Gender Gap Essay Example

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Date:  2022-05-09

When I relate the reading materials we have been using in our previous lesson to the current situation; I have learned a lot about the issues of women. Instead of appreciating things the way they are, I came to realize that there are many things I took for granted. I began to study about the representation of women in various aspects of life, whereby I realized that women are still faced with the problem of inequality even when I did not think they encounter such a challenge. Referring from my readings, I have never felt about those challenges neither have I examined them in the perspective of feminist. From what I have learned in my previous lesson, I would say that I understood new aspects about the perception on the issues relating to women and gender has dramatically changed (Newton, Judith, Mary and Judith 122). Such factors become fascinating when you compare the differences between Germany and the United States regarding those problems.

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I found that most of what I learned, I was not aware of them before. A corporate theme of my reading concentrated on how I could come up with a subject we often heard about but failed to question about them. Looking at my previous works, I realized that I was writing like a feminist, advocating for equality because I had the interest in understanding the issues of women better. Also, I wanted to address the topics that made me be confronted before. My questions majorly positively presented the women because I focused on independent, strong women and their achievements. Watching the documentary 'Misrepresentation,' my interest got sparked in understanding how the media could have much control over the perception of men and women and how it could create a life-changing experience. It is also fortunate that our instructor gave the class an opportunity to do more research on our interesting topic which relates to the objective of the course. Because it is precise, we are influenced by the media without deliberately realizing about it (Luna breeders 11:49).

In fact, the media plays a vital role regarding the gender gap. We realize that women are usually downgraded or objectified to something worth less than men. Regarding feminism, I understood its importance because it could make the world to be a better place without boundaries that recommend biases and discrimination against socioeconomic classes, marital status, age, sexual orientation, and gender. Feminism is a form of womanist spiritual activism where both critics and recognition of male supremacy determines the effort of changing the perception of men's superiority. When the course covering the subject was beginning, I never thought of myself to be a feminist being that I was only aware of negative definitions and connotations that were made up by the society and the media itself (Pilcher, Jane, and Imelda, 33). Reflecting on the subject of female and gender studies, I have learned a coherent explanation of the situation women are facing in the current world "Approaches to peace."

I learned that provision of knowledge to men and women necessitates to the difference made in adjusting society perception thus depicting the importance of ecological sustainability. I did my research by referring to various sources after which, my argument got strengthened as I developed a different perspective. I developed several strategies through this assignment and in-class activities by evaluating the sources from the websites, books, and journals. These three strategies helped me initiate my plan since they have helped in gathering adequate information to accomplish my aim of the research. I learned that gender has an implication regardless of the public views, on how one should behave (Barash 67). Societies regard women to occupy significant role and men to fill the instrumental position because of the norm that, such society is a male-dominated one. What I acquired from the above lesson is that women were not allowed to do any work far from their homes since their role was to take care of the house. For instance, "they did not intend to make their children suffer" or their homestead, and this is how women got locked into an expressive function "The rhetoric of feminism: Readings in contemporary cultural theory and the popular."


In conclusion, with the encouragement and guidance of the research work, my peers, and professor, I have achieved the goals of understanding how equality was advocated. I learned what feminism meant throughout the course, and I was positively impacted by the references I got from the scholarly works since the process was simplified doing the work to be less overwhelming. I acknowledged that it is essential to evaluate the credentials of the author to help in identifying the biases that could hinder complete understanding of one of the discussed topic mainly about the young women, ladies who are not given the privilege to attend schools and their mothers too. Also, it is useful to note the work of the author in a cultural and a historical context to know how technology, laws, practices, and values impacted the opportunities and experiences of women at that period. I, therefore, learned what feminism captured and its continuous need to improve the equality of female. Upholding the quest of feminism is necessary for that, it will reduce the gap of gender problem, and as at now, with all the knowledge I have acquired in class, I began to look at things in different perspective.

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