Essay on Strategic Planning Increases Productivity and Retention at New Belgium Brewing Co

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Date:  2023-04-05


Like many competitive organizations, the acquisition and maintaining a skilled, hardworking team is essential in ensuring that productivity is higher. New Belgium Brewing Company has several businesses, practices that have not only increased productivity but made it be the third handcraft brewing company in the US (Laporte, 2017). The culture of openness in the organization has led to higher employee retaining culture within the organization due to strategic planning, which has increased productivity in the firm. Employees are allowed to participate in financial planning, which is increasing interactivity in the entire organization. The essence of adopting a transparent culture has ushered in critical business practice of retaining talented workers, making the organization run smoothly, with minimal downsides.

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Wind-power Decision

The values and culture of the employees at work are among the essential concepts that most managers have profoundly paid closer attention to seeking. The goals of an organization retaining by incorporating employees as the primary ingredients in pushing the organization to meet the deadline. As a result, all employees need to adopt a positive attitude towards achieving the organization's goals.

The concept New Belgium Brewing to move into a wind-powered organization not only benefits the organization through costs of operation but instead, it is an environmentally friendly concept that any employees with a positive attitude may support it to the later by all means. As an employee with a positive attitude towards working is essential to incorporate positive values towards the positive achievements of the organization by all means. In this case, the organization does not only benefit from its decision but also the environmental benefits massively, as ecological pollution from carbon is cut off from the environment. Additionally, Wind power is naturally available, with minimal input, to harvest and turn it into energy. In this case, the organization will massively save on the expense cost, reducing the production cost and the general running of the enterprise.

Environmental stewardship is one of the core values developed when the New Belgium Brewing company was taking shape. Since then, it has become one of the motives and driving factors that have pushed the company to have positive approaches towards the conservation of nature. As a result, the organization is positively convinced that the concept of adopting wind power in the organization would have been voted by all employees since their attributes and core values align with the company. In this case, I would also take the initiative of supporting the program not to show loyalty to the firm, but to display my attitude, and attributes towards environment conservation.

The benefits of a culture of transparency

As the competition in the production or the global market is increasingly growing, there is a need to ensure that the performance of the employees is exceptional and outstanding. In this case, the competence of workers will help push the boundaries of creativity and production in the organization. As a result, employees need to be highly involved in any part of the organization's planning or undertakings to help increases coordination and transparency. An organization culture dictates its performance, regardless of the workforce in the organization. Considering the creation of a higher involvement of employees' culture, it is essential in helping increase coordination and performance in the organization. New Belgium Brewing has taken great advantage of using this concept in creating a transparent culture within the organization.

A culture of transparency builds a rigid interrelationship between the employees and the management, as they are made to feel like part of the production. According to Laporte, (2017), a culture of transparency plays a critical role in safeguarding intellectual property within the organization, as employees feel highly involved not only in the production but in the planning and other essential decision-making concepts that drive the organization.

The essence of integrating a transparency culture in the organization goes far beyond the production, sector, but preferably extends to the image of the company. New Belgium is one of the best firms in the industry due to its innovative and creative ways of approaching the market. However, the culture of transparency has profoundly affected the image of the company, as it is deemed as one of the best companies that involve its employees in essential decision making, hence becoming one of the companies with a positive image, helping to push sales in the dynamic market.

Establishing a culture of transparency reduces the possibilities and the need for employees' stubbornness, which may lead to reduced productivity. On the contrary, this may also contribute to a high degree of arrogance in employees, especially if the condition is not curbed. However, the establishment of a transparent culture at New Belgium Brewing has not only added positive interaction but also increased flexibility of employees from one department to the other, hence reducing the need to hire more specialists in the organization.

Value and how personal values are formed

Value is a set of personal beliefs that influence a person's actual behavior. Values can exist under different levels of awareness, which helps to enhance integrity. Values can be formed in five different ways, which includes thinking, feeling, choosing, communicating, and acting.


How corporate values and ethical conduct impact employee motivation

The reshaping and performance of many employees within a corporation is influenced by how the company enacts positive values and moral concepts that drive the production of many employees (Kanfer, Frese, & Johnson, 2017). The adoption of positive values has affected the performance of many employees, let alone the ethical consideration of a company. The reading in module two has played a significant role in paving the way for better understanding the role of values and ethics towards employees' development and performance.

The motivation of employees has been influenced by the adoption of positive and supportive values that help workers increase productivity in the organization. On the contrary, ethical practices have been a critical factor in motivating and influencing employees to work in the firm. For instance, the New Belgium Brewing Company is a classic example that exhibits these traits in several ways. The voting of the company to operate under wind-power was one of the essential values that the company aimed not only benefiting the workers but also focusing on environmental issues. The company was also involved in several environmental programs, such as cutting carbon emissions by replacing it with cycling. In this case, the values of employees are diverted and geared towards building and living in a green environment. Additionally, the organization was involved in the recycling program to ensure that plastics are reused, hence saving the environment. Despite all these changes, the bottom line remains on how do all these values have influenced the performance of workers, leading to productivity.

Ethical practices in business increase the confidentiality and transparency of workers. Creating a transparent culture in an organization has significant effects on workers and how they view the organization. Workers operating in an ethical environment are confident and self-driven, a concept that makes the role of management more manageable.

According to Koster, (2017), people are motivated in different ways, which helps them achieve their desired quest. In an organizational setup, various ethical practices affect the performance of the employees on their daily tasks. Safety issues are mandatory in many organizations to show workers that they should care for each other. However, the lack of safety in work plays may affect the motivation of workers differently. Safety equipment in the organization refers to all possible efforts that are put in place to reduce the possibilities of accidents occurring. As a result, human resource management, in conjunction with the administration, is forced to impose regular training of workers, which emphasizes on the need for safety, and its essence when working. The concept is used to reduce the risks of accidents while workers are dealing with dangerous machines or substances that may affect their health.

Adequate compensation of employees is an essential way of motivating workers based on their performance. The essence of motivating employees according to their performance paves the way for positive competition and teamwork, which will help increase the performance within the organization. As a human resource manager, it is essential to reword any outstanding efforts that have positively contributed to the performance of the organization. In this case, workers are motivated and devoted to working and pushing even further to help the company meet its objectives.

In the bottom line, human resource managers should take more significant consideration of motivation theories and how they influence the performance of the organization. Considering Herzberg's Motivation-Maintenance (Two-Factor) theory, employers are mandated to provide a competitive environment, through delivering and maintaining benefits that are essential for motivating workers.


Kanfer, R., Frese, M., & Johnson, R. E. (2017). Motivation related to work: A century of progress. Journal of Applied Psychology, 102(3), 338.

Koster, D. (2017). Motivation in the workplace.


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