Freelance vs Salaried Stylists: What's the Difference?

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Date:  2023-05-30

Freelance stylists or independent stylists differ from each other in various ways. The freelance stylists are mainly known to be self-employed. They have the opportunity to find new businesses and run by themselves. They also chose the clients and operated their business by all means. A freelance stylist has to find work and collect payments for all jobs that are completed. On the other salaried stylists are full-time employees who are based in an established photographer, fashion magazine, retailer, or catalog. For instance, in photo styling, the stylist work on different photo-shoots for different fashions such as brochures, fashion magazines, print, websites, adverts, nonfashion magazines, among others. The similarities between the two are that freelance can specialize in both areas.

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Salaried stylists can work as fashion director or fashion editor, and they receive their payments from their employers. It is quite difficult for freelance stylists to retain their clients while in salaried stylist clients can be retained for a long period of time. The salaried stylists enjoy benefits through receiving regular paychecks while the freelance stylist s receive no benefits unless they get to institute the by themselves through paying for them (Geetha 1522-1534). Freelance stylists can choose their clients since they have the opportunity to choose for their business too. Salaried stylists cannot choose what is on the weekly agenda. They have to stick to what the company has organized. Freelance stylists have to pay taxes also.

The four types of fashion stylists include personal stylists, events stylists, private stylists, and commercial stylists. Fashion stylists should be highly experienced in basic elements of design, together with the principles of design (Kuhn 2-6). These basic elements include shape, pattern, line, texture, form, space, and line. The line is the most important basic elements that every fashion stylist is required to work with since it contains several details that are required in fashion.

They are expected to develop strong networking skills that are highly required to grow the designer's industry. They are also expected to have close professional and personal relationships to be able to work effectively (Kuhn 2-6). Such relationships are highly essential in getting new style clients. The fashion stylists are expected to be more experienced than their educational documents. They need to display proper styling skills during the interviews since some of them own diplomas and degrees but cannot show what they have in relation to their personal styling experience.

The fashion designers are also expected to stay up to date with the fashion in order to deliver to the client what is recent in the market. A fashion stylist is about delivering services or products that are aesthetic and passionate. Fashion stylists should be up to date with the current trends and be confident in their sense of style to attract more clients (Kuhn 2-6). Fashion stylists should not shy off in order to succeed. They should be confident about little self-promotion. For instance, when they are invited to launch, parties, and any kind of event, they should be confident to even ask the successful mentors on how to build their own business and become successful.

Fashion stylists should showcase their best fashion styles in their portfolios in order to fulfill their careers. The portfolios should contain impressive work since they are an important icon to the stylists. They should showcase their work images in their portfolios, for example, the work published in fashion magazines. The favorable reviews of their work should be mentioned and showcase all their types of work for professional purposes.

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