Gomez Palacio Character Analysis Essay

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Gomez Palacio, by Roberto Bolano, is one of the stories from Last Evenings on Earth and Other Stories, which was originally composed in English. The story is about the character that left Mexico due to fear and went to Gomez Palacio where she encountered different people. The character is twenty-three years old and he is of Mexican origin. He is nervous of his life even after leaving Mexico which he viewed as a dangerous place for him. He dressed with heavy clothes that covered her from the cold, and also, he had an oversized class. He was tall, slender and with short hair. His facial expression was calm and cheerful, he could laugh and smile where necessary. The character is not biased in any political direction, but he is only interested in social life. The character is cautious, from the way he talked to people and his characters; and his tone was friendly. The character is a poet and he has secured a job at the Art Council by his close friend Montero who was working at the same place.

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Gomez Palacio Character Analysis

A Distinguishing feature of the character of Gomez Palacio short story is that he is forgetful; he can't remember how long he took in every destination and the order of which he visited every point. The character is detailed and observant and liked to criticize everything that he saw, he was able to describe everyone that he met, as well as the weather condition. For instance, he described the director of the Arts Council as well as describing the climate of the area as hot. He likes touring the cities, as per his explanation he visited San Luis Potosi, Guanajuato, Aguascalientes, Torreon Leon and Saltillo

Additionally, the character has a sense of humor, he describes his situation in a funny way, first, when he described the yard at the Art Council and the night when he was frightened after his first visit with the director at the Art Council.

He is Sympathetic, this is depicted when he encountered the four boys and a girl at the writing workshop in Gomez Palacio. The character was not happy with the condition of the children, describing that they seemed to be from a poor background from the way they looked.

The character is always nervous of his well-being, always having a feeling that he might be arrested at any time. The event in the story inspires the character to develop the passion for poetry. The phrase "But I was not sure of anything depicts that the narrator was neither about life nor about poetry. The desert is the most significant aspect in Gomez Palacio, the light of the sun together with "a sky that resembles an avalanche of stones." The dominant idea in the story is the teaching that the director gives to the narrow, which are regarded as the optical phenomenon. Towards the end of the narration, the main character gathers some courage to go back to Mexico, and he is not sure of whether he will return to Gomez Palacio again.


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