Faith Integration Paper: Wealth Accumulation

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Date:  2022-06-02


According to research, tensions have existed between business values and biblical teaching concerning wealth accumulation. On a general note, a lot of people viewed the act of greed as ubiquitous which compel individual to invest in business activities. Furthermore, in business, there are issues that come with it such as selfish, materialism and backstabbing. These are factors associated with competitiveness which is the real essence of business today. However, according to Bible teaching, people are thought to embrace values such as being generous, sharing love, altruism, and selfishness. Most of the Christians denominations around the globe ignore the business education in their churches (Curtis, 2011). They believe that wealth is worldly desires that are likely to make believers go astray from the faith they believe in. At times Christian's leaders advocate the importance of seeking the heavenly wealth rather that worldly desires that we are going to leave when we die.

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Additionally, some of the enterprise specialist teach sounds principles which relates to the pursuit of worldly wealth with minimal connects to Christian's faith. According to recent studies, Christianity condemns those who opted to pursue business on a serious note, the church believes that one can easily deviate from the real course of Christian's faith. Most of the time Christians are left feeling guilty or abandon to choose their own system of belief or at the time they are forced to demarcate their business world away from their faith (Sombart, 2017). However, some choose to believe in a state of dualism that is having the state of cognitive dissonance at the same time conducting their business life.

On the other hand, venturing into business is very important to form humans in the society due to the fact that people need to transact business at one point in life. Without business the world will have no meaning hence, as much as the most of the Christians faith do not agree with accumulations of wealth, it is prudent for Christian's to do business with the rest of the world. Surprisingly, when a Christians who venture into business for a longer time, it is obvious that wealth accumulation is inevitable if loose is not recorded (Curtis, 2011). Thus, it is not right to states that because you believe in Christian's faith, you should not venture into activities that brings wealth. For instance, E.G White urges Christian to work, actually, the bible states that a man should not eat if he has not worked, hence, wealth accumulations is not a crime after all. Accumulations of wealth via business ventures can be conducted without necessarily committing sin. E.G White like others with biblical faith should use faith believers to confront the tensions that are between Christian values and wealth desires.

Furthermore, bible writers have view wealth possessed by some of the characters in the Bible as a blessing from God. For instance, Abram was considered to be a rich man in terms of gold, silver, and cattle. Abram did not want to collaborate with King Solomon due to the fact that he wanted to be the sole owner of the wealth. In the case of Isaac, his wealth was viewed as lord blessings. His wealth becomes more and more every day until it reaches a point he was called a wealthy man. From this point of view, biblical faith does not entirely condemn accumulations of wealth hence Christians are urged to be very vigilant when their wealth starts to accumulate and grow in size. Instead, they should be more generous to the poor one in the society (Sombart, 2017).

In addition, wealth accumulation is rooted in God the creator the creator of the universe that flourishes with diversity and abundance. The bible says that we were created in the image of God that means that we are co-creators of God. Hence, creations of products and services to trade for profit is technically for the common good. Creation of wealth is holy in it elf and God-given talent.

Personal Opinion

Wealth accumulations are attractive so is riches. They seem to be the sources of security and to provide platforms for fun in life. They riches contradict the faith that the ultimate security and source of happiness come from Christ to them worldly people depending on heavenly power is considered to be delusional. The poor and the rich may be deluded equally on this matter. For instance, the rich I the society like the case of the rich fool in the Bible will always think that by accumulating more wealth to themselves, they stand a chance to secure their territory in comparison with those who do not have anything to boast about. The poor on the other hand is left to covet. Their mind is set and fixed to think that if they will ever get wealth like the rich in the society they may stand a chance to be more secure than their recent states.

There exist challenges to those that have accumulated wealth even though temptations to trust on wealth affects everyone in the society. Research has shown that abundant wealth is related with adulation and adorations from an individual with less wealth. The prestige and status given the wealthy tempted to believe that with more resources and property people will put them on high class in the society.

Moreover, wealth accumulation is a distraction to Christian faith and people should not dwell on it that much lest they lose focus on their Christian faith. Those who strive well in business should always stay vigilant on the dangers of being attached to worldly wealth but rather rely on biblical teaching. Wealth accumulations need to be done in moderations and not a day should one neglect spiritual health. Hence, this is the main reason that James wanted Christians to be aware of living a luxurious life.


In summary, it is important to acknowledge the fact that wealth comes from God according to scripture, hence it is okay to possess wealth. However, the Bible condemns the use of wealth to intimidate the less fortunate in the society. The rich one in our community should sympathize with the less fortunate by sharing whatever they have according to the teachings of Jesus. In most scenarios, wealth is the root of all evil and a true Christian with heavenly faith should seek first heavenly kingdoms and the worldly wealth shall be given on to them as the bible puts it.


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