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Mentoring processes are increasing every day and are targeted to provide guidance and support to young people mostly in a learning institution. In recent years, most mentoring programs were directed to young people who are orphans or with single parents. However, the learning institutions are working closely with sports ministry and potential; mentors work in facilitating effective strategies for quality young mentorship programs. The institutions have been expanding schools sporting faculty to ease the monitoring process and manage sports most relevantly. The institution has managed to build upper-level classes which are middle school and high school areas.

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Further, it intends to bring other sporting activities that have not been there for some time, talk about basketball which is announced on the school's website. The mentorship programs will be easy since NCS wishes the student to contribute to churches and societal activities. The institutions are also making the students learn vocational experiences alongside sports and study curriculum.

The primary goal is to promote alleviation which is aimed at improving the dreaming number of students and other young men (Marketing, 2019). They are gathering more students to become a leader of their groups, through dominion and professionalism in societal activities. Furthermore, they have to love God and be a Christian with never shaking mind. Teachers want them to be a great Christian. The institution seeks to admit young people with the desire for Christian education as they wish to eliminate ethnicity, poverty, and social-economic background issue.


The school is working hand in hand with the ministry to make sure that mentorship journey is made easy: The schools located in Bel Air Maryland (Marketing, 2019). I managed to get Kyle Alexander through the sports ministry, and he became my mentor, having completed 20 hours of mentoring I also mentored high schools students. The leadership comes from leaders, and therefore it was my duty to mentor some students after attaining the level of skills from Kyle Alexander. Sports outreach in the ministry engage ways of restoring hope and transforming lives, and from those perspective leaders, age derived from the dominion and engagement connection. The Sports Ministry believes that people should make disciples of all nations, mentor them the same way they were mentored and baptize them in their father's name. After making leaders then learn that the Lord God will be with until the end of an age in my professional and my life. ("Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and the Son and the Holy Spirit teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you. And behold, I am with you always, to the end of the age." 2019). The sports ministry is celebrating 30 years of hope restoration, spreading their activities to the US, Mexico, Kenya, India, and Uganda.

Their mission is to recruit and mentor committed Christian leader in sports ministry. They also alleviate lives and sharing the gospel to the people who are lost in faith (Marketing, 2019). The Ministry has managed to produce several athletes who realize their talent after being engagement in Christian from their filthy lives. Perhaps this would be the most significant ministry of sporting in countries like Kenya and Mexico where youth engage in drugs abuse (Marketing, 2019). The department will call those who are lost and restore their faith so that they can uphold their families and maybe reduce suffering. All the things that are said in the presence of many witnesses' trusted and reliable people will be expected to teach the others (Dungy, Timothy2:2).

Mentorship Journey

Purpose of internship Portfolio and Mentorship

The portfolio is compiling of materials that clarify a field, object or person skills, qualification, expertise, and professionalism. It also lays a foundation for identity the mentors and mentees to the sporting activity involved. While Internship portfolio is emphasizes learning and engagement in other external fields, this particular sports portfolio is designated to enable the students, and the faculty supervisor increases chances on mentorship. The portfolio will provide a collection of skills that reflect accomplishment towards students' mentorship. When the mentors watch the wallet they will compare the abilities there are seeking to the students, ability to make concrete decisions in their mentorship programs. The mentorship identification will also highlight the problems and weakness that the mentee has together with past dislikes and likes.

Objective and Portfolio Guidelines

It is essential to that about portfolio as an artifact that acknowledges the skills of the mentee as a potential athlete. The collection will make the leaders work carefully and with 4ase with other leaders since there is proof of leadership in them in mentorship. The portfolio will help the mentee in the following areas:

  • Assessing knowledge and areas not attended to
  • Have an opportunity to work with the sporting ministry and other mentorship programs in spreading the word of God.
  • Create a connection between athlete experiences and mentorship guidelines and requirements
  • Learn the extent of the activities and experiences towards principal internship
  • Learning manner to documents one's skills and knowledge
  • A chance to record intellectual expertise and personal growth
  • Provision of evidence to experience
  • A basis and reference to the mentors

Engagement and Problem Identification

The mentorship programs call for unity for all people and putting people first in all aspects. According to Dungy, it is always advisable to start with integration as a procedure to unite people together and throughout the organization like a ripple effects manner (2010). Shortsighted people leadership focuses on the bottom-line of an issue instead of the entire solution. The most significant problem sported is the need to alleviate people and restore their hope. Mentors should always target to mentor people who have the potential to do something, and if they have low faith in their expertise and capability leaders also encourage them.

Relationship Building

The relationship between the mentor and the mentee should be ultimately proportional to success in the intended activity on the mentee. Building relationship makes the mentee have a positive attitude towards their goals. Mentorship is different from sponsorship since the helper is seeking to mentor people for their betterment; this is the reason the sports ministry is a non-profit organization. Mentorship problems engage a relationship to enable the athlete to air all their issues with their mentors. Following the actions by Michael Vick once a successful athlete he damages his reputation after holding dogfighting competition his house. Michael later pleaded guilty and built and game breaker with National Football League. The following are ways to make a relationship in a mentorship journey.

One on One Aspect of Mentoring - It involving letting the problems of the mentees become the problems of the mentor. The mentors should always engage in free communication and engagement with others. They should also cater time to discuss their issues. The case of Michael could have been avoided if the mentor linked with him all the time. Even, the judges in the courts could tell that absence of father figure is the crucial element in many life imprisonments (Jones, Harris & Miles, 2009).

Networking opportunity for Mentees - Networking opportunity is found in recreational sporting industries and celebrity endorsement. The mentor should teach the mentee all this stuff (Kornspan & Duve, 2013).

Engagement in Sports Events and Attendance of Career

Conferences - For instance, the National Intramural-Recreational Sports encourages students and employers to interact in their NIRSA career activity (Kornspan & Duve, 2013).

Follow up and Event Managing - Follow up is a strategic management tool that facilitates relationship tightening since the employers and mentors are providing the mentee with every trending news and update.

Mentor's Turn - Envisioning the Future and Maximizing the Present

A mentor should have a compelling vision to a clear mission statement towards leadership processes. Some mentors tend to celebrate the present and forget that the future is waiting. It is always advisable to enjoy the journey and avoid the cloud to hide the view of the future (Dungy, 2010). A good manager calculates the cost and later makes congruent with all the possibilities related to the value, in that manner a mentor can avoid the future issue in sports.


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"Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you. And behold, I am with you always, to the end of the age." (2019).

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