long and Winding Road

Reconciliation involves forgiving and forgetting and in a relationship forgivers may decide to end the relationship in order to forget. Understanding reconciliation from a marriage perspective entails building a healthy relationship it may involve qualitative methods in bringing about reconciliation.

Purposefully reconciliation seeks to follow empathy in the face of injury in a teamwork way both the insulted contribute to the result. Equally bargain suitable compensation and both revive the opportunity of upcoming relationship a procedure of joint reengagement necessitating a willingness on the part of each person to take the other extreme.

Reconciliation thus entails active commitment to resolve the conflicts and the restoration of justice among the members. Important to note that for an effective reconciliation both parties should be involved in establishing a trust which is best described as the sense of understanding each other.

Theoretical perspective in the reflection of what is portrayed in the Bible reconciliation is largely pointed out to the attribute of love as explained love helps avoid conflicts and in the case of a conflict through enhancing the love it helps the reconciliation process.

According to the research that was conducted show that couples who embraced behaviors that indicated a certain degree of religious commitment were easier to reconcile than those who portrayed non-Christian characteristics thus for effective reconciliation parties that are involved in the mutual reconciliation understanding perspective is to be effectively embraced and put into practice.

Personality Type Differences and Marriage Counselling

First cited the role of personality type difference and marriage counselling is it evokes unsurprising ways and turns into the premise of fascination in and contrasts with the marriage accomplice. Thus the client couple may have predicted ways of conveying their issue problem and thus creating a predictable pattern of analyzing their issue problem.

It empowers the instructor to transparently survey the association with the customer match and choose mutually on objectives in marriage advising. This is vital in the development of the solution-oriented approach and thus personality type helps source important information is outsourcing and solution finding.

Personality type evokes a complimentary response in others. For instance, it evokes compliance from the client couple, used to identify the style and what the behavior evokes and it significantly helps find negative results of the conflict thus identify the source of the problem with much ease.

Provide useful information to a counsellor that is, data is joined with the self-report of the couple. Like the client, the couple may be speaking the weakness of the other trying to make the other to look like the source of the misunderstanding and thus the counsellor may have a lot of information which may help have the conflict resolved using a number of approaches.

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