Gallup Strengths Analysis: Maximize Your Strengths for Success

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Date:  2023-01-30


The Gallup strengths analysis is a tool used to analyze the strengths that one has and how they can maximize them to become effective in their work. The online strengths finder is used to analyze the abilities that a person has and it helps choose careers and recruit people to a job. An online test is done and one answers about 177 questions about their abilities. It calculates and evaluates their strengths from the answers that people give. It can be used to find, understand and maximize personal strengths (Harms, 2017). The Johari's Window is also used to assist people to know about their skills and abilities. It is focused on improving communication in groups, whereby people can use their skills to communicate effectively. The window helps people to understand the way they relate with others. It is divided into four parts; the open space is the part of a person that everybody knows. The blind spot is what others know about you but you are not aware. The hidden area is what is known to you only, and lastly, the unknown area that is not known by you or others (Saxena, 2015). The two tools can be used to build the career by making it clear what should be changed and what should be maintained.

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Key Strengths

The Gallup Strengths Finder identified several strengths about me; the first one is responsibility. It means that I have a high level of responsibility and I do not ignore my duties and roles. The skill is good because it enables a person to understand their ability in the working environment. From this skill, I know I can handle many responsibilities. The other one was the achiever. The strength is an indication that I am focused on achieving the goals of my organizations as well as personal goals. It means that if I am hired as a personal trainer, I can be focused on my achievements and those of my employer. I can also manage the way the other employees achieve the strategic goals of the organization. The other one is deliberative, which means that I am wise in dealing with policies and complying with the guidelines set by those policies. It also means that I am very keen on the decision-making roles and I am vigilant not to make the wrong decisions. I prefer making the right decisions in making decisions quickly. The other two strengths are focus and relater, which means that I am highly focused on the results and achieving my targets and that I am good at relating to others. I am a team player for that matter.


The above skills and strengths can be used in several ways to achieve my goal of becoming a gym or fitness manager. The first application is remaining focused on the goals of the clients. People use the gym with the aims of achieving certain goals. For example, one may want to reduce their weight or slim. The fact that remaining focused and achieving are my strengths, I will be suited to help them achieve their targets on time. The other one is that being a responsible manager will be useful in maintaining my career and growth. A responsible fitness manager is easily trusted by the clients and this is advantageous for my career. The fact that I am deliberative is also helpful in the gym management because I will make the right decisions with vigilance. I will be careful with the advice I give and the impacts it has on the clients. As a relator, it will be easy for me to work with the clients and to help them achieve their goals. Team players in fitness are easier to deal with than those who prefer working alone. I will also remain focused and determined in achieving the goals of the employer and the clients.

Comparing David Lloyds and Virgin Active

The two companies have different historical backgrounds and operations in the United Kingdom. David Lloyds Leisure is a company that runs health clubs, gyms, and leisure businesses. It was started by David Lloyd in 1982 to provide high-quality family-oriented gym and health services. The fitness center started growing and by 1995, there were 18 branches in the UK. It has a good track record and has been involved in many competitive business operations. In 2017, it was named as among the best companies to work for in the UK by the Sunday Times. The ethical standards in the company are given a high priority (Gratton & Kokolakakis, 2017). All stakeholders are encouraged to practice ethical relations and the company is also a socially ethical and responsible one. The values and ethics of the company are embedded in its functions and the way it relates to other businesses.

Virgin Active is a chain of health clubs in the UK that operates in several other countries like Namibia, South Africa, Singapore, and Thailand. It was founded in 1999 in Preston Lancashire. The headquarters of the company is in London. The expansion of the business to parts like Italy and South Africa made it successful in building a trusted brand in the market that competes strongly against the other brands in the UK. The CEO, Matthew Bucknall, is also the founder and has been the leader since its launch. The company is guided by the values of good governance and ethical operations. It does not support illegal deals that could affect their reputation and it also involves transparency and responsible social associations (Coco et al., 2019). For example, it participates in the preservation of the environment and growing the talents of the stakeholders. It stands for value for the money that people pay to get the services they need.


The values and ethics of the two companies are in line with mine in that they believe in transparency and responsible dealings. For example, the David Lloyds Leisure operates in transparent ways and supports ethical relations between the trainers and the clients. Virgin Active is also keen on the ethical standards that ensure respect and success. As indicated above, one of my strengths is deliberativeness and this means the two companies will be suitable for me. I will work with their policies and ensure that the clients are satisfied and they achieve their goals on time. The two also care about their employees and are focused on achieving specific goals.

Professional Qualifications

Apart from the degree, there are several professional qualifications that I will require to be fully qualified to work in the company. One is the certification for instructing. It will be necessary to be a professional instructor and this will require some professional training. The other one is a registration with the organizations of the trainers. Some of them include Register of Exercise Professionals (REPs) or National Register of Personal Trainers (NRPT). The registration will indicate that I am fully qualified to offer professional services and advice to the clients. The other one is to have a level 2 diploma in Health, Fitness, and Exercise Instruction, which can be acquired within six months. The diploma helps the trainer to understand the needs of the clients and how they can be met. The other one is Diploma in Instructing Exercise and Fitness that can also be acquired in less than a year. The diplomas make one a professional trainer who can offer services in the gyms, exercise fields and even in yoga (Vasylenko, 2016). The above professional qualifications increase the trust and skills required in the professional trainer's work. It will also make me qualified to manage the gyms.


The role of networking in this career is that it will help me understand the commercial progress in the industry and how I can make use of the managerial role to improve the performance of the gym and fitness centers. One of the important aspects to understand is the factors that people consider when choosing the gyms to attend. There has been an increased need for gym services and it is important to understand what people look for. For example, the use of modern equipment is a major factor that affects the choice of gyms. Most people want to use the modern equipment that is easy to use and have a high performance. The commercial information about the sale and use of the latest equipment are some of the issues that a gym manager should consider from the commercial information. The other factor is the accessibility of the gym centers. Some of the gym customers drive to the gym and prefer using the ones with ample parking. It is also important to locate the gym at a place where people can access it from the main roads.

The other commercial information is the charges that members have to pay to gain access at any time they wish. The gyms that have reasonable charges attract more people than the ones that charge highly. It is also important to ensure that the environment is conducive and that customers are not congested at some small rooms. Gyms usually play some music in the background and this has a major impact on the choice of the gym and the loyalty of the customers. People engage differently with the music in the gym and this determines their comfort and motivation (Hallett and Lamont, 2015). The business news can help make decisions and necessary changes to the gym centers.


The analysis of the strengths and abilities in this exercise was helpful knowing about my abilities and what I can do to improve them. The analysis of the weaknesses and strengths can be used to make decisions in career development and it can also help have a good social relationship with the people wound. One of the skills that I need to improve is instructing, which requires a diploma or certificate training. I will also require to train in matters health so that I can offer dietary guidance to the customers in the gym. Most of the customers in the gyms know they need to have a healthy diet but they do not know what to eat and what not to. Such training will increase my abilities in the work environment as the training manager. The other skill is communication and motivation. It will be useful to communicate effectively with the different stakeholders and to motivate them during their exercises. I also need to research any other qualifications that will make my career successful. I also realized I have good decision-making skills and I will use it in my career. For example, I will help the management choose the right equipment to purchase.


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