Goldstone's Communication Skills: Moderate, But Not Effective.

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Date:  2023-02-06

Communication skills. (Moderate). Goldstone has maintained excellent communication with his reps through meetings, conversations and feedback, however, the communication was not effective. He also maintained communication with his colleague managers although he never initiated. For instance, he was told by his regional director to call her whenever he needed a talk and not to wait until a crisis arises. However, Goldstone did not figure out the possibility of any crisis. The statement suggested that he needed to maintain communication.

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Problem-solving skills. (Moderate). Goldstone had always the ideas in his had that would address the problems being experienced in the company. For instance, he had the idea of a sale that he wanted to propose to Ludlow, but she wanted otherwise. Goldstone then never got the chance to present the solution-oriented idea.

Time Management skills. (Low). Goldstone is not a good time manager as evident in the way he is not able to meet set deadlines and act on time. For instance, to start engaging the reps in communication, he had to be reminded that his performance will be determined not by sales but the performance of the reps (Adler). Goldstone started engaging them in conversation and finding solutions into the problems they faced. The second example of poor time management is evident when Ludlow asked him about the expense forms. Ludlow told him that next time she wanted the forms on time indicating that Goldstone had not submitted them on time.

Creative thinking skills. (Low). Goldstone lacks creative thinking skills since he is not able to think outside the box and devise better ways to compel the sales reps to make more sales and improve their way of working.

Goldstone Recommendation

Business Reasons

Goldstone reached quota second quarter and hired two reps.

Goldstone's relationship with the sales reps and managers is poor and had a legal fight

Goldstone is a poor time manager who failed to submit the forms on time.

Goldstone should not be dismissed but demoted to enable him to improve the managerial skills. Goldstone performance record was moderate, achieved results and the few issues on relationships can be managed with time. Through his successes, Goldstone reached quota second quarter and hired reps such as Spinnaker and Vance (Adler). Secondly, although he lost Puckett, he has not yet lost Skrow and Durkee. These achievements show his capability and the efforts made to improve the company's performance. However, his performance was not satisfactory and is not commensurate to the managerial position.

Goldstone was not exemplary and failed in various occasions that make him unfit for the top management position. First, he lost sale reps such as Puckett and is on the verge of losing Skrow and Durkee. Secondly, Goldstone's relationship with the sales reps and managers is not good and this is likely to paint a bad image (Adler). There was a legal fight he was responsible for its occurrence. The legal fight is enough to taint the image of the company and this could adversely affect the sales in the future. Thirdly, he is a poor time manager who failed to submit the forms on time. As the saying goes, time is money, hence failure to properly manage time is a wastage of money. A manager should be the solution giver rather than the problem giver, Goldstone appears to be introducing problems into the company with minimal solutions. Based on this, Goldstone is achieving moderate results but the relationship is poor making his performance record unappealing. Since performance record is equal to results and relationship, Goldstone's performance is not perfect and he cannot continue serving as the manager but fit for a lower position.

Works Cited

Adler, Gordon. "When A New Manager Stumbles, Who'S At Fault?". Harvard Business Review, 1996, Accessed 3 Sept 2019.

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