Free Essay Example on Teamwork Key to Improving Healthcare Centers' Efficiency

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Date:  2023-10-21


For many years utilizing healthcare, centers has become a big task. Many organizations want to implement efficient services that will make customers receive standardized treatment by the employees (Fottler & Blair, 2012). The only way this can be achieved is by improving the team and the roles of the company. Employees have various roles to play. Such structures divide the workload between the hardworking members to ensure that proper ways of doing things are established. When teamwork is embraced, it allows for different outlooks and variations to any challenge experienced. The only way an organization can run smoothly is through collaboration.

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As a manager of the healthcare organization call center, there is a realization that call volumes have increased in the past few years. Even though the budget allocated is not enough to employ more people, there is an extra $20,000 that can be used to improve customer satisfaction and efficiency.


Team members are essential workers in the health care organization when the company has a goal to accomplish. This means that employees have enough time to offer the best customer service to patients. When this is not done, the healthcare facility’s quality may drop, which may risk the lives of the patients. When planning, the employer must know that there are two types of teams (Fottler & Blair, 2012). The ones that monitor the quality improvement and those that observe the daily tasks conducted by other team members.Both teams must understand the importance of accomplishing their work efficiently and effectively. When communication is done correctly, then the productivity of work increases. Communication also assists in streamlining the healthcare services to improve on the patient’s satisfaction. When a team becomes diverse, it enables workers to gain experience because they can tackle any challenging situation in all perspectives.

Another way is by providing a curriculum that will enhance employee performance, importance, and the necessity required by the healthcare facility. When there is teamwork, then every job description becomes clear to everyone. This also enables a detailed negotiation and excellent communication when it comes to their roles (Fottler & Blair, 2012). The curriculum will also assist in the teaching program on how employees will work in the call centers and how they will become critical thinkers when the environment becomes stressful. The program will also enable the employees to focus on treating the customers well, as stated in the organization’s mission.

The success of companies comes from a great team because of their ability to deliver quality service. For example, the aviation industry consists of a group of people whose roles are to ensure that every requirement for the pilot is provided (Issel, 2016). The military is another example that works together to accomplish the common goals of protecting the country. The healthcare facilities are not different from the rest because every department needs to work together to deliver quality service.

Putting together a team of health care workers can decrease their chances of making mistakes. In this case, the call center becomes a vital department that acts as the center of communication between the customers and the team members (Issel, 2016). The only way this can be achieved is by combining people’s tasks to analyze proficiency. Training people on core principles and customer care is another role that an organization can do to assist the team members in offering the best customer service.

Every company should value their workers because they are the determinants of success. Proper teamwork is the concept used today to form their designate structures to accomplish the desired goals. Health care facilities are composed of many team players. They can include nurses, specialists, and primary care physicians who must work together to treat them (Issel, 2016). For instance, on an auto race, the only way the team will emerge, winners, is through teamwork. Even though the driver is the one on the wheels, he depends on other team members such as the chief designer, chief aerodynamicists, and commercial director to win the race. As seen, every person has different roles but the same goal of winning the race.

Controlling, leading, organization, and planning are the four necessary tools to be followed. The procedures are also crucial in problem-solving (Casciani). For instance, the plan assists the manager in the direction they will make in the organization. When companies identify activities that must be accomplished, they assign roles, delegate authority, and create responsibilities to the individuals or groups. Any leader must have the skills to motivate the employees for the company to achieve the business goals and objectives (Casciani). Controlling does not mean that workers are dictated but rather ensuring that the set goals and objectives are done in achievable measures. When challenges are identified, the company can achieve anything because of the established correction policies.


The employees and call center will benefit if this proposal is embraced to new engagements such as the equipment and training program. The budget allocated in the call center can be of use through training the employees. This will integrate the team members in offering the best service to customers. With the help of this training program, the call center must ensure that the employees learn the importance of teamwork and how it leads to patient satisfaction.


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