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In the 1950s, there was fervent discrimination between the blacks and the whites in America (Bencks). This created racism between the two cultures which led the blacks to form civil rights movements back in the days. The struggle was to fight for social justice where the black Americans will have equal rights as the whites. The movement brought about equality among them but never ended discrimination against black people. Black people endured all sorts of discrimination and eventually, they resulted in violence hence bringing forth the civil war characterized by the civil rights movement rise in the USA (Roberts 265). This paper aims to showcase how historical events, the civil rights movement, and World War 1, implications have repeated themselves in the contemporary world in terms of racial segregation.

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Historical Roots

The civil movement had its roots long enough in the century because of discrimination especially in the southern parts of America. Since the struggle did not end discrimination, the blacks formed the movement to gain many people's support since the movement would free the Africans and abolish slavery (Bencks). Besides, it gave black Americans the right to vote as they also had none. The struggles continued up until the next century when the movement secured the rights of the Africans and broke the pattern of discrimination. The connection between the past and present is that black Americans were and are still discriminated against as they have no equal rights with white Americans. This is currently happening in South America as Jim Craw’s laws are still effective where the blacks can't use the same resources as the whites and they have to fight against racism and discrimination.

The history of slavery and discrimination that is happening currently is deep-rooted in American history. As we have seen, in the 1950s, black Americans were enslaved up until they formed the movement. Today, Racism is still happening. Across the cities today, the black's underclass is still getting worse hence bringing forth the arguments about black people being oppressed and having no voice in society (The Seattle Times). In the dispersion of the brave new, people from all over the country are assiduously attending to race even though race should be irrelevant. Racially mixed churches, intermarriages, and armies are so rare that they make top headlines in the newspapers when they occur which is so unfortunate. It has been way too long since human rights movements were able to restructure the nation's moral sensibilities and to brilliantly succeed to win legal equalities for blacks

Historical Roots on World War 1

World war 1 took place in 1914 in Europe after the assassination of Archduke Franz of Australia (Facing History and Ourselves). It was a global war that started as a small conflict in southern Europe but later became an intense disagreement among the European empires. The war was also participated by innocent people as they chose to fight rather than be killed at home with bombs. Civilians were attacked on a frequent basis as opponents involved in the war tried to break the morale of their participants. During World war 1, racial segregation was immensely felt as black soldiers were discriminated and this made them establish civil right movements which would champion their rights in and outside the army (Roberts 266). In World war 1, the Navy’s racial segregation policies exercised by Americans at the time limited the participation of Black American’s at the war and after the war, Black Americans enlistments were barred in the periods 1919-1932 and the only exceptions were those aboard in the year 1919 (Facing History and Ourselves).

In light of the latter, it is evident that racial profiling was deep-rooted even when the world wars were happening back in the twentieth century. The occurrence is still common today where Black Americans fight hard for their inclusion in the army. As such, this is a clear connection in the contemporary world fight against racism, which sadly still exists. New policies and laws need to be stipulated to ensure that people of color are not discriminated against in the bid to bring equality across the world (Roberts 267). Critical opportunities are missed due to racism which is against human rights as stipulated by the united nations. Heavy fines need to be posted on people portraying racial segregation to discourage the act altogether.


Indeed, as we have seen in the paper, historical events have roots where historical events that happened in the past are still happening in the present. In the past, the civil rights movement was a movement that fought against discrimination and racism against black Americans in America. The movements still exist in the present where they advocate for the rights of a majority of non-Americans. Every human is equal and should not be discriminated against as a result of their race or ethnic background. Similarly, in the army, there exist numerous acts of discrimination which human rights activists aim at abolishing. The scenario was present back in the day as it is today and there needs to be inclusivity from all walks of people in the world which would bring diversity in the military force, a factor that would increase the efficiency of the armed forces.

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