Five Challenges That Arise While Virtualization to Store Data Paper Example

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Date:  2022-11-07

The purpose of this article is based on the argument whether virtualization can be accommodated in the data storage world. Most companies, in this case, have begun seeing the benefits of implementing basic and sophisticated virtualization technology to their data storage solutions. Even though the tools found in virtualization have IT simplification that boosts the computing power of the management of the server, a few challenges have been spotted due to the advancement of technology. In this post, the author tried to uncover the five most significant problems that face the virtualization of future businesses.

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In computing, the virtualization system involves creating a virtual version of things like storage devices, computer hardware platforms and computer network resources (Olzak, 2011). This procedure started in the 1960s, and it involved divining system's resources to the mainframe computers. Since then, the goal of virtualization is to manage the workloads of the computer systems by transforming the traditional way of computing and make it more scalable (Olzak, 2011). Since the virtualization system has been in existence for decades, it is widely used in applications such as the operating system level, server virtualization, and hardware-level virtualization.

The virtualization system is also categorized into several layers such as the network, the file storage, server, and the desktop. Each virtualization layer comes with its set of complexities and advantages. The development of technology, in this case, offers many benefits when dealing with the virtualization system such as full resources utilization, low or no-cost deployment, power savings, and operational cost savings (Olzak, 2011). However, deploying this system requires skilled technical experts and careful planning because the virtual machines use the same source. This will prevent the slow performance of the computer system.

During a meeting, the director of product marketing, Ben Tao had a debate on whether Dell Virtualization solutions would work without problems. Based on his argument, he remarked that several people are out in the market to adopt virtualization from a production standpoint instead of relegating to implement and test (Hoard, 2012). With these words, there was no certainty whether the midsize and small business accessed solutions that would allow them to adopt virtualization reliably and safely through virtualization solutions' which had full servers, storage, power, rack, and networking.

Another debate raised by Mr. Tao was that when the modern datacenter's cost structures are reflected, most of them are partially driven by virtualization. This meant that the hardware costs came down and consumers had less to pay. However, the support costs and licensing associated with the elements of the software (both the virtualization and hypervisor management), has grown to become a more significant percentage (Hoard, 2012). In short, economic barriers prevented a few companies from having the challenges of adopting virtualization due to lack of funds. Having this in mind, Tao never knew the impact of owning and managing virtualization only cost half the amount.

Tao also focused on the physical layer problem's despite its benefits because the server virtualization developed physical layer problems due to virtualization users and infrastructures which had a more dynamic environment. A good example given in this statement was that even though the system could be moved around, it could also be placed in a practical standpoint. Therefore, when one thought of changing or deploying the physical layer that is below the virtual layer, it was hard for the customers to time from the pure speed standpoint and operational expense standpoint (Hoard, 2012). This was also a problem that did not have a solution.

Lastly, Tao focused on the dynamic demands and the challenges developed near the server operations management whenever the user virtualized their environment. Based on its claim it was hard to spot any performance issue no one had an idea where it came from. This raised several questions like if the storage has been fixed on the device, whether it moved to the array and if the network connections existed (Hoard, 2012). Other issues that came from this statement were the position of the virtual server and whether the distributed resource Scheduler is movable. The reasons behind such queries were that when the environment was abstracted, it was hard to manage or diagnose the problem.

Indicators used to measure the outcomes

One way the challenge of data virtualization was tackled is by meeting the demand for virtualization technology. Even though the environment was the hard reality of virtual server management because it was highly dynamic, several complications were also developed. It was the role of the IT team to manage and understand the virtualization system by keeping track with the evolution of technology (McNamara, 2013). This required them to be well developed on any breakthroughs in the industry.

Another indication used by the author is the reality of server management. Based on a paper published by Morgan Stanley under the belief of the virtual server management, it took more time managing the system (Stanley, 2008). This happens when a company uses more than one virtual server at once because it makes the IT team be under pressure. The outcome was also under the infrastructure issues mainly because there were several selling points meant to make the virtual system attractive (Stanley, 2008). Usually, developing the virtual system was as easy as deploying the applications to the environments. The problem here is that most companies lack the proper infrastructures that maintain the demands of the evolving virtualized environment while operating the servers.

It is hard to argue with economic facts because of the low IT costs generated by the server management. However, the issue of money was raised by Tao because even though virtualization saves the company a lot of money, the virtualization and hypervisor costs, on the other hand, use a lot of money when the datacenter level is put in the budget (McNamara, 2013). Under this concept, many companies are still slow when it comes to the adoption of the system. This is because there is much procrastination during the development stage and this makes the impossible to reach the implementation stage. Most companies, in this case, feared to make a move as they felt that virtualization is not stable and lacks security. The idea they failed to see is that virtualization was the most sophisticated systems.


Even though these are hurdles many companies tackle, the challenges do not debilitate the virtualization industry. Most firms, in this case, upgrade their systems depending on how far their demands are under the virtualized server solutions. This way, the economic barriers under the budget were generated due to rearranging the dev phase and the adoption of virtualization purposely meant to serve as the solution to IT problems.


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