Film Analysis Essay on My Neighborhood Divided: Prejudice & Injustice

Paper Type:  Movie review
Pages:  3
Wordcount:  552 Words
Date:  2023-01-01


Following the in-depth analysis of the movie my neighbourhood produced in just vision film, is a clear revelation of society that is toned apart along racial and religious background. At the begriming of the movie the young boy at the age of 11 subjected to a shocking scenario where they are forced to give their home to the Israeli settlers. Based on my personal reflection, the prejudice and the ill intention logged against the Palestinians is a planned attack whose purpose is to loot, injure and maim the Palestinians who are considered outcast. Even though the Israelis assume to be leading the campaigns of the court sanctions to guarantee Jewish control over the area, they seem to have an ill intention over the whole issue. On the other hand, even though both Palestinians and the Israelis have been living together for a more extended period, the hatred brought about by the aspect of diversity is evidenced in the long run. Significantly, as events unfold in the movies, the surprising turn is manifested when the Israelis later joined the Palestinians in their protest against their evictions.

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Shortly after their displacement, Mohammed's family and other residents begin holding unarmed protests against the evictions, determined not to lose their homes for good. In a surprising turn, they are quickly joined by scores of Israeli supporters who are horrified to see what is being done in their name. Among them are Jewish West Jerusalem resident Zvi Benninga and his sister Sara, who develop a strong relationship with Mohammed and his family as they take on a leading role in organizing the protests. Similarly, the protest campaign organized by the Palestinians is genuine, but it is later realized that even some of the Israelis are using the opportunity to exploit the victim. Shortly after the displacement, the Palestinians notice horrific miss use of their names as witnessed among the Jewish from west Jerusalem. My innate analysis, portray this analogy as an orchestrated exploitation logged against the Palestinians by the Jewish in the pretence of court decisions. Also, even though the Palestinians are in complete control by the Jewish, the unity exemplified between sisters Sara upon developing a strong relationship with Mohammed takes the lead in organizing the protest. Notably, it is therefore manifested that, unity in pursuit of a common goal yield success in the long run. In the movie neighbourhood, poised surprising incidences across the entire movie, as Mohammed comes of age the remarkable cooperation seen the protest gain a lot of support from unexpected places. This is a clear revelation of the absolute power of unity in society.

The hidden conflict that existed between Palestinians and the Jews is new information manifested in the entire movie. It is imperative to note that, the battle which is pegged on religion is a rarely discussed agenda; therefore, forms the new information in the whole film. On the other hand, the power of unity which later demonstrated by the magnitude of support accorded to both Mohammed and Sara from all dimension is worth acknowledging.


The arising information from the movie revolving around Israeli-Palestinian Conflict diverted my innate thought on the intention of the conflict realized between these two countries. Based on these findings I tend to feel that, Israeli-Palestinian Conflict is based on diversity existing in religion.

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