Factors That Contributed to Andrew Jackson Becoming the Senior Commander of the Creek War

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Leadership is very important for the success of any project. Good leadership is vital because it ensures the success of any project, be it a business or a company or even a war. Good leaders have qualities that ensure efficient leadership takes place. Andrew Jackson was one of the commanders in chief during the 19th century. He led successful missions for his country and saved them many problems. It was particularly important for the U.S to win because they had enemies from all sides. Andrew Jackson rose in ranks until he finally became the seventh president of the United States of America.

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The creek war was a war against a fraction of the creek Indian nation who were known as the red sticks. They had brutally murdered Alabama settlers and the U.S considered them a threat since they were in close contact with the Spanish who, among other a nation also happened to be enemies of the U.S. Andrew Jackson was one of the people who led a group of two thousand, five hundred soldiers to fight the Indians in the creek war. Despite many huddles, Jackson led the men and they won the war, if they had not done that, the war would have been widespread especially considering the fact that the U.S had very many enemies.

Andrew Jackson had qualities that led to such great leadership. Not everyone thought or thinks that his ways were the best but they led his country to success. Some of the factors that led to Andrew Jackson becoming the senior commander of the creek war include the fact that he planned and led successful missions before he became the chief commander in the creek war. He waged brutal attacks even during the creek war that enabled them win against the Indians. Had he not waged those brutal attacks, the war would have continued even longer which would have led to more loses of life. His strategies proved very effective when it came to attacking his opponents.

He was friendly to his subjects. This was another reason why he managed to become the chief commander during the creek war. He looked after his men and was concerned about their welfare. He walked with them instead of riding his horse and helped the wounded ones by allowing them to ride instead of walking. This made him popular among the troop he was leading and it was also one of the factors that led to success during the creek war. He had already established a good relationship with the soldiers of the troops that he was leading. his compassion was also seen when he rescued a young Indian boy during the creek war whose mother had died . He raised the young boy like his own and even took him to school. His compassion was one of the reasons he became senior commander during the creek war.

Another factor that contributed to Andrew Jackson becoming senior commander during the creek war was the fact that he was not afraid to face people who were superior to him. Before he became commander, he was a lawyer who won cases against the more prominent and experienced lawyers of that time. He rose to the challenges that were presented to him. Andrew Jackson was also educated and this contributed in a huge way to his rise from a normal soldier to a senior commander and later a president.

Andrew Jackson was an honest person. He made many mistakes as a leader and even ordered people to be killed or shot. His leadership record is not clean and he was sometimes cruel to his subjects. Despite all this misdoings, he was honest about everything he did. He never hid behind his positions and always admitted to his mistakes in public. This was one of the factors that made him known among his people and also one of the reasons he became the chief commander during the Greek war. he was not always a good man and did not always rule rationally but he never tried to hide this. He always spoke his mind regardless of who he was talking to. He was a bully to some extend and this also helped him push his way to chief commander during the creek war.

Andrew Jackson was a good leader and that is why he went all the way up to being a president. He had qualities that were not always good but they proved relevant when it came to his ruling. Despite all the bad things he did, Andrew Jackson led his country to success against the Indians and the war would not have ended had he not used his expertise to lead the troop efficiently. Andrew Jackson was a successful leader during his time and made decisions that led to his country winning against its enemies. He had qualities of a good leader.


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