Fundraising Plan for No Name Nonprofit

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Date:  2021-03-11

To have a successful fundraiser and raise the level of funds required it is important to have a good fundraising plan. The plan should have properly set out goals and mission that one is looking forward to implement to ensure that one gets the models that are required to implement. It is therefore, important to tailor the business plan with the requirements of the model. There are different models that can be used while looking to integrate a proper fundraiser since the expenses and incomes need to be properly recorded and ascertained. The goals of the fundraiser lay the foundation of whether the fundraiser will be a big fundraising that will take a year to materialize or a small fundraiser that will take weeks. This paper lists and gives different activities for an expected fundraiser that will be planned in the course of a year. The report will highlight the anticipated expenses and profits that will be drawn from individual activities in the course of the calendar year.

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Send notifications to all the committee members on dates and the overall projections that are needed for the fundraiser. The notifications will be sent through mail and will cost the project approximately 300 dollars. In addition, there will be a booking fee for the meeting places where the meetings will be held for the course of the year and will cost the project 2500 dollars.


The first meeting will be held where members will discuss the main projections and all the issues relating to the project. The goals of the project will be laid out and the fundraising is expected to collect more than 2300 dollars.


In March, the company will meet for another meeting where the fundraiser will hold a dry run for the main fundraiser and welcome a few visitors and members to help with the fundraising. The meeting will raise 3500 dollars and will be drawn from different members of the larger society.


In April, the directors will meet and discuss on the appropriation and direction that the fundraising is taking, assessing the achieved goals and targets. There will be a a chance for the members to assess the financial position and the changes that have to be made going forward. Since the members will meet in a separate venue they will have to pay 500 dollars as fees for the room and 300 dollars for other expenses.

May, June and July

The members are advised to solicit funds from family, friends and the larger society during these months. There is a need to institute a better model that could create a working formula for members within the larger society. The forms and other objects for sale that were used to solicit funds cost the project 200 dollars


In august all the collections will be pooled and aggregated, with the members expected to collect approximately 6000 dollars in three months. According to members of the committee this is in line with the eventual goals and objectives.

September, October and November

In each of these months there will be campaigns that are aimed at raising funds all over the country. The fundraising project will hire a van and tents that would be used in soliciting funds from the public. The expenses for these months will be 1500 dollars but there will be more than 14000 dollars raised in the process


The main fundraiser will have different events and a gala hosted and the members will be expected to contribute handsomely. Although the gala cost the fundraiser 4000 dollars, the fundraiser is expected to raise 50000 dollars and reach its target of 60000 dollars aggregate needed from the project.

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