Global Creative Organizations Paper Example

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Toyota Motor Corporation, Apple company, The Boeing Company, Google and Mark and Spencer are among the most creative global organizations that am going to discuss in this paper. Toyota is among the world's biggest manufacturer of automotive. The company's headquarters is in Toyota city in Japan.

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Apple company is an American based multi-national company based in California. It deals with online services, consumer electronics, and software for computers and mobile phones. It is said that it has a revenue of $ 265 billion and its ranked third after Huawei and Samsung. This is according to 2018 findings.

The Boeing Company is a multinational company. It is based in America, and it specializes in satellites, missiles, and airplanes. Among the defense contractors, it is ranked fifth. In aircraft manufacturing, it's the largest producer in the whole world. Its headquarters is in Chicago.

Google provides internet services and is one of the best and the largest search engine in the word. It was founded in 1998 by Larry Page. Its headquarters is in California. Google has 85, 050 employees as of March 2018.

Mark and Spencer is a British based company. It specializes in the manufacturing of home products, clothes, and luxurious food products. The company has employed a total of 80,787, and its group revenue is at EUR3.7bn.

Reasons Why They Are Creative

After a brief introduction of the above listed global creative companies, our question of interest is; why are these organizations considered creative? Toyota Motors can be considered creative because of the way they brand their products. Their products are customized for different users and also from all walks of life. For example, they manufacture cars that are affordable to those who are willing and able to buy. Expensive vehicles for the rich and relatively cheap cars for the middle class.

Apple company manufactures unique mobile devices such as the iPod, iPhone, and iPad. These products are considered unique because the software they use. Apple company makes sure that the product the best quality in both the software and hardware of all its apple products. They also treat their employees with a good allowance to motivate them.

Boeing company can be considered creative because they do a lot of research in ways of coming up with airplanes that are user-friendly and with proper safety standards. It has also launched satellites in space. Satellites can be used by metrological departments to predict the weather changes.

Google is being considered innovative because of the Google search engine. The search engines provide vital information to internet users all over the world. They also offer secure storage for those who want to store their date. They have also hired a pool of talented and innovative staff that makes sure that the company is always producing quality services to its clients (Vlassis, Beukelaer, .2017).

Mark and Spence have hired the best designers in the word that makes sure that their clothes are of quality and trendy. They produce clothes according to gender, age, and religion.

Strategic Opportunities for Change

The strategic opportunities that global creative companies can use in accordance to mastering leadership are: allowing innovative opportunities from employers to flourish, they can motivate workers by increasing their wages and salaries and promoting them to higher positions. This, makes them to feel part and parcel of the company hence increased productivity.

Companies can also foster a culture in creativity. They should not punish failure but teach its staff on how to produce efficiently. Companies should also encourage a flow of information from the management to the subordinate staff. In conclusion, multinational companies have been able to survive the business storm by adopting the structural changes in mastering leadership their day to day running of their businesses (Hawryszkiewycz, I. 2016).


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